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Beval the Pidove ((Inactive))


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Beval the Pidove ((Inactive)) Empty Beval the Pidove ((Inactive))

Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:29 pm

Beval the Pidove ((Inactive)) AIZ8hao

Beval (-like the wind)
Item None
Gender Male
Age Pre-teen
Species #519/Pidove/Tiny Pigeon Pokemon
Height 1’00”
Weight 4.3lbs
Pokédex Entry Each follows its Trainer's orders as best it can, but they sometimes fail to understand complicated commands.
Level 18
Ability Super Luck
Nature Quirky
Characteristic Somewhat of a Clown
Moves - Gust
- Quick Attack
- Air Cutter
- Roost
History Beval has always been wild, and likes it that way. He was hatched to two perfectly average parents in a flock of Pidove that nested in Castelia Town. Everything in his life has been average, or in other words, boring. He always wanted excitement, adventure, but he was always denied the opportunity. So he became the flock clown. He was always cracking jokes, playing pranks, and pulling crazy stunts to get everyone smiling and laughing. More often than not, he went too far and wound up ticking off a lot of the elder Pidove. But that was fine by him, because he thought they needed to lighten up anyway.

Whenever one of their members evolved, they were cast out on their own for going against the flock. Beval thought about how wonderful that must be, to be out on your own, free to do whatever you wanted and go wherever you pleased. To him, it wasn’t a punishment, it was freedom. He decided to try his own hand at it, and snuck off several times a day to challenge other wild Pokemon, and sometimes trainer Pokemon, to get stronger. He was so close to evolving, and no one ever even noticed.

When the infection came, he was out looking for a fight. The one Pokemon that did try to challenge him was a crazy looking Sawk. While Beval knew about type advantage, by sheer dumb luck one day figuring it out, he wasn’t willing to take him on. Something seemed off about it and Beval wasn’t in the mood to find what. By the time he got back to his flock’s roost, everyone was gone. There were feathers everywhere, and even some blood, but for some reason he never thought that anyone was dead. He thought that they figured him out and ditched him. He thought he was free.

Relishing in his new ‘freedom’ he took to the skies, picking a direction and just going. Flying for days over open ocean and barely any specks of land to rest he grew tired. He couldn’t understand how other Flying-types did this all the time. By comparison, Pidove where actually quite lazy. He wound up all the way in Orre before finally settling down to land. It was nothing like Unova, this land was harsh and desolate. And Beval couldn’t wait to see what it would have in store for him.
Appearance -Beval is a perfectly average, if slightly underweight, Pidove.
-The only notable thing about his appearance is that he always seems to be smiling, even when he is sad.
Personality -Quirky barely begins to describe this little bird’s personality. He tends to be a goofball to try and lighten any dark moods.
-He loves to see others with a smile on their face so he constantly keeps one on his.
-He always likes to try and help other Pokemon, regardless of species, because he grew up in the city, where Pokemon of all types intermingle.

User Notes -can be somewhat of a klutz.
-often tries too hard to cheer people up, even when they don’t want it
-is completely oblivious that his entire family is dead, he just thinks they flew off without him
-isn’t even in fact fully aware of the infection

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