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Lazarus the Space Spectreon


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Lazarus the Space Spectreon Empty Lazarus the Space Spectreon

Post by Dazey Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:26 pm

Lazarus the Space Spectreon A6IwdyG
Art by me

Lazarus the Space Spectreon Spritelazarus1_by_gayspacekitten-dc2bbk8
Sprite by Kitty

Lazarus the Space Spectreon
Theme ☆ Starlight
☆ Angels
☆ Periscope
☆ Stars
☆ Last to Fall
☆ Call Me
☆ Fell From The Moon
☆ Godspeed
☆ Anti-Gravity
☆ Livin’ On A Prayer
☆ Glow
☆ We Don’t Have To Dance
☆ Kids Again
☆ Infinite
☆ Dark on Me
☆ Haunted
☆ Hurts Like Hell
☆ Dreams
☆ Missing You
☆ Trade Mistakes
☆ When We Die
☆ Killing Time
☆ Dreams of an Absolution (LB vs. JS Remix)
☆ Say You’ll Haunt Me

Profession Wanderer
Text Color 005EFF (blur)
Item Collar w/ moon charm and Soothe Bell
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her|Hers
Age Young Adult
Species #???, Spectreon, the Haunted Pokémon
Height 2’8”
Weight 29.3lbs
Pokédex Entry Spectreon is an Eevee's soul bound to Earth, which it wanders after its untimely death. It is a common sight in abandoned places, but most of the time, it appears in its old trainer's home after dying in battle. Some even wait there after the trainer is long dead.
Level 44
Ability Cursed Body: May disable a move used on the Pokémon.
Nature Naughty (+Atk, -Sp. Def)
Characteristic Somewhat stubborn (Sp. Def IVs)
Moves -Night Daze (Level Up)
-Shadow Ball (Level Up)
-Curse (Level Up)
-Return (TM)
“Why am I the first one to blame every time there’s a minor disaster…”
“I am haunting your ass!”
“The moon looks sad tonight. I wonder why.”
“I’m not okay, and that’s okay.”
“A’ight, fine, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you a complete dipshit. I totally figured you knew.”
“You’re the moon! Get it? ‘Cause I love the moon. And I love you too.”

Throughout Lazarus’s life, she always had a place to return to but never did it give her the warm feeling of comfort one might expect from a true home.

While she would not claim her mother as neglectful, the Jolteon did fail to instill certain lessons upon her child. She claimed her baby would never have to fight, need to know how to hunt prey, what to do if a human tried to capture her - very essential knowledge for a wild Pokémon. This sheltering left the kit barely functional without guidance and lacking any independency.

Lazarus, whom was referred to as another name she despised from birth, was practically dying for a taste of the world while having a crippling fear of it.
Whenever she expressed interest, her mother was quick to paint the world as a malicious and unkind place, essentially and unintentionally destroying the hopes of her child.

The Eevee, now in her late adolescence, disregarded all of her mother’s teachings and ventured to the nearby human city - Anistar, it had been called.
The vulpine was captivated by the nighttime cityscape and adored having no one but herself to ask what she could do. That was, until her ignorance of human norms landed her in trouble.
She wandered into a small trinket shop and unbeknownst to her, humans didn’t share like her pack did. They also had guard dogs for handling shoplifters.

Lazarus fled, with the Furfrou close enough on her heels to nip at her fluffy tail. When she reached a dead-end alley, she was certain she’d be torn apart by the dog. Instead, she was quite literally swept off her feet and rushed to safety by a Pokémon she’d never met before.

Her Drakeon hero went on to explain to the clueless Eevee her mistake and introduce himself as Kato while he escorted her back to the edge of the city where she came from.
It was only a day before she returned. Twilight was approaching and the Eevee was yet again in a compromising situation, and just as swiftly as he did the first time, the Drakeon played Lazarus’ knight in shining armor.
He was much less playful this time and harshly reprimanded the Eevee. It was clear she couldn’t fight and knew nothing of humans norms and he insisted if she would keep coming back then she needed to.
Every three days she’d show up at dusk to meet him. It started with basics, which was mostly them wandering and Kato explaining this and that. Human concepts like currency, “No Pokémon Allowed,” when places close for the night, et cetera. Then they moved to combat and ended each session resting near the sundial with discussions ranging from outer space to ‘what’s your life like?’

The process was long by choice. The duo had grown fond of each other and learned practically every detail of each other’s lives. Around this time, Lazarus realized the concept of home did not have to mean “place,” but that comfort and security could be offered by another soul. So when Kato, in absolute seriousness asked Lazarus to leave with him, she didn’t ask ‘where to.’ He was her home and didn’t hesitate to run away with him in the dead of night.

They found themselves venturing through a dense forest on their way when Lazarus grew ill. Both knew she was living on borrowed time and tried to make the most of it. It was then, amidst her violent convulsions and vomiting blood from her empty belly, that they admitted reciprocated feelings for each other.
Time ran out all too soon. Kato stayed tightly curled around the fading Eevee as though to keep her bound to this world but she slipped away regardless.

While he mourned over her, a peaceful smile across her face, Lazarus’s body became brighter than the sun itself and began to change. In moments, the deceased Eevee rose up in an entirely different form, alive and well. Both were at a loss but overjoyed nonetheless.
After her death and resurrection, Kato began jokingly referring to her as Space Lazarus and she grew to accept the nickname as her true calling card.
It was also then that they decided to end their travels and settle somewhere for good. It took some time before the duo, bonded now as lovers, to find an acceptable place. They’d made it all the way to Veilstone City in the Sinnoh region, being stowaways more than once to reach it from Kalos. An abandoned warehouse lay at the edge of town. Unfit for human use apparently but cozy for the Eeveelutions.

They lost track of days in Veilstone. Food was easy to come by in the huge city and issues, while they had them, were far and few between. They had planned to try for a child but Lazarus hesitated out of fear she, as a literal ghost, would produce a stillborn Eevee if she conceived at all.

It seemed the rest of their lives would be carried out in this dreamy bliss. But the sickness swept the region and their happily ever after was ripped from their paws.

When panic spread, people and Pokémon were seeking shelter from the storm of resurrected Pokémon. They were not like Lazarus and were lost to hysteria once they came back. Some had bodies twisted and broken, some were merely tinted purple. But all their eyes were full of hunger and malice. They left their home few times and it was solely to gather as many necessities as possible. They were stealthy but still encountered the dead in the streets.
Lazarus was horrified and thereafter refused to leave or to let Kato so much as peek at the ensuing chaos outside their front door. She spent many nights sleepless for fear the twisted ones would get in and attack during the moonhigh.

Bulbapedia "Spectreon has a sleek purple body with four slender legs and crimson eyes. It has long gaseous ears and a large, wispy gaseous tail, as well as a wisp of 'fluff' on its forehead and on their wrists and ankles. The gas-like areas are colored a dark purple. It roams around at night, usually sticking to one person or area. It is also capable of phasing through walls and ceilings as though they weren't there. This Pokémon is rare in the wild, and is a result of an eevee's soul being bound to Earth because of it's love for it's trainer."
Lazarus is in fair shape for a dead thing in the epidemic, with fur as black as the night itself kept neatly groomed most of the time. Her pelt is thick and the fur on her underbody is profoundly longer than the rest, which has a feel similar to velvet and shows clear prints where she’s been touched. The wisps on her body are constantly billowing - even more when angry - and showing the mixing and mingling of colors reminiscent of nebulas and never the same pattern as a moment before. Her most prominent colors in her large wisps are blue and purple, with green and pink displaying occasionally along with white spots.
She has cerulean blue scleras with her pupils the exact same color, making the rings of her white irises the only thing visible against the blue of her eyes. Her paws have long white claws and around her neck is a black faux leather collar. A Soothe Bell and a moon charm are attached to the leash loop.
Accent North American.
Arceist; very weak faith despite her best efforts to believe in a higher power. Regardless, she prays in bad situations and feels a twinge of guilt for swearing in Arceus’ name. Was agnostic growing up but was influenced by Kato.
Motivation Finding Kato and rebuilding their lives.
☆ Bubbly; Lazarus is hyper and loud, finding amusement in the simplest, stupidest or sometimes sickest things. She’s very hard to handle sometimes and she’s been disliked for this alone numerous times. On the flipside, some find her personality to be kind of uplifting in bad situations, as long as they aren’t easily offended.
☆ Sarcastic; This thing has a mouth that runs like water down a waterfall. She’s a comedian in a friendly scenario and an evil bitch in a hostile one. Little is held back in terms of what she’s willing to say once she’s mad or comfortable enough for her inhibition to disappear. She has a bit of restraint with strangers. Just enough to make a decent impression, hopefully. Maybe.
☆ Antisocial; She’s obviously capable of communicating with others like a normal creature but as a shy creature, it’s something she avoids if at all possible. She’s friendly with people she already knows but avoids strangers like the plague, which left her with friends far and few between in life, so the few she has/had are very dear to her. Being near others isn’t as much of an issue as long as she doesn’t have to interact.
☆ Jealousy issues; Lazarus has a bit of a jealous streak in her, and while it’s extremely tame with others compared to how it was with Kato, she exhibits a slight tendency to get pissy when she’s left out of things or someone she likes shows attention to someone else. With Kato, she was unreasonably hostile to females that talked to him with the purest of intentions and would give him the silent treatment for it; with casual friends and males, she would pout and guilt trip him for ignoring her. Kato though the behavior was cute, which led to it becoming a permanent trait in her personality.
☆ Faithful; Her loyalty to Kato was strong enough to revive her from the dead. Needless to say, she’s practically bound by her soul to those she cares about and would do anything and everything for them. She didn’t even have to consider dedicating her time to literally wandering the entire world for Kato. In another sense of the word, she’s faithful in the romantic sense and while she has no way of being certain she’ll ever see him again, she has not and will not make or accept any romantic advances.
☆ Emotional; She pretends she’s a lot more thick skinned than she really is. It’s actually very easy to tip the scale and make her angry or sad. She can be childish, petty, cruel and cold when angry, meanwhile she’s notorious for hiding out and pouting or crying in secret and being in a glum mood forever after. Also super easily embarrassed. It’s pretty funny, though you’ll piss her off and/or upset her with it. She holds grudges, too.
☆ Afraid to be alone; While, yes, in the physical sense too, she has a deep rooted fear stemming from kithood of being replaced, abandoned or forgotten completely. It’s something she often jokingly brings up but she’s looking for reassurance that she won’t be left by the ones she loves.
☆ Anxiety & OCD; While they normally aren’t crippling, Laz has issues with both. Her OCD is generally manifested in an obsession with checking things - especially if they’re particularly important. For example, if she was told to lock a door, she would repeatedly check that door to make sure she did it right and begin to distrust her own eyes to confirm it. Her anxiety is the lesser of the two issues and generally she can distract herself from thinking too much and it seems to help.
☆ “I’m okay;” is one of the biggest lies she’ll tell. When something hurts her deeper than evoking a tantrum, she’ll do the polar opposite in response — she’s completely pretend she’s fine and unfazed. She pushes everything back and smiles like she’s fine because everything goes away if you ignore it. At least, she tells herself that.
☆ Playfully troublesome; Laz loves mischief in all forms— and now that she’s a ghost, she’s even better at the awful things she does, from the simplest prank to a long-premeditated one, or going as far as trespassing, vandalism and thievery. She loves the process of planning, pulling it off and then having the story to tell.
☆ Protective; Messing with someone Laz cares about is one of the last things you wanna do. Even if someone is fully capable, she’ll still spring into action and react accordingly from verbal arguments to violence.
☆ Sweet; Like embarrassingly so. Has no issue displaying affection to someone she’s extremely attached to. She often goes the extra mile to make someone smile even at the cost of inconveniencing herself in some way or another.
☆ Lazy; Not exactly in the sense of doing absolutely nothing - while she does enjoy that sometimes - she’s frustratingly irresponsible sometimes and puts off whatever she doesn’t feel like doing until the last possible moment.
☆ Passive; Laz has a habit of giving up something she wants (ex. plans, food, a place to sleep, etc.) for no real reason besides that she hates asking for things, or just taking them for herself. Kato got her on case constantly for this but she never successfully broke the habit.
☆ Accepting;

Other things i have not worded professionally because I am a lazy ass:

-Not very independent, so she wanders around her apoc looking for the character based around my friend and shes like I have no fucking idea what i’m doin
-super frikken playful. Loves to spar like a kitten with it’s siblings.
-Realist. She’s been fucked over by life too many times to be optimistic, too afraid of things going wrong to be pessimistic.
-non-judgmental. Actually, she finds it fascinating when she meets someone that’s different than her in any way. The way she sees if, if everyone thought like her, acted and believed like her, the world would be frikken boring because there would be no individuality between people.
-romantic but thats super girly so she pretends she isnt.

User Notes
User Notes:
☆ Pokésona.
☆ Chaotic neutral.
☆ Kato based on my friend.
☆ Sleeps a lot. Like, way more than necessary if she has the chance to. She gets cranky when she’s tired, so it’s probably better to let her just sleep all the time.
☆ She doesn’t know anything about her species and she’s afraid she’s immortal. The thought freaks her out because she doesn’t want to wander a dead world forever. The only way she knows to test the theory is to try to kill herself and… she’s afraid of that too.
☆ When she uses Curse, she starts bleeding from her eyes and spitting up blood. Last resort move. Return is basically useless now but she’s too stubborn and sentimental to stop trying to use it.
☆ She wanted to have babies someday but after her death, she decided she was very likely infertile or her children would be born dead and gave up the idea. Either way, she wouldn’t attempt to have kids in the epidemic anyways.
☆ High level from daily training.
☆ Gets cold a lot. She loved cuddling with Kato to warm up, but she isn’t comfortable doing it with anyone but him.
☆ Has a literal phobia of Banette. She has no traumas to base this fear on, they’re just fucking creepy and even worse, they’re ghosts too so she’s vulnerable to them.
☆ Also afraid of falling asleep in the dark. She usually keeps this to herself because she doesn’t feel like having anyone poke fun at her for being a ghost that’s afraid of the dark. Something about falling asleep when literally anything could be two feet away watching her drives her nuts.
☆ Nighttime is her favorite thing ever. She gets an absolute joy out of perching somewhere and watching the moon and stars. Her fixation on the night probably stems from listening to Kato talk about his theories on space while they looked at the night sky.

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