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Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Melinda the Undead Garchomp [Inactive]


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Melinda the Undead Garchomp [Inactive] Empty Melinda the Undead Garchomp [Inactive]

Post by Min Thu Dec 08, 2011 5:29 pm

Melinda the Undead Garchomp [Inactive] 5dqq9g


"It is said that when one runs at high speed, its wings create blades of wind that can fell nearby trees."

Approximate time of infection:
December 1st

Known Moves:
Outrage [Breeding]
Fire Blast [TM]




Melinda, as a young Gible and Gabite, was always a social butterfly and made great friends easily. She was constantly happy, grateful for such a wonderful like and friends. However, she had felt empty inside-- she knew that there was something that she wanted that she had not found yet, and it had created a gap in her heart.
Eventually, that gap was closed when she met a Deino named Paladin. They easily became friends, and soon, lovers. Little did she know that Paladin had also loved another, a Deerling by the name of Pure.

Soon, the Epidemic had reached them. Paladin was with her when it took effect and their families all agreed on hiding in caves until the 'disease' had passed. They all assumed that it would be a short virus, like a cold, and had waited weeks within the murky depths of the caves. Unfortunate for them, they Epidemic never left, and eventually Paladin and Melinda had agreed to elope to a different region, desperately hoping that it was only Unova that was effected by the fury of the Undead.

They travelled together, crossing the seas with the help of a living Wailord who gratefully swam them to Olivine in return for their protection during the trip. Melinda, whom had loved legend and lore of the Pokemon world, set their destination to the Burnt Tower-- the birthplace of the three beasts. They were almost at Ecruteak, running up a hill to finally reach the village when they were confronted by an infected Beartic, one that had been viciously trained by it's former trainer to defeat anything in it's path. Paladin, blind, stood on the sidelines as Melinda began to brawl with the Bear. In the midst of the battle she had evolved, becoming stronger. Melinda was about to win, she was about to reach her destination and be safe, but her hope was crushed when the Freezing Pokemon unleashed a strong Icicle Crash on her, killing her instantly. Paladin afterwards, enraged, killed the undead and created a small grave for his love, before reluctantly setting off to Ecruteak to finish the journey that they were on.

A few months later, Melinda began to stir. Her type immunity to the infection had delayed her awakening, but now the infection had broken through and gave her 'life' again. She slowly arose from her death bed, scared and nervous of her surroundings. Nobody was there for her anymore. She was alone now.

User Notes:

-She is rather passive, and will sometimes even help the living. However, when she is provoked or dangerously hurt, she will begin to go on a rampage.

-Due to her dual-type immunity to the infection, she has still retained her track of thought but will lose it when she gets stressed or confused, making her rampage.

-Her speech if very broken up. Due to this, when she talks, she will only say the main ideas of her sentence and won't say anything unneeded.

-She will rarely ever talk, because she fears that everytime she talks the infection will take over her more.

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Melinda the Undead Garchomp [Inactive] Empty Re: Melinda the Undead Garchomp [Inactive]

Post by Suicune Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:33 pm

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