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    Post by Azelf Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:16 pm

    A Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope I find you well today.  Or, tonight, if time zones.

    Because I'm a scrub, I forgot to announce this yesterday: All teams are taking a snooze cruise until Sunday, December 27th.  This means there were no warnings yesterday on purpose, and there will be no warnings tonight either, nor tomorrow.  On Sunday things resume with three days to post for all teams, which means a monster of a warnings list that yours truly will put together for you so everyone knows whose turn it is on every team.

    Other regular services like Goldenrod City's collection of site needs and the Safehouse are available but on a "when we get to them" basis.

    People in the Safehouse, you are expected to come out on the 27th unless your deadline is for afterwards.

    I'll add more to this if I think of anything; I'm sort of on mobile right now at my aunt's house, heheheh.  ^^;

    Once again, a Merry Christmas to our Christmas celebrators, and a very happy Friday to you if you don't.  It's been a pleasure being your admin.  Here's to many more years together.

    Yours truly,

    Admin Azelf


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