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    Glinyua the Actress Ariados [Relic, Orre]


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    Glinyua the Actress Ariados [Relic, Orre] Empty Glinyua the Actress Ariados [Relic, Orre]

    Post by Min Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:42 pm

    Glinyua the Actress Ariados [Relic, Orre] 260siz8




    Poison Jab
    Sucker Punch
    Electroweb [TM]

    Insomnia prevents Sleep by either the opponent or themselves. If a Pokémon with Insomnia uses Rest, it will automatically fail.


    Often Lost in Thought

    National Dex No./Species-
    #169, Ariados. The Long Leg Pokemon



    Pokédex Entry-
    It attaches silk to its prey and sets it free. Later, it tracks the silk to the prey and its friends.

    Pecha Scarf + Deep Sea Scale


    Glinyua didn't start out as a Pokemon Actress. As a young Spinarak, she and her siblings were tasked with moving curtains, doing the lights, and making sure all the costumes were in order. She had always loved the beautiful actors and actresses, like Maria the Ninetales and Azalea the Roserade. Every day after she had finished her job, she's watch them rehearse. Eventually she wasn't satisfied by just watching. She wanted to star in a play too. She didn't want to just sit there fixing the webs on the ceiling for the lights, not did she want to be weaving costumes. She wanted to act like all the other actors. But when she had brought up the idea with her friends, they laughed at her. She was a Spinarak. A Spider. There weren't many trainers who liked her and her species, even a famous gym leader, Misty, was known to be absolutely frightened of them.

    But she didn't give up. She knew she had to do something to catch their attention, and she did. She began to train herself to only walk on her hind legs- only using them to move around. Then she began to dance, dance, and dance some more. Every sleepless night she practiced her steps, in the hope that one day someone would notice her. And someone did. One of the actors, Lunette the Gardevoir, had found her. Amazed by the Spinarak's determination, she had taken her in as an apprentice. Of course, at first Glinyua wasn't taken very well by the public and Lunette began to lose respect- but eventually really began to shine. Underrated and disliked Pokemon around the world began to look up to Glinyua, and she had finally reached her dream.

    After about 5 months of acting Glinyua evolved. Due to the fact that she only walked on hind legs, her body had evolved in a way that she was then unable to use all fours to walk. But she hadn't mind, as it just made it easier for her to dance. One day, she had the most peculiar of people come up to her for an autograph as she took a trip to Cerulean city. It was Mist the Arbok, whom was easily recognizable due to her sharp personality before the Epidemic. Eventually they both grew to be friends, and as a gift, she had received a Peacha Scarf and a Deep Sea Scale from Mist.

    It was months after their meeting that she decided to go to Orre. She had gotten on a ferry headed towards Gateon Port, but things went terribly wrong as a multitude of passengers began to suddenly die, then rise up again with no pulse. Glinyua was glad, however, that the ferry reached Gateon Port the day right after the infection, but what she found was what she was trying to escape. The infection was even worse in Orre, there were Pokemon tearing down buildings- killing eachother. Afraid, she fled from the port, towards some other city or area where maybe she could find Salvation.

    User Note
    -Walks on two legs only.

    -Dances a lot.

    -Loves to sing.

    -Her eyes are blue.

    -Her body is adapted to walking on 2 legs. This is because Pokemon are very adaptable creatures and so I figured if she walked with 2 legs all her life, her body would adapt to it as well.

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    Glinyua the Actress Ariados [Relic, Orre] Empty Re: Glinyua the Actress Ariados [Relic, Orre]

    Post by Lugia Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:09 am

    Approved. You'll need to make a new team.


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