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Hyu [Driftveil]


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Hyu [Driftveil] Empty Hyu [Driftveil]

Post by Abysswalker Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:38 pm


Text Color CB4C2F
Theme(s) THEME
Gender Identity Trans boy (he/him)
Birthdate February 27th
Age 14
Species Human
Weight 123 lbs
Height 5’5”
Region of origin Unova | Aspertia City
Occupation angey mode
Party Again, I’ll emphasize that the starter is still a placeholder from his old profile and thus up for change; the rest of the team is pretty set in stone, though
(also Whimsicott Gang)
Pkm 1 Name: NAME (she/her)
Text colour: E0C9E9
Species: Samurott
Level: 67
Ability: Torrent
Attack list:
-Hydro Pump (Level)
-Megahorn (Start)
-Detect (Egg Move)
-Ice Beam (TM)
Pkm 2
Name: NAME (he/him)
Text colour: CD807C
Species: Flygon
Level: 64
Ability: Levitate
Attack list:
-Dragon Claw (Level)
-Earthquake (Level)
-Dragon Dance (Start)
-Steel Wing (TM)
Pkm 3
Name: NAME (he/him)
Text colour: 5674A4
Species: Whimsicott
Level: 60
Ability: Prankster
Attack list:
-Giga Drain (Start)
-Moonblast (Start)
-Protect (TM)
-Psychic (TM)
Pkm 4
Hyu [Driftveil] 700-png
Name: Maehwa (she/her)
Text colour: BFF5B5
Species: Sylveon
Level: 19
Ability: Cute Charm
Attack list:
-Disarming Voice (Level)
-Wish (Egg Move)
-Quick Attack (Pre-Evo)
-Baby Doll Eyes (Pre-Evo)
•This Pokemon was once his sister’s companion alongside her rescued Liepard
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
History I have to stop writing long histories...but I don’t want to


To say Hyu had very few people in his early life is something of an understatement. He barely knew his mother, who died mere months after his sister was born, and their father preferred the life he had outside of his children. Thus, they were left in the care of the man’s father-in-law, their kindly grandfather who doted on his grandchildren and raised them in a loving manner. He was the one who gave them their first Pokemon; he cared about them far more than their father seemed to. At least, he did until his sudden and unexpected death from a heart attack. Their grandfather was in their lives one day and gone the next, just like that.

This loss cut deep into his child’s mind. Hyu loved his grandfather, he really did-but the man’s passing was, to his young heart, nothing short of a betrayal. The one adult who had genuinely cared for him and his sister was gone; he’d left them behind, and the feelings of grief morphed into deep-seated resentment. It didn’t help that their father eventually gave away their grandfather’s Pokemon; he barely tolerated their own, and didn’t wish to care for more. With that, Hyu had no one left to support him; his sister was too young to fully understand what was going on, so he had to take care of her, and their Pokemon too. They all needed him.

He really tried. While their father was off doing whatever it was he did, Hyu looked after his baby sister and her tiny Purrloin companion both. They trusted him completely; he was the older sibling, and that meant he had to protect them, whether from bullies or wild Pokemon or a nightmare. So strong was this conviction that when Team Plasma showed up and kidnapped the kitten right in front of the two kids, taking away their grandfather’s last gift to his sister and her beloved friend, it destroyed him. At seven years old, Hyu couldn’t do anything-couldn’t fight back, couldn’t chase them down. Her Purrloin was gone; just like with their grandfather, it’d happened so fast.

The only thing he could do was promise his grieving sister that no matter how long it took, he would find her Purrloin. This idea took root in his mind, and grew over the years into a storm of emotion. He hated Team Plasma more than words could ever describe; he almost cried at the way his father casually shrugged when told what had happened. The cruelty of adults felt so overwhelming; the only people in the world he could stand to be around were his sister and later on, his best friend. He had his Oshawott and them, and no one else. Even when his father eventually remarried, their stepmother didn’t seem used to interacting with kids. It was like having a complete stranger in the house, one who tried but couldn’t connect. This only strengthened the boy’s belief that no adult could be depended on.

When Hyu finally had the opportunity to enter the wider world-a chance to hunt down Plasma-he took it without hesitation. Hyu hated leaving his sister in that house, but promised to return as soon as he could with her Pokemon. Alongside Mei, he chased the people he so despised all across Unova, hoping in desperation that someone would know about the Purrloin that had been stolen all those years ago. Even when Hyu seemed to occasionally slow down, his single-minded fixation remained; everything he did had to be for his goal. He could not, would not, be that useless and weak kid again. He would bring something good back into his sister’s life.

The only thing that ever really gave him pause was the remnants of the so-called original Plasma, and even then, he quickly found himself hating them too. If they really cared, they would have never done what they did in the first place, he was convinced of that. It just got under his skin, the idea of forgiving anyone related to Plasma. They really thought fixing things was as easy as some stupid apology.

Still, at least they weren’t making things worse. The more he encountered the active part of Plasma, the more his anger against them built. But when Hyu met the Shadow Triad a second time, that fury cracked and broke the instant one of the three sent out their Liepard. Or rather, not theirs. He could not believe it at first when they said she was the same Pokemon he’d searched for all this time; he denied it vehemently, but the truth remained anyways. She was in fact his sister’s Purrloin, and she glared at him. She hated him, wanted to hurt him. Something in his head went fuzzy seeing that, like it was some nightmare he could not wake up from. He’d always pictured a tearful reunion, maybe even a joyful one, not... this.

Hyu wasn’t much help after that, admittedly; Mei was the one who really stopped Plasma in the end, and honestly, it was her who’d done most of the work the whole time anyway. Looking down at the Pokeball that held his sister’s Liepard, Hyu felt a painful guilt-he’d dragged his best friend into his personal mess, and she’d gone and fixed everything herself. How could he say that was any different than five years ago, when he’d been helpless as Plasma tore someone important away from his sister? It didn’t feel different.

Funnily enough, it was actually the ex-Plasma members he went to first, after seeing Mei off at the League. They would maybe help him with the Liepard; no way could he let his sister near her yet, the deep scratches on his arms proved that. Hyu was willing to set his feelings aside if it meant the fulfillment of his promise, not just to his sister but to the kitten that had been tormented by Plasma all those years. Some of the old members might have felt responsible, because they were really eager to help the Liepard even as she scratched and hissed at them. This conviction didn’t vanish as the days passed, either. Maybe, he thought begrudgingly, they were more than just talk after all.

When the time finally came for his sister to see her lost Pokemon, Hyu could’ve swore the cat recognized her in an instant. The Liepard never did that with him-she’d become friendlier, yes, but not in the way it’d been between them in the past. His sister, though? It was as if the last five years never happened. Seeing her smile, seeing her hug her beloved Liepard, seeing the way the Pokemon still adored her-that made everything worth it. Hyu felt, for once, like he’d done something right and good.

Of course, it also meant the end of the thread that kept him moving forward all those years, and he soon found himself adrift-at a complete loss for what to do next. His goal was finished, Hyu had fulfilled his promise, so what was he then good for? He sometimes hung out with friends, including a new guy who was apparently Mei’s long lost twin-she seriously had a life straight out of a Pokestar Studios film-but for the most part, Hyu just... didn’t leave his house anymore. He hadn’t forgotten how pushy he’d been, always demanding Mei’s help. Well, now his big quest was over. He began to feel a sharp anxiety, as though somehow that fact meant his connection with Mei was over too. She had more friends now, a sibling of her own, she’d saved the entire region-what if she didn’t want him anymore? Hyu never had many friends other than her, even his newest ones were Mei’s, without her he had no one outside his family.

That thought, playing in his head, trapped him at home even further. If he was going to lose his friends inevitably, then why not spend time with the only other person who was a constant in his life. His sister seemed happy to spend more time with him, and that was what mattered. There was only one thing could ever call him away consistently. Sometimes, the ex-Plasma members in Driftveil wanted his help reuniting stolen Pokemon with the people they once lived with. After everything he and his sister endured, no way could Hyu say no to that.

The last time he ever did this, though, he really should have refused. It would have been better if he’d stayed away. Maybe if he had, things would’ve turned out differently, less horrific. Because while he was out of his home city, the strange sickness he’d only heard very little about spread through Unova like wildfire. And while he was away, his sister died.

Hyu knew this because he went back to Aspertia when things turned really bad. He found her there, in their house where the monstrous things that used to be Pokemon had broken in, and everything that once made sense in his world shattered for good. To say she died is not right, but- Hyu doesn’t want to think of a word like murder. The memory of that day became blurry, as if his mind was rejecting it, not allowing it to be real. He still doesn’t know if it was real. But it still haunts him, that single sight burned into his head forever.

In the end, like some fucked up joke from the universe, Hyu made it back to Driftveil where this entire nightmare had started for him. It was safe there, mostly, but the people? The people there didn’t want to act like anything was wrong. They pretended everything was okay and normal, ignoring the suffering and death; he hated them with every single piece of his being. Everything in his life had gone to hell and nobody wanted to acknowledge that, they wanted him to shut up and play along. Hyu could have screamed at them-sometimes, he did. For all the good it did him.

Finally, there was the evacuation ship, full of people so messed up and haunted that Hyu at first wondered if they were even real at all. On it was a familiar face-Nate, Mei’s twin brother, a friend, and whatever happened had left him just as broken inside as the rest of the passengers. Hyu didn’t need to be told to know. Fueled by a desire to not let someone else get screwed over by this awful place, he’s become very protective of Nate despite the short passage of time.

Appearance •Quilfish boi. Okay but for real, his hair’s not as wild as it used to be but it still definitely gets in his eyes sometimes
•clothes are a casual teenager look; think hoodie, jeans, sneakers, et cetera. lots of dark blues, greys, and whites bc that’s his thing
•Lanky teen, definitely going to get taller
•has no poker face; you’ll know what he’s feeling just by looking. Will probably glare at you
•has a defensive stance when around Nate, as though daring anyone to try and bother him
Religion Don’t care didn’t ask

•Angey mode; seriously, just read his in-game dialogue. When he gets mad, he gets MAD. Anger is the main emotion that drives him forward-it was what carried his crusade against Plasma, and continues now in the epidemic. Emotional dysregulation is his major symptom, mainly involving his feelings often being stuck at “100%”-unlike many borderline people, Hyu rarely experiences being in a state of chronic emptiness/numbness, but it does happen on occasion
-(Of course, should be noted it’s not only anger he experiences strongly, it’s all emotions)

•A very loyal friend through and through-while certainly not perfect (he is a mentally ill teenager), Hyu is kind and encouraging to the people he cares for, often showing a softer side that might not be expected of him. This goes for his Pokemon too; Hyu treats them with the utmost respect, care, and devotion. Wants the people he loves to be happy and prioritizes what he sees as their needs
-sometimes this means he doesn’t prioritize himself as much as he should, that or he’ll focus on one person to the detriment of everyone else

•Hyu acts pretty flippant towards adults, a tendency created from his encounters with Team Plasma and the many shitty people involved with them. Living in Driftveil as it is now isn’t helping; he’s learned to see most adults as either cruel, useless, or both. There are some exceptions from his journey with Mei, but even there he has become bitter; after all, none of them could stop the epidemic. Adults try to say a lot of ‘wise’ things, but to Hyu, it’s become all pointless nonsense
-He doesn’t like it when adults assume he can’t take care of himself; Hyu is more competent at keeping himself alive and his environment in order than many people older than him

•Has a lot of trouble acting like a “regular” kid, and is actually REALLY socially awkward as a result. Fitting in with people his age doesn’t come naturally, since he’s so used to the role of ~ mature older sibling ~. Because of this, Hyu has always shied away from having any sort of friend group. A part of him longs for more connection and to become the kind of kid he wasn’t able to be, but the ways things are now, Hyu considers that particular dream to be dead

•He has trauma involving abandonment; stemming from the death of his grandfather in his youth, Hyu becomes upset and resentful if he thinks someone close to him is going to leave him behind. His two modes when perceiving abandonment are either being overly clingy or acting cold, distant; sometimes they happen at the same time, contradictory as it may sound
-He dedicates himself to other people completely and his emotional attachments are powerful, so the pain of even imagined rejection is tenfold for him; this is why Hyu needs validation and reassurance often, though he doesn’t tend to outright ask for it

•Has gone through a lot of painful shit in his life without fully processing most of it-already fragile before the epidemic, things have only become worse for the boy. The environment he’s in isn’t helping, either. Unwilling to reach out, and surrounded by people who would rather pretend nothing bad is happening around them, Hyu has no way to truly cope with his grief and easily downward spirals as a result
-Blames himself for all that has ever gone wrong in his life, but is especially guilt-ridden over the death of his younger sister

•As of right now, he’s trying to be strong and act like the emotional support for his friend Nate, who has only recently reunited with him after something very horrible happened. Hyu doesn’t have the full details of what went down on that evacuation ship, but judging by the state of his friend and all the other people, it must’ve been beyond awful. Because of this, he has taken it upon himself to watch over Nate and defend him both from normal dangers and the fake-positive cruelty of the townspeople. This is normal for Hyu, as he used to care for his little sister and has a protective instinct for all his loved ones as a result

Affiliations AFFILIATE
User Notes •Has borderline personality disorder (shut up I’m not projecting)
•His English localized name is Hugh, but I chose to stick with the Korean version Hyu-i or just Hyu for short
•Sylveon sprite is from Smogon spriting project and made by Layell


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