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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Gym Leader Candice and Lucas the Aiveon [Snowpoint|Elite]


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Gym Leader Candice and Lucas the Aiveon [Snowpoint|Elite] Empty Gym Leader Candice and Lucas the Aiveon [Snowpoint|Elite]

Post by Abysswalker on Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:11 pm

Gym Leader Candice and Lucas the Aiveon [Snowpoint|Elite] ADVUURz
[Thanks, Cinder!]

Gym Leader Candice and Lucas the Aiveon [Snowpoint|Elite] Diamond_Pearl_Candice
(Temporary image)

Candice Stark
Text Color #f8f8ff
Theme(s) An End, Once and For All [Mass Effect 3 OST]
Item Large backpack (down-insulated sleeping bag, emergency rations, waterproof matches, dark glasses, several lighters, flashlight, change of clothes, first aid supplies, universal communicator, a single Icicle badge)
Weapons Ice pick, survival knife, her Pokemon
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She/her
Birthdate 2/19/85
Age 30
Species Human
Weight 138 lbs
Height 6'
Region of origin Sinnoh
Occupation Former Snowpoint Gym Leader, Ice specialist trainer
Party Lost her Snover and her Mamoswine
Pkm 1
Gym Leader Candice and Lucas the Aiveon [Snowpoint|Elite] 478
Name/Gender: Valhalla [F]
Text colour: #cc1100
Species: Froslass
Level: 68
Ability: Snow Cloak
Attack list:
-Blizzard (Lvl. Up)
-Ominous Wind (Lvl. Up)
-Confuse Ray (Lvl. Up)
-Thunderbolt (TM)
Pkm 2
Gym Leader Candice and Lucas the Aiveon [Snowpoint|Elite] 460
Name/Gender: Yeti [M]
Text colour: #4f2f4f
Species: Abomasnow
Level: 66
Ability: Snow Warning
Attack list:
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Grasswhistle (Lvl. Up, pre-evo)
-Wood Hammer (Lvl. Up, pre-evo)
-Earthquake (TM)
Pkm 3
Gym Leader Candice and Lucas the Aiveon [Snowpoint|Elite] 461
Name/Gender: Ma [F]
Text colour: #2c5197
Species: Weavile
Level: 64
Ability: Pressure
Attack list:
-Ice Punch (Tutor)
-Faint Attack (Lvl. Up, pre-evo)
-Low Sweep (TM)
-Taunt (TM)
Pkm 4
Gym Leader Candice and Lucas the Aiveon [Snowpoint|Elite] 471
Name/Gender: Borealis [M]
Text colour: #b2d0b4
Species: Glaceon
Level: 65
Ability: Snow Cloak
Attack list:
-Blizzard (Lvl. Up)
-Shadow Ball (TM)
-Water Pulse (Tutor)
-Mirror Coat (Lvl. Up)
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "Snowpoint is mine."
Born and raised in Snowpoint City, Candice had a fairly normal childhood, often spending her days exploring the areas outside Lake Acuity and sometimes beyond. She knew her home like the back of her hand, and one day she found a tiny Snorunt shivering next to a tree, obviously lost and scared. Feeling sympathy for the Pokemon, Candice took it home to let it have shelter for the night-only the Snorunt did not want to leave, and followed her wherever she went. Finally, Candice relented, and it became her first Pokemon; adopting the Snorunt was her first inspiration to become a trainer of Ice-types.

Training in the weather of Snowpoint made Candice and her Pokemon tough, and trainers that traveled through often commented on her impressive strength and potential, even though she was still young. But something about her city bothered Candice. Their then-Gym Leader was a Fire-type specialist; shouldn't it be ice? They were Snowpoint, after all...using fire just didn't seem right, and their Gym Leader always looked absolutely miserable when they were out in the cold. Candice was determined to prove her worth as a trainer and win the title; being a Gym Leader was one of the highest honors around.

Pouring all of her focus and willpower into training both herself and her Pokemon, Candice worked until she was certain she could take on the Gym Leader despite the type disadvantage she had. Brimming with confidence, she began her challenge; despite all her effort, Candice was handily beaten, and her hopes were thoroughly crushed. They hadn't even stood a chance, despite all of their focus, training, and hard work...the defeat made her contemplate giving up altogether. It was only through her Pokemon's help that she slowly rebuilt her determination, their encouragement and support pushing Candice to begin working towards their goal again. The training picked up once more, fiercer this time, though she made sure never to treat her Pokemon cruelly.

The Gym Leader eventually announced their imminent retirement, and the process to picking the new one. Candice did not miss this chance, and signed up as soon as she could with renewed confidence. This time, she was not so easily beaten; though it was a close call, and she came close to losing the challenge several times, Candice beat the competition and the Leader alike, with her Froslass and Mamoswine making for a deadly combo even with a disadvantage, proving the strength and skill of both her and her Pokemon. After so long, Candice could finally call herself the Gym Leader of her beloved city, and she was ready for the responsibility.

Candice went to work renovating her Gym to suit her Ice-type Pokemon and dealing with other responsibilities of a brand-new Gym Leader. She took some time to travel to other Sinnoh Gyms, introducing herself to their Leaders, and of course she knew the Elite Four and Champion, having needed their approval. Then Candice went to maintaining and caring for her city. Snowpoint was her beloved home, but in her years as a Gym Leader, it became even more important to her. It was her city, and its people her people as well. Nowhere else she had gone to felt more like an actual home.

Candice had many challengers over the years, though few were as interesting as the three kids who would later become probably the most important people in Sinnoh, even if not everyone knew it. Life as a Gym Leader was tiring, but never not fulfilling, and Candice was dedicated to her job. But the true test of her ability to lead and protect would come when the epidemic hit Sinnoh.

It did not reach Snowpoint quite as fast as the warmer regions of Sinnoh, which was the only reason Candice was even slightly prepared-she had time for news to reach them. Gathering as many people as she could, Candice fought her way through the deranged, infected Pokemon that attacked them, losing her beloved Mamoswine and her precious Snover in the process; they did not die in vain, but the loss tore at Candice's heart. Yet she had to keep going, through the pain. Her city was lost, but she could keep these people alive; she had to.

The weaker ones quickly caught frostbite and hypothermia, passing away in their sleep or simply collapsing along the way. Many others left the group to fend for themselves. The survivors grew angry, and blamed each other, blamed Arceus, and blamed Candice for being unable to defend their city. More died to illness, undead, starvation...or simply left, until Candice had nobody but her Pokemon with her.

Realising how terribly she had failed, and the bitterness of isolation, Candice went into the wilderness completely. All she needed were her Pokemon, her ever-loyal companions; in the passing years, she became callous and even more bitter, never wanting to be around other people again. But images of Snowpoint City taunted her; she could remember every detail of her home and it gnawed at Candice endlessly, both in waking hours and her dreams. Finally, she could take it no more; Candice needed to return. She needed her city back, even if she died in the process.
Accent Undecided
Appearance Candice has kept her old clothing made for travel through colder regions, most of which is made of wool or synthetic materials; all of this is what she has worn with her return to Snowpoint. She wears layers specifically for insulation and protecting against wind and snow. Her go-to is a parka, insulated boots, a face mask (which is often paired with a scarf), woolen mittens, and snow pants; most of these are in her signature colors, white and blue.

Candice is fairly tall at exactly six feet, and though she has a smaller frame, she is still physically strong and is constantly training herself to keep up that strength. Candice is actually healthy, despite the circumstances. Her black hair is kept in her signature braids, though that is rarely seen when she is wearing her winter clothes. Her face and eyes (which are brown) rarely give away the full extent of her emotions.
Religion Believes in a higher power, but not a specific one.
Candice has been drastically changed from the warm, friendly, and fun-loving person she used to be. Believing it to be the only way she and her Pokemon can survive, Candice has become cold and detached from the rest of the world, caring little for any people that might remain. Though never outright hostile or rude, Candice is not very approachable and prefers to keep to herself, and is especially adverse to affection or close friendships with anyone outside of her current team. Though a sliver of her old self still remains, she has become practiced at repressing it, and dismisses the notion that she might have changed for the worse.

Candice has plenty of internalised guilt over losing her city, two of her Pokemon, and the people who lived in Snowpoint when the epidemic began. She sees herself as a failure and someone who was never worthy of the title "Gym Leader"-despite this, Candice is still sentimental towards her old job, and carries an Icicle Badge with her, though this is less out of respect for her earning the post and more out of missing the battles she had with other trainers. Along with these feelings, Candice is incredibly critical of who she was before the epidemic, and views herself as having been "weak", "softhearted", and "useless".

Traits that have not changed are her willpower and stubborn streak. Candice still firmly believes one must have focus, and never give up, if they want to keep surviving in the world's current state. She constantly trains both herself and her Pokemon in order to keep disciplined and prepared for anything, firmly believing that one must be ready for all possibilities, good or bad. Unfortunately, she does not mix very well with more authoritative types unless she knows for a fact they are actually competent and can lead others. Though very adamant in achieving her personal goals, Candice would not risk the safety of her Pokemon or allies by placing those goals before the good of the group.

Candice is not one to forgive and forget easily; she's good at holding a grudge for a long time, even if she doesn't even realise that the feelings of resentment still linger. People who get on her bad side are hard-pressed to overcome that grudge, though it is not entirely impossible, but those who do are usually shown more trust than anyone else. Though she has trouble letting go of past wrongs, Candice also rarely forgets what other people have done to help her, including those she knew from before the epidemic.

  • Having lived there her entire life, Candice is very proud of what Snowpoint was before, and hopes to one day see her city with life again.
  • Affiliations Cynthia: Being the champion of Sinnoh, Candice had to know her, seeing as Cynthia was basically her boss.
    Aaron: They were on good terms before the epidemic, though Candice never really stopped seeing him as a friend even after all that happened.
    Platinum: This girl put her own abilities to shame, but Candice was never mad about it. Unfortunately, nowadays she doesn't bother to remember her.
    Pearl: What a cute kid; too bad he just had to have the Fire starter. Same situation as Platinum; Candice has not thought about him.
    Lucas: He may have been the shy one, but his Pokemon were beyond annoying in a fight. Same situation as Platinum and Pearl.
    User Notes
  • Her last name is a joke, taken from House Stark (I am ASOIAF trash)
  • Since we have so little backstory on both her and Snowpoint City, I had to improvise in a lot of places, but I tried to keep it rather simple.
  • Often speaks in third person.

  • Gym Leader Candice and Lucas the Aiveon [Snowpoint|Elite] AiveonEJ
    (Temp. Image)

    Theme Through the Ghost [Shinedown]
    Profession None
    Text Color #fc88e1
    Item None
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He/him
    Age Young Adult
    Species #???: Aiveon, the Nebula Pokemon
    Height 2'8"
    Weight 59.6 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Its bones are hollow enough to permit flight. If it has passengers, they are typically small children, since it can't support heavier people.
    Level 18
    Ability Cloud Nine
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves -Protect (TM)
    -Helping Hand (Start, as Eevee)
    -Synchronoise (Egg Move)
    -Acrobatics (Lvl. Up)
    Quote "...I guess I should have gone with Claus..."
    The younger of twin Eevees, Lucas was always a shy child, much quieter and less enthusiastic than his brother Claus. Though he enjoyed the company of his twin, Lucas never liked the near-constant observance of the humans that raised them nor did he really want to be around the other Pokemon. No matter how much the humans tried to encourage him to be more outgoing, Lucas did not lose his shyness and practically clung to Claus' side, all while avoiding the attempted approaches of other Pokemon their age. He could easily see the favoritism shown to his brother but Lucas never cared; life without special attention was exactly what he wanted. He didn't really have any passions, and sometimes would simply lie down in one place and dwell in his thoughts, unwilling to stand back up.

    Growing up, Lucas continued to be standoffish, and the humans were at a loss as to what they were going to do with their non-social Eevee. They could tell how sensitive and kind he was by his interactions with Claus, but Lucas simply refused to interact with anyone else but his brother. It was a persisting behavior; even as Claus began to find his passion for battling, and dragged his twin along with him, Lucas preferred to just stand off to the side, the Eevee too afraid of being hurt to join in the practice fights. He acted as the balance to Claus' impulsive, energetic nature, though Lucas never could stop his brother from doing some very rash-and stupid-things.

    The pinnacle of such behavior came when Claus decided that grabbing onto some bird Pokemon and joining in a "sky battle" was a good idea. Lucas wasn't going to let him do that-he wasn't a Flying-type, he was going to fall and break his neck or something. But of course his brother wouldn't listen, and Lucas wasn't even strong enough to hold him back. So he had to watch Claus' sky battle, while both stressed over his brother's wellbeing and frustrated at his rash decision. Well, Claus did end up falling like Lucas feared he would-but him actually evolving into some sort of Eeveelution Lucas had never seen or heard of before was a lot less expected. When Claus landed safely on the ground, Lucas could only stare at him in disbelief. He had wings, and feathers, features belonging to none of the Eeveelution types Lucas had learned about. He was completely stunned, while Claus just bounced around in excitement.

    Apparently having one Flying-type Eeveelution wasn't enough for the humans. Only a few days after Claus evolved, that took Lucas away from his brother and kept the latter inside all the time. The people tried to get Lucas to evolve by trying out what Claus did-battling in the sky. Lucas was absolutely petrified of going up into the air, and especially did not want to fight anyone-he'd never developed any sort of fondness for Pokemon battles. At first, the humans were encouraging, but soon grew impatient of the Eevee's fear. Against his will, he was taken into the sky by one of their Flying-types, and Lucas was terrified. In his fear-induced panic, he began to lash out with all of his strength against the one carrying him.

    Just like Claus, being in the air and "fighting" another Pokemon caused Lucas to evolve-but it was not a happy occasion. He didn't want to evolve like that, with his choice taken away and the evolution itself triggered through blind terror and a panicked reaction. When the humans returned him to Claus, Lucas became more withdrawn than he'd ever been before, sinking into his increasingly painful thoughts. The humans that had raised him and Claus had so easily turned against him without any sort of hesitation.

    Lucas' already scarce social interactions became nonexistent, as he refused to leave their room; Claus became his crutch, and the only one he could truly trust. His twin kept the humans away, and when one just didn't get the hint, Lucas saw Claus react by lashing out against them. Lucas didn't know how severe the wound was, but it didn't matter; they were kicked out of their home in no time. Though he was overwhelmed at simply being pushed into the world like that, Lucas also felt a sort of relief at being free of the humans he distrusted. He could tell how upset Claus was, however, and did his best to reassure his twin. It was for the best, he said.

    And maybe it was. They found different humans in a town, ones that were generous and knew how to give Lucas space. He and Claus could go anywhere they wanted, and so they did. Going to all the different places, seeing the various Pokemon, Lucas felt the best he had in years. Though it took time, he began to edge out of his previous shell, finally finding comfort and happiness in the places they traveled to. The brothers were both happy and carefree. The only downside of this freedom came in the form of a girl named Rosen, who was much too infatuated with Lucas-following him around, refusing to leave him alone, insisting that they were soulmates...it took forever, but the brothers eventually ending up escaping her. Or, at least, Lucas hoped they had.

    Lucas was at his best, for a time. But with the epidemic came the end of their carefree travels and joy. He witnessed the dead rise again, saw them tear apart living Pokemon, saw survivors killing each other over suspicions that one was infected-death, violence, the stench of blood and rot, that was the world. Forced to become numb to it all, Lucas found himself over time becoming bolder, finding a strength in himself he never knew was there before. Maybe it was only because the epidemic required him not to be weak, but Lucas didn't care.

    As the months went by, Lucas was forced to watch Claus' once cheerful and energetic personality slowly deteriorate. Nothing he said to his twin seemed to get through to him, and Lucas could tell how little attention Claus was giving to his own health. Increasingly anxious over his brother's wellbeing Lucas did anything and everything to try and help him, but there was no change.

    Eventually supplies became so scarce the brothers were facing the very real threat of starvation-and when Claus found a place, an old department store where food might be found, he was determined to search it. Lucas, however, could tell there were other Pokemon living in that store, and what if they were hostile? His protests were not heeded by Claus, who told Lucas to stay behind while he searched. At first, Lucas listened to that, but then he heard the sounds of a fight on the upper floors. Panicking over his brother's safety, Lucas flew up to where his brother had entered the building only to find him being mercilessly attacked by a group of feral-looking Pokemon.

    Without hesitating, Lucas threw himself into the fray, but he'd never been much of a fighter and couldn't stop them from hurting Claus even further. He was stopped only by the sound of shattering glass and the crazed yell from one of the hostile Pokemon-immediately realizing what had happened, Lucas managed to get away and fly out of the broken window and to where his brother had fallen, the street below the store.

    Claus wasn't breathing. His heart was stopped, no signs of life. Lucas could barely process the thought that his brother was dead. Gone. He didn't want to believe it, but...here he was, broken, lifeless. Lucas couldn't bear to see him like that, and he didn't want to just leave his brother to rot in some ruined human city. But the feral Pokemon had followed him and Lucas had no choice but to flee or die alongside Claus. And so the Aiveon left his broken twin behind, to face the plague-ridden world alone.
    Bulbapedia None.
    Appearance Lucas is tiny, standing exactly a foot shorter than the average Aiveon, which is the result of him evolving at a young age. He has average coloration. The epidemic has not been kind towards his health, and it shows in his scrawny frame and weary expression. Though he has not escaped injury over the years, Lucas has luckily avoided any significant physical trauma or major scarring. He still is not that good at flying, but this is more because of psychological issues than anything involving his physical health.
    Accent Undecided
    Religion Sinnoh legends
    Motivation At the moment, all he wants to do is survive.
    This once quiet and shy Aiveon has been drastically changed by his experiences during the epidemic. Lucas is resilient and has a sort of silent strength; though he may not be physically powerful, he can endure emotional turmoil and loss. Lucas is sensitive to the emotions and troubles of others, and will always make time for those he cares for, to make sure they are doing okay. He takes care of his physical health but will not talk much about his emotional or mental issues, and will insist he is "fine" even when he desperately needs someone's help.

    Despite his experiences in the epidemic, Lucas is still young, and not yet completely jaded. He is too trusting, believing the best of people even when they've proved themselves unworthy or dangerous, and insisting that there is something good about them. Often, Lucas will allow himself to be hurt and a target for manipulation in the process of trying to prove that those considered threats are being unfairly treated and judged. Lucas becomes so involved that any harm or punishment inflicted upon the Pokemon he is defending is devastating to the Aiveon, as if somehow he has failed them.

    While not entirely pacifistic, Lucas dislikes fighting, especially when it is unnecessary. He believes that conflicts between living Pokemon can be solved without having to resort to violence and will not allow his voice to go unheard on such matters. Lucas understands that undead Pokemon are a danger, but regardless, he doesn't enjoy hurting or killing them. Being around Pokemon that are a little too enthusiastic about hurting others tends to make him anxious, though he won't simply stand aside and let them inflict harm freely.

    Suffering from chronic depression, Lucas often has times where he becomes completely withdrawn and unwilling to speak with anyone, and just becomes completely disinterested with almost everything and everyone. Since Claus' death, Lucas' major times of depression have only become more frequent, though their "duration" is always erratic and unable to be predicted. Having dealt with depression for most of his life, Lucas sees it as a fundamental part of himself and can feel uncomfortable around those who are overly happy, as he is still unused to being around anybody but Claus, who lost his energetic personality with the epidemic.

    Lucas suffers from survivor's guilt, blaming himself for the death of his twin brother, and this carries over onto other things as well. Should things go wrong or if somebody gets hurt, he will believe it was because of some failure on his part, and will endlessly dwell on what he could have done to avoid it. Though he won't hesitate to take action if necessary, Lucas will endlessly think on the consequences afterwards, and unless the situation is completely clear-cut will find fault with nobody but himself.

    Though he no longer avoids other Pokemon, Lucas is still unadapted to most social situations and, having gone a month with nobody but himself to speak to, is very careful with his words and anxious about misunderstanding others, or being misunderstood himself.

    On a final note, he has mixed feelings towards humans and a dislike of flying, both stemming from his experience evolving. Lucas has had different experiences with both, but the root problem has prevented him from trusting humans completely or acquiring a love of flying.
    User Notes
  • Based off of Lucas from Mother 3
  • Sylveon father, Synchronoise was chain-bred from a Munna grandfather
  • Team notes Permanent, non-floater
    Same team as Ricxs' Rosen
    Later dualed with his brother.
    Affiliations Twin brother of Claus. Has convinced himself his brother is actually gone, and not one of the undead.
    Obsession of Ricxs' Rosen (the feeling isn't mutual.)
    Development Notes It's a surprise.

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