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    Jade the Dancer Bellossom (Kanto, Celadon)


    Jade the Dancer Bellossom (Kanto, Celadon) Empty Jade the Dancer Bellossom (Kanto, Celadon)

    Post by Guest Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:30 pm

    Jade the Dancer Bellossom (Kanto, Celadon) Jade10

    Name: Jade
    Text Color: #4DFA50
    Item: None
    Gender: Female
    Age: Young Adult (around 23)
    Species: #182/Bellossom, the Flower Pokemon
    Height: 1' 04"
    Weight: 12.8 lbs.

    Pokedex Entry: When the heavy rainfall season ends, it is drawn out by warm sunlight to dance in the open.
    Level: 24
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Nature: Jolly
    Characteristic: Likes to run
    -Sunny Day (TM 11)
    -Magical Leaf
    -Solarbeam (TM 22)
    -Synthesis (Egg Move)

    History: Jade was born to a high class breeder by the name of Lorenza "Renny" Costana III. Renny was famous for breeding grass type pokemon for her dancing troupe "Renny's Sunflowers", a troupe that combined the elegance of dancing with the power of battling. Her family has had a tradition of naming their first born daughter Lorenza, as well as passing the troupe down to the daughter. The family's method of having more dancers whenever one reitred was to breed the other dancers. Jade was the result of a Vileplume and a Roserade breeding to make up for a retired Ludicolo.

    Jade worked hard to be as good as mom and dad. When the other dancers had down time, Renny worked with the Oddish one on one, training her to become stronger. When she evolved into a Gloom, Renny gave Jade the choice of either evolving into a Vileplume, just like her mother, or evolving into a Bellossom, which was the mascot of the troupe, originating from the first member of the troupe back when it was started by Renny's grandmother. Jade decided that she wanted to be the new face of the troupe, and evolved into a Bellossom.

    The first Renny did when Jade evolved was teach her Sunny Day via TM, a tradition in the troupe was that all the members knew Sunny Day either by level up, TM, or breeding. She also gave the Bellossom a TM for Solarbeam. In the beginning, Jade was a klutz and a slow learner. But as she kept practicing her dance routines, she got better and better, until she became the star of the show. Her beauty and attack combinations made her a celebrity in the pokemon world.

    She developed a love interest in the troupe; a Nuzleaf named Stewart. They were madly in love with one another, and their dance routines showed that fact. They took their relationship too far, one day, when Renny discovered an egg belonging to the two. One of the rules of the troupe was that breeding only happens in the case of retirement, not a strong romance. Not wanting to break family tradition, Renny chose to release the two in the wild.

    Their egg hatched into a healthy Oddish while they in the wild. A short time later, the epidemic entered the area. Jade asked Stewart to take their son (who had no name) and find a safe place away from the infection. She also said that she will meet up with them when they find that place. She brought her family into a long and tearful hug and then left. Jade has spent her life in the spotlight. She may be a good dancer, but does she have what it takes to survive the epidemic?

    Appearance: Jade is very pretty, due in part to being in Renny's dance troupe.

    Personality: Jade is very feminine. She doesn't like getting dirty and she doesn't like to kill. She loves to dance and is very friendly towards others. Jade also believes that her mate and son are both dead, so she'll try to hook up with other grass types.

    User Notes:
    -Jade's leveling-up came from her time in the troupe because it combined dancing with battling.

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    Jade the Dancer Bellossom (Kanto, Celadon) Empty Re: Jade the Dancer Bellossom (Kanto, Celadon)

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