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Drecht the Golden Salamence and Delia the Revived Zoroark [Under, Orre LEADER]


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Drecht the Golden Salamence and Delia the Revived Zoroark [Under, Orre LEADER]

Post by Silverishness on Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:47 pm

Drecht and Delia
Hex Color #FFCC11 (Drecht)
Item None
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species #373/ Salamence the Dragon Pokemon
#571/ Zoroark, the Monster Fox Pokemon
Height 6'9"
Status Healthy
Weight 300.6 lbs
154.3 lbs
Pokédex Entry After many long years, its cellular structure underwent a sudden mutation to grow wings. When angered, it loses all thought and rampages out of control.
Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery.
Level 64
Ability Intimidate
Nature Adamant
Characteristic Hates to Lose
Likes to eat
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Zen Headbutt (Learned)
-Dragon Claw (Learned)
-Focus Energy (Learned)

-Dark pulse (Egg)
-Extrasensory (Egg)
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Faint attack [Learned]
History Drecht, ever since he was a little bagon, was treasured. The golden little dragon whelp was a sign of properity in his community, and was raised as such. The community of Salamence he lived with were perched high on a cliff face, so no one could bother them. He grew up, happy and healthy into a strong salamence, like his parents before him. However, the community leader was overthrown by a power-hungry hydreigon and, though Drecht had tried to fight back, was pushed from his home and sent out into the real wild.

He was soon caught by a trainer, unaware of humans and their schemes. That trainer was, while not the best kind, humored by the golden dragon and simply sold him for millions on the market. An old man had bought him, simply hungry for a companion. It was with this man Drecht owed all of his higher thinking. The old man taught him to read, to think critically, to solve his own problems with the tools he was given. He was far smarter than any of his own kind, much less lesser pokemon.

Then, burglars. While Drecht was easily able to fend them off, there was one among them that did not fall so pitifully. The burglar, a Team Rocket member, killed the old man and stole Drecht, placing him on his team. Threatened by the other pokemon, as well as the new trainer and his gun, Drecht could only silently obey.

The time spent in Rocket was not a complete waste. He met a good friend, a skilled assassin scyther known only as "Skoll". The two were able to get along, but Drecht secretly wished death upon the Rocket member who had killed his original owner.

His prayers were answered. The pandemic hit, and in an effort to save himself, the Rocket member released all of his pokemon at once, thinking they would sacrifice themselves for him. Drecht took his body and tossed it at the onslaught of Infected. They took him, and Drecht was glad for it.

Now he roams, looking for Skoll and any other living pokemon worth saving.

Delia was born prior to the pandemic in a Johto equivalent to a puppy mill, spending all of her young life scrounging and fighting for her food and her spot in the breeder's lineup for selling. Though she was rather scrappy, she was too short and scrawny to really be considered a sellable option and was promptly tossed aside into an illegal fighting ring as a bait Pokemon.

It was not expected that she would not only kill the granbull she was put up against, but that she would devour most of the carcass before the stunned audience's eyes. Her owner, now knowing what else to do with her, stuck her in a cage; she quickly escaped and killed him as well.

Her kills had given her a rush, a thrill she had never experienced beforehand, and it created a sick hunger in her. A hunger to not only kill, but to rip into and eat the dying flesh of her prey. She barely noticed the pandemic begin, as the living dead just gave her more things to destroy and consume. The more she killed, however, the less she began to realize the difference between living and living dead, and soon found herself very alone, spiraling down into the depths of insanity.

Her body fell to the infection within the confines of the Under, her meals of infected and spoiled meat finally taking her life for its own. It wasn't long until she brutally murdered two fellow survivors, a charizard and typhlosion, taking their hearts as her trophies. Satisfied and ready to go and find her true prize, she left the confines of the Under, venturing up through Sinnoh to the snowy peaks of Snowpoint City.

There, she found him. Her love, her brother, her obsession, Dante. Quickly, she ought him out and engaged him in a battle that truly tested both sides. Though Delia was quick and lethal, Dante was more powerful, crushing her head with his mighty jaws and leaving her in an inferno that would burn even the Damned of the Abyss. Her remains, however, rolled downward, into the bay.

She woke up, Legends knew how long afterward, with only a memory of her own name.

Broken neon signs flashed in her mind, a yellow, spiked pelt... Something drove her back to the deserts of Orre, unknown to the choas she'd wrought not months before.

Appearance Drecht is a massive wall of gold and crimson, towering over other of his kin. Lean muscle and glittering, healthy scales cover him from head to toe, making him a sight to behold indeed. He carries himself with pride and arrogance, knowing that he is a fantastic specimen.

Delia's appearance is much more normal now, as far as her body shape goes. The strange revival has given her back her healthy form; a strong, lithe form is gently wrapped by a silken pelt. Her eyes have somewhat returned to normal, the irises retaining their original teal while the scolera reminds all that she is not wholly well, blotted with crimson. Her colors are all darker, redder, than a normal zoroark, excluding her gem on the hair/tail, which is the same exuberent teal it used to hold. Her face is what has changed the most, the sheer insanity gone dormant to reveal a kindly, girlish expression. Her eyes are bright with curiosity and genuine happiness.
Personality Arrogant, sophisticated, ruthless, calm and calculating are a few words to describe this dragon. While he does have a moral compass somewhere buried beneath his ego, it only seems to surface in matters that involve others' lives. Food and material items are another matter, going to whomever deserves them.

While Delia used to be nothing but a giant ball of crazy, her almost complete memory loss has given her mind a break, restarting it back to what she used to be. Childish, playful and overall happy, Delia would fool those who'd never met her before that she had always been this way. On the flip side, however, those who had the unfortunate luck to meet her previously would likely only be unnerved by how innocent she has become.

However, even now, with the gift of rebirth, not all is right in her fragile mind. Haunted by fragmented memories of her past, she only recollects bits and pieces, rendering her pathetically scared of fire and any in the Houndoom line. She is anxious, timid, and lashes out if there is no other option. She prefers not to fight, instead choosing to hide behind others. She is unaware of the power she once weilded, and of the crimes she had committed.
User Notes -Doesn't like battling all that much, but is not opposed to it
-Knows how to read, and, to a small extent, write
-Does not like feeling oppressed and will lash out
-Very cynical

Original Profile is Here

I also changed the under bit of his tail to red, seeing as how I colored it wrong originally. I hope that's ok.

While almost harmless now, if her anxiety peaks, she will almost revert back to her true self --psychotic. However, this is difficult to attain.
Dislikes snow
Is not sure whether she wants to find out what the bits of information she has mean. They fill her with fear, and she's unsure if she's able to face it now.

Changed Nature and Characteristic since she's kinda had a lobotomy. I'll edit if that's not ok.
Changed Level, Appearance, Personality and edited History for her rp experience

Original Profile's here

And you thought she'd stay dead XD


Character Sheet Here

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Re: Drecht the Golden Salamence and Delia the Revived Zoroark [Under, Orre LEADER]

Post by Silverishness on Sat Feb 22, 2014 4:24 pm

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Re: Drecht the Golden Salamence and Delia the Revived Zoroark [Under, Orre LEADER]

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Re: Drecht the Golden Salamence and Delia the Revived Zoroark [Under, Orre LEADER]

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