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Pokemon Trainer Lucas


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Pokemon Trainer Lucas

Post by Abysswalker on Fri Jul 03, 2015 4:17 pm

what a dork lmao ilu (temporary image)

Lucas "Diamond"
Text Color aaaaff
Theme(s) THEME
Item Universal communicator, basic survival stuff (rations, water, collapsible tent, etc.), a photo of himself and his mother
Weapons His Pokemon
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him
Birthdate August 10th
Age 20
Species Human
Weight 110 lbs
Height 5'5"
Region of origin Sinnoh
Occupation Trainer
Pkm 1
Name/Gender: Champagne/male
Text colour: 71c671
Species: Empoleon
Level: 72
Ability: Torrent
Attack list:
-Scald (TM)
-Feather Dance (Bred)
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Knock Off (Tutor)
Pkm 2
Name/Gender: Starlight/female
Text colour: bf83a9
Species: Raichu
Level: 68
Ability: Lightningrod
Attack list:
-Nasty Plot (Lvl. Up, pre-evo)
-Thunderbolt (Lvl. Up, pre-evo)
-Hidden Power [Ice] (TM)
-Grass Knot (TM)
Pkm 3
Name/Gender: Bastille/male
Text colour: 800000
Species: Bastiodon
Level: 65
Ability: Sturdy
Attack list:
-Roar (TM)
-Toxic (TM)
-Protect (Start)
-Stealth Rock (Bred)
Pkm 4
Name/Gender: Sherrie/female
Text colour: a0522d
Species: Cherrim
Level: 64
Ability: Flower Gift
Attack list:
-Toxic (TM)
-Protect (TM)
-Energy Ball (TM)
-Substitute (TM)
Pkm 5
Name/Gender: Brass/agender
Text colour: fcfff0
Species: Bronzong
Level: 67
Ability: Levitate
Attack list:
-Gyro Ball (Lvl. Up)
-Reflect (TM)
-Light Screen (TM)
-Toxic (TM)
Pkm 6
Name/Gender: Dust Bowl/female
Text colour: ee799f
Species: Hippowdon
Level: 66
Ability: Sand Stream
Attack list:
-Yawn (Lvl. Up, pre-evo)
-Slack Off (Bred)
-Earthquake (Lvl. Up)
-Rock Tomb (TM)
Quote "It's okay if you think I'm a coward...you wouldn't be wrong."
History Lucas was ever the shy child. Born in Jubilife City, he had no friends there, and the few kids around that paid any sort of attention to the boy were older than him, and far crueler. They mocked his gentle nature, used him as a punching bag, and destroyed any semblance of confidence the boy might have had. His mother was busy at work and his father was never in his life, so Lucas had nobody to turn to. He retreated into a shell, withdrawing from all but the one family member he had; as Lucas began to slowly shut down and bruises finally started showing up on his skin, his mother raised hell. Her son had tried to hide the abuse he'd been going through, but it didn't take long for her to find the root of the problem. In only a few weeks time, she moved them from Jubilife to Twinleaf Town, a drastically different-and far safer-environment.

Lucas never truly recovered from the emotional aspect of the bullying. His emotions were fragile, and he walked on eggshells around even the friendliest people in Twinleaf. His only companionship came in the form of a young boy named Pearl, who was different from himself in every way-Pearl was excitable, always looking for adventure, and loud. But that didn't drive Lucas off. He felt a little bit more confident in himself when around Pearl; one day the other boy called him a "diamond in the rough", earning him his nickname...it was the first Lucas had smiled in a long time.

Admittedly, when it came to Pokemon, Lucas felt incredibly anxious. He and his mother didn't keep any as pets, and Arceus forbid he even entertain the idea of being a trainer. Fate, however, must have thought differently. Following Pearl's lead, they ended up just about being killed by a bunch of Starly at Lake Verity. They met a girl named Platinum, and it all snowballed into an adventure Lucas would have never expected in a million years. His mother's nervousness over the whole thing matched his own, but he couldn't just leave his only friends.

He never really had a set goal as they traveled. Seeing new people just made him want to hide, and new places were often overwhelming for the young boy. But when he met his first non-starter Pokemon, a little Pikachu he took to calling Starlight, Lucas found a spark, a connection with the Electric-type. She'd obviously been treated poorly, he knew those signs all too well, and there was no way Lucas could leave the mouse to fend for herself. As he grew connected with and adopted Pokemon that were either previously abused or seen as outcasts, the boy discovered a greater reasoning behind his own journey. His battling style adapted around how his own Pokemon felt and acted, and though it was unorthodox, it gave the boy confidence seeing his team respond so well to the way he worked with them. Unfortunately, he often felt like a burden upon his human friends, spending hours wondering if his poor self-esteem and fragile state of mind was slowing them down.

Galactic certainly didn't help matters. It was like every time the trio had to deal with them, there was something that cut into Lucas' very being. Having always been a sensitive soul, the utter disregard for the health, happiness, and safety of people and Pokemon alike both disgusted and terrified him. Lucas knew fully well how cruel the world could be, but Cyrus' motives, the torture of the lake pixies, everything Galactic was building up towards couldn't have been handled well by an adult, let alone someone as young and brittle as he was. Despite being so overwhelmingly afraid, Lucas still helped his friends fight back against the team, all the way to the end at Stark Mountain.

After Galactic was stopped, Lucas figured he would return home and stay there for awhile; after all, everything he and his friends went through left him feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted. But things didn't turn out that way. After visiting his mother for some time, and then continuing to travel with Platinum and Pearl, Lucas was eventually encouraged to challenge the Sinnoh Elite Four. He'd beaten the eight gyms during their travels, so logically that would follow. But the boy didn't think he could do it-not because his Pokemon were weak, but because he believed himself to be unreliable without his friends. Honestly, the only reason Lucas ever tried in the first place was because of Platinum.

Upon his first victory against Aaron, Lucas gained a bit of confidence, and it snowballed him all the way to Cynthia herself. To the boy's shock, he even won. But Lucas had no desire to claim the title of Champion. That was a spotlight he wouldn't take in a million years. But the fact that he actually managed to keep himself together and work seamlessly with his Pokemon, even in such a stressful situation...

Lucas saw it as being his team's achievement over his own, but still, he felt proud. Relieved, even.

After his and Platinum's victories, all three of them went to the Battle Resort. The villa they had there became like a second home, and despite the distance Lucas often traveled between there and Twinleaf. He became far less involved with battling than his friends, instead choosing to let his Pokemon do their own thing. It was peaceful, and Lucas enjoyed the tranquility. There was nothing better than being able to spend time with his family and the friends he so cherished.

Considering this peace, it only made sense that chaos would soon follow. When the epidemic rolled into the world, bringing with it death and ruin, Lucas found himself nearly shutting down entirely. He was already fragile; this was too much, too soon. His panicked mind settled on one thing: returning home. Lucas had to make sure his mother was okay, but when he finally made it to Twinleaf, he couldn't find her. But by a miracle, the boy was reunited instead with Platinum and Pearl.

Together, as it'd always been, they survived. Their Pokemon were stronger than most, after all. But for Lucas, there was always the ever-lingering feeling that he was only a burden for the other two. Somehow, someday, he was going to get them killed. When Pearl and Platinum finally became an actual couple, it only made the feelings worse. And that in itself lead to guilt, because Lucas loved his friends too much to admit he was jealous.

Now, Pearl is convinced that a cave containing a Legendary is their best bet. Lucas isn't so sure himself, but he does trust his friend...and the three of them have always been able to accomplish anything together. They can do this.
Accent n/a
Appearance >Dark-grey hair; it's grown out longer than it used to be, because Lucas found it to actually be more comfortable than keeping it short all the time.
>Rarely smiles or makes eye contact when around people he doesn't know well. With Platinum and Pearl, he's not as reserved and is a bit more expressive.
>Likes wearing a woolen striped scarf, both because he gets cold super easy and also because he can hide his face in it. Win-win.
>Also wears a blue button-up coat (again, he's sensitive to cold) and black pants.
>Cute. Very cute. Certifiably adorable.
Religion Deist
>low self-esteem
-years of emotional and physical abuse from people around his age (during important development years, no less) has inflicted permanent damage upon his confidence and view of himself. He believes himself to be too weak, unreliable, and a burden upon his best friends.
-Platinum and Pearl have helped him with this, but the issue can never truly be fixed.
-he doesn't like speaking, also due to the impact of bullying upon his early childhood development. Lucas simply never adjusted to social settings, and is easily overwhelmed when meeting new people
-speaks very softly; only once in a blue moon will he raise his voice or, god forbid, yell at someone
-Lucas does not like dealing with hostile people. Or anyone other than Platinum and Pearl, for that matter.
-His instinct is to say nothing and keep out of whatever conflict is going on. Lucas believes he'll just screw up and make things worse, unlike his actually competent friends
-Lucas is a kind, gentle person and the very definition of "wouldn't hurt a fly"; being cruel or callous towards another person simply doesn't cross his mind
-his own misfortunes have made him incredibly empathetic towards other people; he genuinely wants to help others and is always there to be a shoulder for someone to lean on
-shows real concern for almost anyone's troubles, regardless of whether they personally affect him
>a pushover
-He doesn't really stand up for himself. You can insult him and tear him down and usually he won't fight back. Of course he'll try to protect himself from any sort of physical danger, but that's about it.
-Has difficulty saying no, due to his anxiety over disappointing other people or making them hate him
-He's got a lot of opinions, but can't really bring himself to share them for the same reasons
-Sometimes he just has no idea what to do or say, and stands out in the absolute last way he'd want to because of it. Very easily embarrassed.
-This makes it difficult for Lucas to handle unfamiliar situations, as he's so focused on not messing up that it often causes him to mess up
-thanks to conflicting emotions, he's also still not sure how to handle Pearl and Platinum being together, and thus can also be quite awkward even around them at times
>has a mischievous side
-Just because he's shy doesn't mean he doesn't have a sense of humor.
-His love of puns is especially obvious. The worse they are, the better (he's still really happy that his Cherrim actually accepted the name 'Sherrie').
-One of his favorite things to do, prior to the outbreak, was battling with the "troll" tactics some of his Pokemon decided on (such as nearly everyone knowing Toxic or Bastille spamming Roar).
>terrified of the undead
-And rightfully so.
-He's absolutely horrified by the idea of any of his or his friends' Pokemon turning. Lucas isn't sure he'd be able to "do what was necessary" if it actually happened. How could he handle seeing one of his closest friends die twice?
-Because of this fear, he can't really travel anywhere by himself, and always has his Empoleon with him. The Water-type helps with the more low-key anxiety
>inferiority complex
-Lucas has never felt "good enough". In his mind, he's always fallen short of a standard that seems impossible to reach. It causes intense self-hatred and for him to become more withdrawn
-He constantly compares himself to Platinum and Pearl, and always ends up with one conclusion: he's not worthy of calling himself their friend. To him, they are what Lucas wishes he could be: confident, strong-willed, enthusiastic, but never arrogant. In a way, he idealizes his two friends more than he should.
-He doesn't show any sort of aggression related to it, as is commonly associated with people who have this complex  
-Lucas would definitely not be able to survive on his own, and he hates that. He has no desire to be a burden on others, especially not the two people he cares the most about
-everything at once is wrong, but often, he doesn't even know why. There are obvious things-constant danger, insecurities over his friends, the painful ambiguity of his mother's fate...but then there are times where he's terrified, hurting, and jumpy around everything with no explicable reason.
-but he can't tell Platinum and Pearl that. Lucas can't seem even more pathetic than he already thinks he is.
-One day his friends are going to realize that he's not worth staying with, and then what will he do?
-Thanks to his anxiety, he often has trouble sleeping or being able to focus; even worse, panic attacks are still all too common for him
>plagued by guilt
-he's just slowing his friends down at this point
-they'd be better off without him, but he's too much of a coward to simply say that, or do something about it.
-At least on the outside.
-Even when his anxiety is at its worst, he does his best to look like he has it under control when around others.
-However, thanks to him being a gentle spirit and quiet by nature, Lucas actually is a soothing presence. It's not easy to make him angry, and he's got a lot more patience than he gives himself credit for.

Pearl: Childhood friend, and the first actual friend he ever had. Sometimes his energetic personality can be a little overwhelming, but Lucas has never held it against him. He doesn't know everything about Pearl's dysfunctional family life, only enough to figure something was off...but nothing more than that. His nickname of Diamond was given to him by Pearl, and Lucas cherishes it.

Platinum: Best friend; the two are very close. He really admires her strong, confident personality, and sees her as someone he can feel safe being around. Lucas definitely admires Platinum, and doesn't mind at all if she calls him Diamond the same way Pearl does.

Others listed because I'm lazy (I'm a terrible influence, kids): Cynthia, Sinnoh Elite Four+Gym Leaders, Palmer, Lake Trio, Galactic people, probably others I'm forgetting
User Notes
  • Diamond is a nickname given to him by Pearl.
  • Some aspects of his appearance and personality were partially inspired by "Yuri!!! On Ice".

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