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    The Safehouse Rules [Read Before Using Safehouse!]


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    The Safehouse Rules [Read Before Using Safehouse!] Empty The Safehouse Rules [Read Before Using Safehouse!]

    Post by Suicune Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:05 pm

    Rules for Using the Safehouse

    Safehouse Manager

    The Safehouse Rules [Read Before Using Safehouse!] 328-50
    Safehouse Rules
    Important: 3.3.14; The max amount of time allotted for a given month is one week. This weeks can be used as individual days and will reset on the 1st of each month.

  • Each character will be given one week, maximum to stay in the safehouse before they are considered inactive.
  • After that, they will be taken out of the team they are in, and placed in the inactive profiles sub-forum. This is called breaching.
  • These Pokemon can be recovered and reused when the member returns, but they must reactivated and go through the approval process once more.
  • This is not to be abused. Three breaches is considered the same as two harbinger attacks and will result in a two month RP ban.

  • You are to post in this thread with the names and teams of your pokemon. Make sure to provide a link to the team sheet or your request will be rejected.
  • If you send a PM to a Safehouse moderator rather than using the correct thread make sure to also provide the proper link(s) in the message.

  • NOTE: Make sure to include a list of your Pokemon's teams or a link to your character sheet in your post. If there isn't a list of links to teamsheets or a character sheet providing them included, your request will be ignored/denied and your character will risk getting killed.

  • You cannot post when your character is in the Safehouse. To resume in the RP you must post in the Safehouse thread requesting removal.
  • Posting while your character is still in the safehouse grants you one Safehouse violation warning.
  • These violations are considered the same as breaching and three will result in a two month ban from the RP.

  • NOTE: Death warrant/post dodging will not be tolerated. If your character has the word DEATH beside them in the current warnings they will be barred from Safehouse entry until a post is made, regardless if it is an actual post or skip. Only Admin approval will allow death slated characters Safehouse entry.

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