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The OCEANSIDE Team (PLOT)  - Page 2 Empty Re: The OCEANSIDE Team (PLOT)

Post by Phoenix on Wed Jun 22, 2016 5:49 pm

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Cycling Road | Sunrise

Miranda felt even more in awe of her savior when she saw him pull out a pokeball, summoning a rather strong looking Gliscor and sending her off to check the area. Such a strong pokemon meant that Giovanni had not only been confidant enough, but knew he was strong enough to take on the men who assaulted her without the aid of his pokemon. The reason her Aegislash had been the only one helping her was because her other pokemon were far too weak to have challenged those deranged heathens. Mr. Giovanni was truly an impressive man.

"Since there's four structures, it would stand to reason that there's one more thug around here, yes? She'll let us know if anything decides to get sneaky." Miranda smiled at the older gentleman and nodded, once again resuming her visual examination of the campsite. Her companion seemed to be having a fairer time than she, producing a few amenities that could be useful later, though Miranda herself was turning up empty. "These could come in handy. Though I wouldn't touch those magazines if I were you, Miss LeClair."

"Of course, Mr. Giovanni." Miranda grimaced again and glanced back to the nasty pile, wishing with all her might that her gaze could set the offensive material aflame. She had only touched the jacket but even that had been questionable and so she began subconsciously rubbing her palms on her leggins as though it would help remove any taint. She didn't notice the Gliscor return until she heard Giovanni call for her rather abruptly and grab her shoulder. "Miss, it seems we need to depart."

His tone was worrisome, a mix of authority and grave seriousness that gave the young girl pause. She didn't move at first when he ushered her forward, afraid that maybe she had misjudged the man who had saved her, but when she saw the nervous tension in his pokemon Miranda realized that it must have spotted something nearby. "Unless you have a flying pokemon, I suggest you get on the Gliscor." She finally listened and swallowed the lump in her throat, struggling at first but finally getting on and remaining steady on the flying scorpion. Durandal reverted to a shield and mounted himself to her back and Giovanni quickly followed suit. Without even a word, just a simply gesture, they were off and soaring off to who knew where.

((Was given permission to post while the team is on hold to do my leaving post. Miranda will be switching to Lumiose to continue with Giovanni's plot. I'll be bringing someone else to Ocean eventually <3 ))

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