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Legato the Pidgeot [Whirl - Johto]


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Legato the Pidgeot [Whirl - Johto]  Empty Legato the Pidgeot [Whirl - Johto]

Post by Negative10 Sun Nov 20, 2011 6:25 pm

Legato the Pidgeot [Whirl - Johto]  18


Hurricane (learned)
Giga Impact (technical machine)
Heat Wave (move tutor)
U-Turn (technical machine)

Keen Eye: Opponent cannot lower this Pokémon’s accuracy.
Gentle: Is very mother-like to those around her. Barely gets angry
Good endurance: can run or fly for long distances
National Dex No./Species-
#18 Pidgeot / The Bird Pokemon

Pokédex Entry-
By flapping its wings with all its might, Pidgeot can make a gust of wind capable of bending tall trees. By flapping its wings with all its might, Pidgeot can make a gust of wind capable of bending tall trees. (B/W Pokedex)


Legato was born into a family of trainers, and was given right off the bat to their son as a Pidgey. Her time as a Pokemon Trainer's pet, as a teammate or perhaps a friend, was nothing short of a boot camp. Her Master immediately taught her and her cohorts Technical Machines to "get ahead of the game", and moves taught by special tutors for who he thought was exceptional. Legato was one of the few that the boy deemed worthy of a tutored move, but that didn't stop him from training her as much as the next Pokemon.

Amongst the many Pokemon that Legato trained diligently with was a Chatot named Marcato, a Pokemon that was at the bottom. He was not the fastest nor the strongest, but what bought Legato's attention was his voice- sweet and tender, and accented at all the right parts. Sensing that Legato was piqued, he invited her to practice her singing alongside him. She accepted without another thought.

Despite that harsh training, and the near-to-death battling, Marcato and Legato came together each night and practiced their singing, until a night came when their pitches were in sync and completely in tune. No battling or strength nor prowess could bring the pride Legato had felt at that time; this was when she realized that her life, where she only knew about defeating others, was wrong. Marcato and herself soon began plotting their escape from the clutches of their Master, and hopefully, together.

And they did run away, one night when the Trainer had gone off to his family, thinking that his Pokemon were too tired to attempt an escape. Though the Pidgeot and Chatot were indeed weakened from their daily training, their strength was not the only one that had been worked on- their prolonged stamina was put to good use as they flew quietly away from the boot camp, never looking back. "Our new life starts her, Legato." Marcato whispered softly in the night, his music note of a head turned upwards to the full moon.

With their trained expertise and developed strength, they were able to defend themselves in the wild and their beloved egg. But they were weakening, and Marcato, ever the loyal husband, went out to scavenge for food. Legato fended off any dangers, but she still waited for her beau, who hadn't returned for weeks upon weeks. It was only after the egg hatched into an identical looking Chatot that Legato admitted Marcato was gone- caught or shot down by a passerby.

She named their offspring Staccato, and he had a natural talent with his upbeat voice, rapid and sudden all at once. It was only months later, when Legato flew away for just a moment to catch them food, humming a slow and smooth tempo, did she realize her mistake. Plunging back to their nest, Staccato, the only remnant of her husband, of her love, of her past, had been caught. What a horrible mother... She told herself miserably, but her determination steeled.

Taking to the sky, Legato began to make up for lost time. I'll find you, Staccato.

User Note
- Mother of Staccato
- Is searching for Staccato, whom she hopes is alive and well
- Gives advice to those that need it
- Only fights in self-defense
- Very mother-like, as she sometimes misses Staccato

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Legato the Pidgeot [Whirl - Johto]  Empty Re: Legato the Pidgeot [Whirl - Johto]

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