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Winter the Heracross


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Winter the Heracross Empty Winter the Heracross

Post by Blanche Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:17 pm

Winter the Heracross RxnlU63

Item None
Gender Female
Age Adult
Species #214, The Single Horn Pokemon
Height 4'11"
Weight 115 lbs.
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Omega Ruby: Heracross charges in a straight line at its foe, slips beneath the foe's grasp, and then scoops up and hurls the opponent with its mighty horn. This Pokémon even has enough power to topple a massive tree.
Level 45
Ability Guts raises the Attack stat by 50% while affected by the burn, paralysis, poison, or sleep status conditions. The Attack drop from burn does not occur.
Nature Rash - Raises Special Attack/Lowers Special Defense
Characteristic Likes to fight
Moves - Brick Break (Level)
- Megahorn (Level)
- Close Combat (Level)
- Counter (Level)
History Born in Ilex Forest, Winter set off on her journe around the region at a young age, as is tradition for the Heracross of Ilex Forest; that said, most Heracross depart at eighteen. Winter, being the eager youth she was, ran off five years early, at the young age of thirteen. Visiting every last bit of Johto, the adolescent Heracross learned the way the world works as she took her region-round tour. Four years later, after she had finished seeing everything her home region had to offer, she crossed the border to the east, entering Kanto. It was not long before she reached Saffron City, in Kanto, where she met her Teacher. A former pro boxer, her Teacher was a Hitmonchan by the name of Brutus. Due to complications surrounding her physicality, Winter has never been a particularly good fighter with her horn. Thanks to her Teacher’s tutelage, she learned his Way of the Fist, succeeding him as the strongest boxer in Kanto! After a year in the ring, the Heracross fought in the Kanto Championship Match. Her joy upon winning the region's title, was, sadly, short-lived; her Teacher passed away from an incurable disease that had ailed him since the two Fighting-types first met.
Winter has always had a small number of things on her mind at one time. First and foremost on her list has always been the pursuit of true strength! After the person who has influenced her most in life, her Teacher, died, two months before the epidemic began, Winter has been seeking a new teacher, another 'mon to help guide her along the path to true strength. A month after her Teacher's death, the Heracross found herself in Hoenn. Beginning her round trip - or so she expected - around the region in the port city of Slateport, the Heracross traveled north. It was only a month into her journey around the warm region that the epidemic broke out, changing the Heracross' life forever.
For the four years the epidemic has lasted, Winter has spent them in a more unique way than most other 'mon. In a desperate struggle to retain her innocence in a world full of death and sadness, Winter has traveled the Hoenn region completely alone, avoiding fighting whenever possible. Were it not for her intense training sessions and the occasional dispatching of bandits that had the misfortune of trying to prey upon her, her power would have dulled. In her attempts to retain her cheery demeanor that even she realizes would disappear if she faced the state of the world around her, Winter has turned a blind eye to any death or sadness. While she's witnessed imminent death, she has never seen the moment when life left a fellow Pokemon's eyes. Only now, four years after the outbreak, would Winter's story truly begin.
Appearance Winter is an average Heracross
Personality She's a super energetic, happy Heracross! Don't be surprised when she goes from 'Let's-fight!' mode to 'Let's be friends!' mode in the span of a few minutes. That's right, friends! The only thing Winter likes more than making new friends and being her happy, cheery self... is fighting! Nothing gets her all worked up like a good fight!
User Notes Art by Happy Lunatic
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