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Mike (for Veilstone)


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Mike (for Veilstone) Empty Mike (for Veilstone)

Post by Abysswalker Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:09 pm


Mike Maxwell
Text Color FD7E24
Theme(s) THEME
Item •Black leather wallet (contains his ID and a few photos of himself and his brother), a peridot ring, his old badge case with six Hoenn badges inside
•His old camping backpack, extra clothes, a flashlight and batteries, provisions for himself and his Pokemon, first aid supplies, a multitool, two packs of matches, large metal water bottle, small collection of Pokemon medicine
Weapons Keeps a knife for self-defense; used to have a gun, but it’s lost to him now (he’s still mad).
Gender Identity Trans man (he/him)
Birthdate August 1st
Age 27
Species Human
Weight 210 lbs
Height 6’1”
Region of origin Hoenn | Oldale Town
Occupation Dark-type trainer
Party I’ve been playing Hades shh
Pkm 1
Name: Patroclus (he/him)
Text colour: FFCCFF
Species: Mightyena
Level: 52
Ability: Intimidate
Attack list:
Pkm 2
Name: Hecate (she/her)
Text colour: 864242
Species: Houndoom
Level: 50
Ability: Flash Fire
Attack list:
Pkm 3
Name: Persephone (she/her)
Text colour: 443D66
Species: Absol
Level: 49
Ability: Super Luck
Attack list:
Pkm 4
Name: Victor (he/him)
Text colour: F9F4EE
Species: Umbreon
Level: 47
Ability: Synchronize
Attack list:
Pkm 5
Name: Ranpo (he/him)
Text colour: 7F914B
Species: Eevee
Level: 13
Ability: Run Away
Attack list:
•The newest addition to the team, and the only Pokemon who joined after the epidemic began
Pkm 6

(I’ve split his history into two spoiler tags as it’s a little long. Hoping that makes it easier to read!)

history pt. 1:

Alongside his fraternal twin brother, Joseph, Mike was born in Oldale Town to parents who, while not necessarily bad at their job, certainly did only a little more than the bare minimum. That was probably why Mike and his brother grew so close; when the two were home, they had only each other to talk to or play with. The boys found parental warmth and emotional connection with neighbors close to their family; the older lady and her wife next door treated them more like sons than their own parents, the man who minded the Pokemart often gave them things like free books or snacks, that kind of thing. The people of Oldale were so kind. It’s no surprise Mike grew up with the mindset that community trumped blood family every time-Joseph being the one exception, of course. His brother would always be the most important friend he had.

The two took a liking to Dark and Psychic Pokemon at a young age after reading one too many comics, with Mike preferring the former. Together, with some help from the Pokemart employee who thought of them as good kids, they caught their first Pokemon on the outskirts of Petalburg City-a Poochyena and a Ralts. Both brothers bonded quickly with the little creatures, but unlike a lot of kids, they didn’t start a Pokemon journey then and there. That came later-at the time, both of them were showing a lot of promise in school, and their parents were reluctant to change up their education. Both of them didn’t mind waiting too much-Mike had a gift for writing, while Joseph loved math more than anyone else the boy knew-so it worked out fine. They had dreams together, a dream of becoming a renowned author alongside a dream of going to space. His brother had always loved the sky and stars.

Of course, the time did come when the twins developed an interest in badge collecting, and their parents relented on that eventually. With their Poochyena and Ralts, Mike and Joseph traveled throughout Hoenn together, only occasionally going different ways when their interests inevitably diverged. Their badge collecting was maybe slower than most people, but the two of them wanted to see and learn as much as possible. Mike took to writing down everything, especially when it involved his Pokemon; writing a book on Dark-types was exactly the kind of thing he wanted to do. Sometimes, Mike wrote things down for Joseph too, doodling the constellations he’d seen or a new thing he’d learned about the Psychic types his brother loved so much.

Together, they had collected six badges at the age of fifteen, and Mike was excited to be going to Mossdeep next. There was a lot of space stuff there, he’d heard about it from people in Lilycove; he could not wait to see how much his twin would go into Space Nerd mode. Mike would only understand about a fourth of it if he was lucky, but it was going to be so fun. When they met up again, things would be great.

But they never met up. Mike found himself at Mossdeep alone, and it was there he got the call. Joseph hadn’t contacted him in awhile, and that was worrying, but it wasn’t his brother trying to get ahold of him. It was his parents. They threw upon him the news that turned his life completely upside down: his brother was dead. He had been involved in an accident while making a detour to Slateport and was pronounced DOA when taken to the hospital. The authorities had used his trainer’s ID to contact their parents and-and, that was that.

Joseph was dead.

Mike could do nothing but return to Oldale. His parents, uncaring as they were, at least had enough of a human heart together to let him be involved with the process of cremation and the funeral rites. He got through it in a numb daze, only remembering the giving of his final gift to Joseph as was Oldale custom-the journal that contained everything he’d written for his brother, with glittery star stickers stuck to the front cover. Even the scattering of his ashes and the planting of the tree was lost to blurry memories. His own emotions were equally unknowing-rising in waves of indescribable pain and receding back to icy emptiness, over and over.

It did not take long for Oldale to become unbearable. The two married women who had once seen him and Joseph as their own children now looked at Mike with unbearable sadness and pity. When he passed by the Pokemart, the man standing outside gave him his favorite drink with eyes puffy from crying. Everyone who had known him and his brother-and in such a small town, that included pretty much the entire population-kept looking at the empty space at his side. Mike could not handle the sorrow of other people on top of his own. He hated being around his parents, who had never cared for Joseph when he still lived. He had to get away.

And that was exactly what Mike did when he moved away to Sinnoh.

history pt. 2:

Living in Sinnoh was not as difficult as it should have been, materially anyway. Mike usually crashed in those beds they kept in Pokecenters for traveling trainers; the pretense of badge collecting was a helpful one. Maybe he should have actually done it, to take his mind off things with a goal, but no. Mike did still battle, but it was all fierce individual matches completely disconnected from the League and their badges. The people he battled here didn’t know about his brother; they did not look at him with sympathy, only complete loathing when Mike managed to win. He liked that more than pity, at least. As miserable as everything felt, maybe it was better to try and never look back, to pretend he’d never felt loss.

Mike might have done that-tried to bury his grief and do nothing but pick meaningless fights with randoms-had he not met Leo. They were the same age, meeting by chance at a small gathering of the more regular trainers Mike battled with when Leo asked about his Mightyena and Absol. He hadn’t meant to become close with another person, not after everything, but the other boy’s cheerful curiosity was too endearing to ignore. They would meet up more often after that initial connection; Leo was far more enthusiastic about his battling career than Mike was, and seemed to know every little thing about the competitive scene. Mike kept telling himself to keep his distance, to cut ties, but he never did. He had made a friend, and that was all there was to it.

-some other stuff
-idk lol
-veilstone eventually


sweetheart <3

(Note so I don’t forget: Even after all these years, Mike still can’t stand to be looked at with pity or sympathy in relation to his twin’s death. He won’t speak of Joseph if he can avoid it, and keeps his wallet with their pictures together out of sight. Part of Mike feels guilty hiding his brother away like that, but another part sees that particular pain as his alone, not meant to be shared with people who would not understand. Grief is still a difficult thing for him to process, and likely always will be.)

Affiliations (Veilstone-specific)
Lumina: (Link TBA)
Theta: (Link TBA)
Charlotte: Though they’ve been acquainted for awhile, she’s not too open a person and so Mike knows very little about her. Holds no ill will, though, and gives her plenty of space. (Link TBA)

Leo Terrell: His best friend. He has not been able to speak with Leo for years due to the Internet being completely unavailable, and misses him greatly, hoping that he has survived. (Link TBA)
Bren and Logan: His cousins who live in Alola. Always got along with them just fine. With little information on Alola to go on, he can only hope they’re doing far better than he is. (Link TBA)


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