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Erika the Human [WIP]



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Erika the Human [WIP]

Post by Cedric on Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:44 pm

Insert Image
Erika Kim

Text Color- Insert Hex color here
Weapons- One Glock 17 Pistol and one Smith & Wesson Model 59 pistol, along with several magazines of their respective ammo strapped to her waist. She also carries around a tranquilizer gun. An AR15 Rifle slung around her body along with massive amounts of ammo. In her coat and pockets she keeps several different switchblades and multi-tools, while her favourite, a silver butterfly knife, is hidden in her left boot.
Item- A couple of bags, mainly filled with ammo, tranquilizer ammo, nets, pokeballs, syringe needles, sampling bags, scalpels, vials, and more things of the sort. One bag, however, is completely dedicated to her laptop and tablet, along with massive amounts of USB chords, flashdrives, floppy disks, techie things that an average person wouldn't know shit about, and her iPhone.
Gender- Female
Age- 16
Species- Human
Height- Insert Height Here
Weight- Insert Weight Here
Occupation- Ex-Scientist


Bludgeon the Tyranniter

Level 70
Attack List
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Giga Impact [TM]

Bloodletting the Eelektross

Level 69
Attack List
- Zap Cannon
- Coil
- Crunch
- Brick Break

Cleft the Feraligatr

Level 63
Attack List
- Hydro Canon [Tutor]
- Blizzard [TM]
- Aqua Tail
- Thrash

Disembowl the Joltik

Level 48
Attack List
- Electroweb
- Signal Beam
- Sucker Punch
- Discharge

Insert Name Here-
Insert Level Here-
Attack List
- Insert Move Here
- Insert Move Here
- Insert Move Here
- Insert Move Here

Insert Name Here-
Insert Level Here-
Attack List
- Insert Move Here
- Insert Move Here
- Insert Move Here
- Insert Move Here

History- Insert History Here
Appearance- Insert Appearance Here
Personality- Insert Personality Characteristics Here
User Notes- Insert User Notes Here

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