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    Two Specific Moves (Closed~)


    Two Specific Moves (Closed~) Empty Two Specific Moves (Closed~)

    Post by Guest Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:57 pm

    A quick question regarding two ghost type moves...

    Namely Curse, which is the move that when a ghost type uses it, the user loses half the hp and puts a curse on the enemy, where they lose 1/4 hp each turn...

    Basically, how would that come into play in real life? Would it be like a real curse as we see in movies, where the user is plagued by spirits? As when the pokemon battle goes on in game, a black spike gets shoved into the enemy. Would it be the same thing? Imaginary spikes being impaled on the pokemon, and being able to feel every inch of that? Would it be possible to have the recipient of Curse hallucinate ghosts driving said spikes into it?

    And how long would that last anyways? In game it is until end of battle, but in RP? a day, a few hours? Until the battle is over?

    Same goes for Spite. It lowers PP, but how would that work in the real world/the RP? Would it get the pokemon tired/raise fatigue? The bulbapedia simply states that it gives the enemy a grudge, preventing it from using the move more than a few times, but that isn't very...clear...

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    Two Specific Moves (Closed~) Empty Re: Two Specific Moves (Closed~)

    Post by Mewtwo Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:17 pm

    Curse I believe can be allowed to operate according to the users imagination as long as the key compenents (user loses half life and victim 1/4 until it is lifted) are kept. Everyone experiences curses differently in real life.

    As far as time limit I think the best way to lift the curse would be to kill the Pokemon who cast it otherwise it can potentially last forever. But I would defer to Sui on that one.

    For Spite it makes the user so angry they put all their strength into each move because they are so angry. Think roid rage, lol. They use up so much strength they have nothing left to use the move again. They weaken themselves by not reserving their strength. That is what the loose definiton on bulba means.


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