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    Judeon, the FIGHTING type Eeveelution [WIP]


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    Judeon, the FIGHTING type Eeveelution [WIP] Empty Judeon, the FIGHTING type Eeveelution [WIP]

    Post by Silverishness Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:41 pm

    Judeon, the FIGHTING type Eeveelution [WIP] Judeon_zpsneddxibc

    Judeon, the FIGHTING type Eeveelution [WIP] Judeon%20shiny_zps3ukvnihf

      Name of Fakemon- Judeon

      Genders possible- M/F

      Signature Moves- N/A

      Ability- Scrappy||Hidden: Moxie

      Type/s- Fighting

      Height- 2'0"

      Weight- 32.5 lbs

      National dex # /Pokemon Species- ???/ Judeon, the Fighting Pokemon

      Pokédex Entry- Fuck if I know

      Egg field- Field

      Evolution line- Eevee--> Judeon

      Evolution Method- uh

      Origin of name- Judo + -eon

      STAT build-
    HP: 65
    ATT: 130
    DEF: 110
    SP ATT: 95
    SP DEF: 65
    SPD: 65


      -By level:
    START: Tackle
    START: Tail Whip
    START: Helping Hand
    lvl 5: Sand Attack
    lvl 9: Double Kick
    lvl 13: Quick Attack
    lvl 17: Bite
    lvl 20: Jump Kick
    lvl 25: Bulk Up
    lvl 29: Last Resort
    lvl 33: Aura Sphere
    lvl 37: Detect
    lvl 41: Counter
    lvl 45: High Jump Kick

      -Moves learnt by TM:
    -All Eevee's TM moves in Gen 5 in case I forget one

    -TM 06| Toxic
    -TM 10| Hidden Power
    -TM 12| Taunt
    -TM 17| Protect
    -TM 21| Frustration
    -TM 23| Smack Down
    -TM 26| Earthquake
    -TM 27| Return
    -TM 28| Dig
    -TM 30| Shadow Ball
    -TM 32| Double Team
    -TM 39| Rock Tomb
    -TM 42| Facade
    -TM 44| Rest
    -TM 45| Attract
    -TM 66| Payback
    -TM 67| Retaliate
    -TM 87| Swagger
    -TM 90| Substitute
    -TM 94| Rock Smash

      -Egg moves:
    Same as Eevee's in Gen 6

     -Tutor Moves:
    -Heal Bell
    -Helping Hand
    -Hyper Voice
    -Iron Tail
    -Last Resort
    -Knock Off

      User Note-

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    Judeon, the FIGHTING type Eeveelution [WIP] PCP637Judeon, the FIGHTING type Eeveelution [WIP] 635Judeon, the FIGHTING type Eeveelution [WIP] 196

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    Judeon, the FIGHTING type Eeveelution [WIP] Empty Re: Judeon, the FIGHTING type Eeveelution [WIP]

    Post by Moon Moon Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:17 pm

    It looks kind of like Deadpool...Very awesome.

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