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    Bellamina the Ambipom (WIP)


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    Bellamina the Ambipom (WIP) Empty Bellamina the Ambipom (WIP)

    Post by Starbits Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:59 pm

    Bellamina the Ambipom (WIP) 424
    Temporary Image

    Text Color #FFB6D1- Very Light Pink
    Item A hair ornament in the shape of three balloons; two pale yellow balloons flanking a light blue balloon.
    Gender Female
    Age Adolescent (17)
    Species #390, Ambipom/Long Tail Pokémon
    Height 3'11"
    Weight 44.8 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It is very difficult to dodge the consecutive strikes of its two tails. (SoulSilver)
    Level 25
    Ability Technician
    Nature Quirky
    Characteristic Loves to eat.
    Moves 1) Swift (Learned Naturally)
    2) Double Hit (Learned Naturally)
    3) Shadow Claw (TM)
    4) Brick Break (TM)
    History Bellamina, as far as her trainer was concerned, seemed to be a perfectly normal Aipom. Her mother had never brought home the mate she must have met on their journey, instead raising her child herself along with her human and her teammates. Her mother’s trainer had a younger brother, Ethan, who was just starting his Pokemon journey, and along with his starter, was given Bellamina as a gift. Though the goodbye was tearful, Bellamina was eager to see the world, and the group left with dreams in their heads and a spring in their step.

    Years passed by. Bellamina’s trainer had a rather solid team, and although they never tried to make it all the way to the Elite Four, they had fun with their traveling, battling, and connecting with others. Team members evolved, and grew up. They returned home only at the horrible news that a tragedy had struck; a massive storm had swept through the area and had killed Ethan’s older brother and most of his brother’s team. Bellamina’s mother was among the dead, and the change in her daughter was drastic. She stopped eating, spent most of her time sleeping, did not bother to groom herself, and became utterly silent. At first it was assumed that this was the natural grieving process that would follow such a tragedy and everyone did what they could for her. The others who grieved did so together, used one another as support, drew strength from each other. Bellamina, however, did not let anyone in, and shut everyone out simply be refusing to talk. Her eyes, once a vivid blue, became dull. There was no emotion at all. One could hardly call their efforts to keep her alive “force feeding” because she didn’t resist.

    Then one day, Ethan’s Scrafty found Bellamina in the kitchen, feverishly turning the place upside down, various ingredients and kitchen equipment out. She explained to the confused duel type that she was going to keep her mother close to her forever by picking up on her hobby: cooking. Thus began the normal type’s obsession with cooking. And at first, it was harmless. Helpful, even. Not only did it significantly improve


    Appearance PINK BITCHES. PINK.
    Personality CUPAKES. THAT SUMS IT UP.
    User Notes 1) Bellamina is based off an interpretation of Pinkie Pie of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as seen in the fanfiction “Cupcakes.” Look that up at your own risk; it’s very, very graphic. To clarify: Her past is only loosely based on Pinkie Pie, and everything else varies from heavily based to somewhat loosely based.

    2) Though based off of Pinkie Pie, Bellamina is named after a popular fan name given to her background character sister; the sister was never officially named.

    3) She genuinely believes that there is nothing wrong with her hobby, and simply feels that others don’t understand, hence why she tries to hide what she does.

    4) Though most Ambipom arely use their normal arms, Bellamina makes full use of her regular arms and hands as well as her tail hands. She finds that it gives her twice the efficiency and speed everywhere she is, be it in the kitchen, at a party, in a normal social situation, battling, or of course, carrying out her hobby.

    5) Bellamina has an incredible amount of energy; besides always talking she is also always moving, even if she’s just rocking back and forth slightly on her heels. She can outlast most opponents in battle and has even won many battles through sheer stamina. However, this also requires she eat a large amount of food, and when she finally does fall asleep, it’s usually suddenly and heavily. Both of these things can be major drawbacks even in a normal environment, but in the epidemic, they tend to be a curse.

    6) She likes to sometimes walk using her tail legs as feet to gain a height advantage. Or to just be weird or random.




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