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    Sergio the Phanteon [WIP]


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    Sergio the Phanteon [WIP] Empty Sergio the Phanteon [WIP]

    Post by Min Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:12 am

    - Inspired by an angst fic by VoiSieteQui on fanfiction.net.

    A young male Eevee who fell in love with a Meowth, but due to an accident fell into a deep comatose. His lover would visit him everyday, talking to him as if he was awake. ((he didn't understand why she would spend so much time on someone who was fated to die--even the doctors were losing hope on a partial recovery.)) Although comatose, he was still able to listen to her words, feel her touch. 5 years later he could hear the doctors arguing fiercely about him, suggesting that they should take him off life support. ((after all, his trainer didn't have enough money anymore. No cognitive brain activity his ass though--what did those stupid white-coated humans know?)) He could hear his lover caterwauling in protest, refusing to allow Sergio to die. A week later they finally take him off life support, pulling the plug. ((well, he thought it was better this way anyways. Better being dead than a pathetic lump of flesh.))
    He finds himself waking up, eyes wide as his gaze wandered through the room. He could see again. He could move again. He took a leap of of his bed, looking around when he found himself landing on something wet and sticky. Looking down he found himself standing on the carcass of his loved on, before dashing away in horror.

    - his movements are still clumsy, but he's been practicing on running and jumping te get better at it.
    - does not know what kind of special abilities that he has as a ghost (i.e. phasing through objects, levitating, etc.)
    - slowly re-learning many of the things he forgot how to do. (i.e. hunting, climbing trees, hiding)

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