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Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
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Lazarus the Spectreon & Artemis the Eevee


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Lazarus the Spectreon & Artemis the Eevee Empty Lazarus the Spectreon & Artemis the Eevee

Post by Dazey Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:26 pm

Lazarus the Spectreon & Artemis the Eevee A6IwdyG
Art by me

Lazarus the Space Spectreon & Artemis the Mischievous Eevee
Theme ☆ Starlight
☆ Angels
☆ Periscope
☆ Stars
☆ Last to Fall
☆ Call Me
☆ Fell From The Moon
☆ Godspeed
☆ Anti-Gravity
☆ Lullaby
☆ Glow
☆ We Don’t Have To Dance
☆ Kids Again
☆ Infinite
☆ Dark on Me
☆ Haunted
☆ Hurts Like Hell
☆ Dreams
☆ Missing You
☆ Trade Mistakes
☆ When We Die
☆ Killing Time
☆ Dreams of an Absolution (LB vs. JS Remix)
☆ Say You’ll Haunt Me

☼ Story of a Girl
☼ Glamorous Sky
☼ Upside Down
☼ Drops of Jupiter
☼ Shallows
☼ Lights

Profession ☆ Wanderer, mother
Text Color 005EFF (blur)
Item Collar w/ Soothe Bell
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her|Hers
Age Young Adult
Species #???, Spectreon, the Haunted Pokémon
#133, Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon
Height 2’8”
0’7” (shorter)
Weight 29.3lbs
8.3lbs (lighter)
Pokédex Entry Spectreon is an Eevee's soul bound to Earth, which it wanders after its untimely death. It is a common sight in abandoned places, but most of the time, it appears in its old trainer's home after dying in battle. Some even wait there after the trainer is long dead.
Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup, this special Pokémon conceals many different possible evolutions.
Level 44
Ability Cursed Body: May disable a move used on the Pokémon.
Run Away: Enables a sure getaway from wild Pokémon.
Nature Naughty (+Atk, -Sp. Def)
Sassy (+Sp Def, -Spd)
Characteristic Somewhat stubborn (Sp. Def IVs)
Proud of its power (Atk IVs)
Moves -Night Daze (Level Up)
-Shadow Ball (Level Up)
-Curse (Level Up)
-Return (TM)

-Helping Hand (Level Up)
-Tackle (Level Up)
-Growl(Level Up)
-Echoed Voice (TM)
Bulbapedia "Spectreon has a sleek purple body with four slender legs and crimson eyes. It has long gaseous ears and a large, wispy gaseous tail, as well as a wisp of 'fluff' on its forehead and on their wrists and ankles. The gas-like areas are colored a dark purple. It roams around at night, usually sticking to one person or area. It is also capable of phasing through walls and ceilings as though they weren't there. This Pokémon is rare in the wild, and is a result of an eevee's soul being bound to Earth because of it's love for it's trainer."
"Eevee is a mammalian, quadrupedal Pokémon with primarily brown fur. The tip of its bushy tail and its large furry collar are cream-colored. It has short, slender legs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot. Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears with dark brown interiors, and a small black nose."

Accent North American.
North American. Has a slight lisp.
Motivation Protecting and raising Artemis, and reuniting with Kato.

Obeying Lazarus, which means survival and finding Kato. Arte personally strives to brighten others’ days.
User Notes
User Notes:
Team notes Joining Laverre as just passer-throughs but will become attached enough to stick around for good.
Affiliations ☆ Artemis ☆
Lazarus shares a close bond with Artemis and is fiercely protective over the youth. She would move heaven and earth to see her child smile and take on the devil himself to protect her. They’re often seen playing, talking or reminiscing about Kato when times are calm, and Artemis is her number one priority when things go south.

☆ Cosmic ☆ Brother from the same litter. Cosmic was very dear to her as kits for the short time they knew each other before Lazarus escaped. She still remembers him fondly to this day and hopes to see him once again.

☼ Lazarus ☼ Her mother and guardian. Artemis loves her mother dearly and suffers from separation anxiety if she isn’t around Lazarus. They are remarkably close even by mother-daughter standards and almost always together playing or spending quality time with one another.
Development Notes Grow into a more mature adult, better mother and fiercer guardian.
Mature, lose lisp, become a competent scout

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