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    Atali the Unhappy Yanmask and Lorne the Grouchy Lampent


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    Atali the Unhappy Yanmask and Lorne the Grouchy Lampent Empty Atali the Unhappy Yanmask and Lorne the Grouchy Lampent

    Post by Dandelion Tue May 07, 2013 7:36 pm

    Atali the Unhappy Yanmask and Lorne the Grouchy Lampent 5TAIEXs

    Atali the Yamask and Lorne [Forsaken] the Lampent
    Text Color #3f5c84 - Atali
    #904632 - Lorne
    Item TM Case
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Mature Adult
    Species #562 Yamask, The Spirit Pokemon - Ghost Type
    #608 Lampent, The Lamp Pokemon - Ghost/Fire Type
    Height 1'06"
    Weight 3.2lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon White:: These Pokémon arose from the spirits of people interred in graves in past ages. Each retains memories of its former life.
    Pokemn Black:: This ominous Pokémon is feared. Through cities it wanders, searching for the spirits of the fallen.
    Level 27
    Ability Mummy
    Flash Fire
    Nature Quiet
    Characteristic Alert to Sounds
    Good Perseverance
    Moves - Protect (Level Up)
    - Ominous Wind (Level Up)
    - Will-O-Wisp (Level Up)
    - Shadow Ball (TM)

    - Dark Pulse/Energy Ball (TM)
    - Flamethrower (TM)
    - Will-O-Wisp (Level Up)
    - Shadow Ball (Level Up)
    History A Young girl dreamed of training Pokemon. Of traveling her region with a team crafted by the gods. Strong, fierce, champion Pokemon that could destroy all in their wake, who had a trainer that everyone revered and sought to as an idol. Her elite team would all have stories. A rejected Eevee who she would befriend and evolve into a Vaporeon. A beautiful Lilligant that was coveted by all her teammates. An Excadrill who was tough as nails but really a big teddy bear. A shy but total sweetie Candelure who was everyones friend. A hotheaded Garvantula and to top it off a magnificent Braviary. Her dream team. The only team she would have.

    Getting to that team, to being the best, was no easy task. The girl, Atali, never had an easy home life. Her parents were strict and pushed for grades while she was rebellious and longed to be free-spirited. Loving Pokemon with all her heart she wanted to be a trainer, the greatest one of all! Her parents forced the grades on her and disapproved of her of wasting time 'training' herself. They did not allow those distracting creature in their household. When they found their daughter had gone caught another Pokemon they would take it away and release it. As disheartening as it was none of the Pokemon she managed to catch were part of her dream team, so it was no huge loss. Just a minor setback.

    Years past and Atali was still stuck in school. Forced to have high grades and not allowed to even consider her dream the girl was restless. By the time she was 15 she had had enough of it all. Slowly saving up her money she gathered the materials she would need to run away. She almost had everything she needed when it happened- a Litwick, one of the members of her dream team, showed up at the corner of her town. The creepy Candle Pokemon was a far way from its normal home but she didn't question it. This was her only chance to flee and start her team.

    The Litwick was proud and fierce, its fiery personality matching her own and it refused to be captured. She chased it down, throwing all the Pokeballs she had bought at it. Finally she so exhausted that she couldn't follow any longer. If she had her own Pokemon she wouldnt of had to chase it.. anger toward her parents came back and Atali tried one last time to catch the Litwick. Catching up to it again she tossed her only Ultra Ball at it. The red light flickered and bonged with the sound of capture. Weak but excited out of her mind Atali ran home to gather her things. Tomorrow she would set out on her journey. Her dream was going to become reality. This was happening.

    Her parents had other ideas. At the sight of their daughter dirty and disheveled they grabbed for the Ultraball clutched in her hands, sure that it held the Pokemon responsible for this travesty. Panicked, Atali grabbed for her backpack and fled, barely managing to escape her parents clutches. The sun was going down but she didn't have a choice anymore. They couldn't take her teammate away this time. Running to the nearest route the already exhausted girl only went far enough to make sure she was hidden. Not that she expected her parents to follow her, but better safe then sorry. Collapsing on the spot she didn't even meet her new partner until the following morning. The Litwick, who she dubbed Lorne, had other ideas then being her 'partner'. Same as his master he was rebellious and stubborn. The Candle Pokemon did not enjoy her orders. At all. In battle his refusal to listen would only cause him to take unneeded damage and be defeated, more reason to spite his new master. More often then not he would do things himself, pissing off the girl but managing to win. The pair made slow progress to the next town and even slower work at becoming friends.

    By the time they made it to their first gym nothing had changed. The pairs disagreement caused them to be utterly slaughtered without even making a dent in the gym leader. An embarrassing retreat burned bitter resent in both their hearts as Atali stared at the Ultraball. This wasnt working at all. Desperate not to let her dream fail before it even started she decided to search for another Pokemon in her dream team- a Drilbur. The gruffest of them all, a real man of a ground type. It should of been easy to find one, just search a cave for a bit, but after several hours of nothing but Woobats Atali was getting discouraged. Letting Lorne do is own thing and attack Pokemon to his hearts desire Atali wandered the edge of the cave, dejected. Settling by a pool of water she stared at her reflection- it had only been a couple weeks but she was already a mess, stress beneath her eyes and hair in a mat. Maybe she wasn't meant to be a trainer..

    A soothing touch pats her shoulder and a gentle purr coos behind her. As the first comforting feeling she had had in weeks the girl did not question it until the coos turned to "burrs." Peaking around her knees Atali was shocked and overjoyed to see a Drillbur at her side, jumping cutely on its short legs. This was it, this was one of her teammates! He was perfect, the teddy bear she wanted! "Lorne!" She called out, "Lorne come here!" While she could see the flickering light in the distance slowly coming her way she was just too excited to wait and fail a battle. Reaching into her bag and pulling out every Pokeball she had the youth threw them at the Pokemon. Jumping nimbly away from each projectile the Drillbur treated it like a dance, gracefully avoiding each Pokeball. Atali groaned, how could it do that! But the Pokemon simply chuckled, picking up one of the Pokeballes and spinning it at the tip of its claws. Letting the ball roll down across its shoulders and to the other set of claws the ground type threw it up in the air, spun around, and let it land on the tip of its nose as its finisher. However, it hadn't expected the button side to the facing downward and was instantly sucked inside.
    Atali watched in disbelief as it clicked.

    The victory was bittersweet as she sat in the Pokemon Center. Turns out the Drillbur was female, and while she was kind she was a dancer instead of the gruff man she was looking for.

    purchased, prissy eevee
    Tomboy lilligant
    Shy garvantula female
    Flamboyant braviary

    The undead had swarmed the fleeing pair. Fight as they might Atali and Lorne could not fend them off. The Lampent fought hard but knew he was in a losing battle. Looking to her partner with tears in her eyes she screamed, "Go Lorne, get out off here!" before a Mightyena went in for the final blow.
    Fueled by rage Lorne continued to blast at the undead until finally they had ether run off or were dead. Utterly exhausted he stared down at his trainer. She lay in a pool of blood, obviously gone but the feeling of her soul was still near. Something amazing happened and before the dual type stood a new Pokemon, a Yanmask.

    The Lampent stared at his Masters new form, bewildered but knowing it was her. Unable to bring his emotions to words he simply looks at her. The Yamask looked back at him, seeming almost scared of the now larger then her Lorne. "Well," he said, now understandable to his former Master, "I guess its my turn to train you."
    Appearance Atali looks like a standard Yamask.
    Lorne has no defining features but is a bit bigger then most Lampent.
    Personality Atali is no longer the confident girl of her past. Timid and subordinate, she feels other Pokemon deserve her respect for their ability to survive.
    Feels she is not worthy of being a Pokemon and that she is useless/weak in battle. Without Lorne she would not of survived and she knows it.
    | Afraid | Defeated | Depressed | Subordinate | Passive | Ashamed |

    Grouchy and unamused Lorne doesn't have a very good sense of humor. He'd prefer to be the quiet type yet he refuses to let ignorance go. Lorne hates kids and lovers, their kind annoys him to no end. Not a people person.
    Lorne used to know where to cut his losses, but after losing all of his teammates he finds it difficult to leave anyone behind. Being the strongest and first member of the team he feels responsible for their deaths. When Atali died he vowed to never let another Pokemon be taken by the undead if he could help it, especially the weak Yamask.
    Protective of his former Master he treats her like an apprentice. After years of training him to be the best he feels obligated to do the same to her. Firm and watchful Lorne has helped her trained her to at least be able to defend herself despite her her broken personality.
    Despite being a hard ass, he has slowly fallen for his masters new form. He has really enjoyed training her and watching her grow as a Pokemon instead of a person. Proud to say he has raised her as his own.
    | Stubborn | Callous| Unamused | Insensitive | Firm | Brash | Serious | Gruff | Distant | Honest | Protective | Blunt |

    User Notes - Currently on the hunt for a Dusk Stone.
    - Most of Atali's TM's broke in the battle that killed her, only a few are left.

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