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Loyalty is Royalty

Post by Dazey on Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:01 am

Parfum Palace [Courtyard] | Dawn

“Wooow, it's really there!”

The preceding night had been a dark, foggy one with even the moon snuffed out by the clouds high in the atmosphere. But morning had come, as it always did, and the soft orange hues in the distant sky made the shape of a building stand out to the duo of travelers.

“Yeah. Buildings don't just get up and run off,” Rebel yawned, “I don't see why you're so jazzed though. It's a palace, or put more modestly, a frikken building just like any other.”
“Oh, come on, the kit huffed, bumping into the Jolteon’s shoulder teasingly, “haven’t you ever wanted to be a princess?”
He swiped his paw at Miyu in feigned irritation and succeeded in only brushing over one of her ears.“... No.”

The siblings wandered through the courtyard on their hunt for some type of entrance into the palace-- which could've gone significantly quicker if the shorter of the two didn't stop every three seconds to sniff something or shout ’wooooow,’ at a statue. The Jolteon’s paws ached from the travel, but he couldn't bring himself to rain on the palace parade. He flopped down on a bench and waved his paw. “You can explore for a bit. Imma sit here, ‘kay?” She nodded, turning to bound straight for the fountain. “Hey! What did I tell you again?”

“Eyes open, ears up and nose like I'm a cadaver Pokémon,” she groaned for what seemed like the millionth recital. “I got it, I got it.”
She leapt for the fountain, finding her balance on the edge and making her way around the circle. How do you make a wish again?

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