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Harb Central- Harbinger Death Recalls


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Harb Central- Harbinger Death Recalls

Post by Raikou on Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:12 am

@Suicune wrote:

We wil allow harbinger deaths to be taken off a members' profile if a certain amount of time has passed without them going over the posting limit.
Kind of like a good behavior reward.

So once a member hits 2 months after the initial harbinger attack, that death will be stricken from their record.

For anyone that wants to try and get one taken off of their profile and 2 months have passed, provide a link on this thread with the harbinger attack and the character profile  that was killed.

The date that it was killed will be on the harbinger post- that is the date we will go by. It'll be 60 days after that date.

Tickets won't be returned, but at least you'll have a second chance at not being banned.



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