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Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
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Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone]


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Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone] Empty Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone]

Post by Kitty Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:39 pm

Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone] LuminaprofileOct1layerRESIZED
Art by me (outdated)

Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone] YNy5zTi
Art by me

Lumina E. Crossman
Text Color 665175 (italics)
Theme(s) Meet Me In The Woods
Item Black backpack containing: Food rations, First aid kit (human and pokemon), Heavy duty flashlight, Stainless steel water bottle, 3 Smoke balls, Small roll of duct tape, Binoculars, Compass, Rope, Metal whistle, Frying pan, 2 Small sketchbooks, Worn-down pencil, Small crochet Pikachu, Two books (an educational book on Fairy types and a guide to drawing 151 different Kanto Pokemon), Coloring book of Grass-type Pokemon, Colored pencils, Cat ear headband, Universal communicator
Weapons Machete, Trench Knife, Flare gun, Taser, Hidden knives (large knife disguised as barrel-brush comb, small knife disguised as ink pen, pocket knife hidden in padding pocket of her bra)
Gender Identity She/Her
Birthdate May 15th
Age 24
Species Human
Weight 120 lbs.
Height 5'8"
Region of origin Born in Hearthome City, Sinnoh
Occupation Arceist Missionary | Pokemon Trainer | Thief | Criminal | Ranger
Party Rafael is Lumina's only remaining Pokemon. She is extremely close with the Nitemare and he rarely leaves her side, staying out of his Pokeball almost constantly. The two share a very playful friendship and have unbreakable loyalty to each other.
Pkm 1
Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone] Nitemare_zpsh79ew0kq_by_gayspacekitten-dc2kkgr
   Name/Gender- Rafael (male)
   Text colour- b64345
   Species- Nitemare
   Level- 62
   Ability- Flash Fire
   Attack list-
-Shadow Sneak [Learned]
-Take Down [Learned]
-Poison Jab [Learned]
-Flamethrower [TM]
**Loves making jokes and annoying Lumina with relentless puns **Gruff and sarcastic, but very gentle with children
**"I'm just saying, boss, I think you're kinda beating a dead horse."
Pkm 2
Pkm 3
Pkm 4
Pkm 5
Pkm 6

(n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past
Accent North American. Lumina speaks with a smooth, silvery voice and rarely shouts; When speaking sternly, her voice tends to lower even further rather than raise angrily.
Appearance Fighting the undead and frequently traveling through muddy terrain has taken a toll on Lumina's appearance. Dirt, dust, and speckles of dried blood have caked onto her pale porcelain skin, while her thick red hair has become a nearly unmanageable mess of tangled waves.

Her clothes are equally worn and weathered, being sentimental relics from before the Epidemic. She still wears her hooded utility jacket from her Ranger days; Her patch remains intact on her left arm, featuring Route 212 in lettering as well as a skull wearing a safari hat and surrounded by two lightning bolts. Tied around her waist is a red sash under which she carries her katana.

Well-fitted utility pants protect Lumina's legs from the elements, as well as provide multiple pockets and straps for easy storage of necessities and concealed weapons.

Her waterproof boots are old and worn, no longer as comfortable as they once were, but still they provide warmth and crucial treading in muddy environments.

Lumina can usually be found wearing brown leather gloves with the fingers removed; while useful for gripping in the rain, she wears them to hide the scars on her hands.

Underneath her clothes, countless scars overlap in various shapes, sizes and colors, engraved like memories in her skin of desperate fights and wild abuse. Most prominently, Lumina's right eye is a jarring mess of haphazard medical work and the remnants of a rushed healing process; She is never without her black eye-patch, which she attempts to cover with her long hair.

By starving herself to save food and staying awake obsessively to keep watch, Lumina's body and mind have been run into the ground. While she tries hard to maintain a healthy build for strength, her body has become malnourished and weak compared to what it once was. Minor sickness and malaise plague her often, creating a vicious cycle of ill-health. Her sickly pallor accentuates the dark circles around her eyes and the scars littering her body, making her appear in even worse shape than she truly is.
Religion Agnostic, atheist-leaning. Though Lumina doubts religion in its entirety, she finds herself unable to fully let go of her Arceism; it is her last connection to her parents, and one she desperately clings to the ghost of. However, whether she admits it or not, Lumina's religion is mostly long gone.
Affiliations --Mike
While Lumina was initially suspicious of Mike and irritated by his starkly different personality, she has since grown quite fond of him. She appreciates his positivity and kindness towards others, as well as his since of humor. Lumina enjoys the presence of Mike, albeit in small doses, and is very glad for his friendship with Rafael. It will take more time for Lumina to fully place her trust in Mike, however. Still, the two have developed a relatively sibling-like dynamic, bickering and butting heads often yet looking out for each other all the same.

Lumina has been uniquely fascinated by Theta since the moment they met. Her physical strength and fighting prowess, her mercy and compassion, her confident and energetic personality, the list of things Lumina admires about Theta goes on and on. Though she initially was distrustful of Theta, it didn't take long for Lumina to instead become attached to the woman and find comfort in her presence. Lumina feels relatively safe with Theta and has very few walls up around her; She is second only to Rafael when it comes to those whom Lumina trusts the most.

--Kita Castilla
In a world of such darkness and suffering, Kita was the brightest soul Lumina had ever met; A soul so innocent, she brought out a softness in Lumina's own soul that she had feared to be forever lost. When she and Kita weren't training, they played together like young sisters, braiding each others hair or having spontaneous sleepovers. And like a sister did Lumina love Kita; She found herself being practically adopted by the girl and her father, and for the first time since her parents' deaths, Lumina felt she had a home. Lumina believes Kita to be dead within the Epidemic, and even insignificant reminders of Kita bring tears to her eyes.

--Salazar Castilla
At a time when she needed it most, Salazar opened up his home to Lumina and cared for her as family. While they disagreed on many things, it was through these disagreements that they taught each other immeasurable wisdom and forged a unique bond built on stark honesty and mutual respect. Because of the latter, their trust in each other became unshakeable. Lumina grievously misses Salazar, especially his eloquent wisdom, but believes him to have died long ago either with Kita or while searching for her. Like with all her deceased loved ones, Lumina tries not to think of Salazar; However, she often can't help but wonder if he might be proud or ashamed of her within the Epidemic.
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