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    Acht the Aerodactyl [Sky, Ace]


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    Acht the Aerodactyl [Sky, Ace] Empty Acht the Aerodactyl [Sky, Ace]

    Post by Min Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:44 pm

    Item None
    Gender Cis Female [she/her]
    Age Adult
    Species #142 Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokemon
    Height 5'11" || 1.8m
    Weight 130.1lbs || 59.0kg
    Pokédex Entry A Pokemon that roamed the skies in the dinosaur era. Its teeth are like saw blades.
    Level 75 [via rp]
    Ability Pressure
    Nature Hasty
    Characteristic A little quick tempered
    Moves Earthquake [tm]
    Fire Blast [tm]
    Rock Slide [lvl]
    Fly [hm]
    History Acht was revived by a German scientist on Cinnabar island, he had conducted many attempts to revive fossils and out of all of them, Acht, his eighth attempt, was the only one that had been successfully revived without any known side effects. Afterwards, the scientist had become her 'father'. She was taken to many meetings and labs, presented and often tested vaccines and dangerous drugs on.

    Acht loved the scientist who took care of her. He was overly strict and harsh, but he took care of her, and that meant everything for her. He oversaw her growth, her health, and happiness. The only thing she didn't like about him was how he wanted her to be perfect. He always had the highest expectations of her, and she always struggled to fulfill them. She was tested on day after day, given a task every hour to be completed in five minutes, and when she failed, he would abuse her. But she didn't care, 'father' had revived her and took care of her, fed her, surely he loved her... Right?

    Her thoughts turned out wrong. After a year of vaccine and drug testing, she became very sickly. She coughed and vomited, gagged and cried. Her 'father' decided she was no use anymore, and threw her out in a deserted forest to die. But she didn't. On her third day of starvation an old poet had come by and found her, and lovingly took her home, to care and look after her.

    At first, she hated this man. He played instruments half the day, then recited poets the next. He was the first normal human she had ever seen and she didn't like it. But as months passed by, she slowly grew to love him too, he cared for her, and didn't have impossible expectations like her former caretaker had. She slowly began to learn the human language then, shakily reciting the poems with him, and plucking the strings of the old Kayagum instrument he had together.

    But all good things come to an end. The poet was old and withered. He was nothing more than skin and bones. Acht knew that soon he would die. Every night she begged and pleaded to Arceus to not let the old Poet die, but he did. No one could escape the hands of death. The poet, lying on his bed, said his final wish to Acht, with his last breath. "Acht, my dear Pokemon. I want you to take my Kayagum and poems, keep them safe. And I want you to be happy- don't cry, I will always watch over you." And Acht did what she was told. Shaken by her owner's death, she cried and cried, flying to new ares and region, holding the Kayagum with her claws with the poems inside.


    Post-Fortree events Acht ended up roaming on her lonesome across Hoenn, having decided that she needed to get stronger and more independant to hold her own. She trained against numerous hordes and passerby undead, honing her skills and finesse in battle. She has begun to restrengthen her wings, and although she still cannot achieve flight she can glide/flutter short distances and her arms are now strong enough to let her climb quickly. Satisfied with her progress she has devoted herself to continuous training and to purge any infected she finds.
    Appearance Your average Aerodactyl, if not skinnier. She has a few dark band on her tail and a similarly coloured tail tip. The edges of her wings are tattered and burnt. Her face is littered with old scars that never healed quite right.
    Personality Although still very timid and shy, Acht has strengthened considerably in her resolve and is much more commited to her actions than she was before. She takes great pride in her progress in both physical and emotional aspects of her character. Despite her new hardened nature she is still anxious when confronted by new things, and is still very easily confused.

    Acht doesn't tolerate as much bullshit as she used to, but does enjoy the occasional shenanigan and casual jokes. She's still phobic of fire--something caused by her past run in with a certain Beedrill--and is reluctant to use her Fire Blast. She tries her best to be strategic in combat.
    User Notes
    • christ she's an old character
    • Original Profile
    • Last Post, Fortree #56
    • No significant changes were made save for a slight level raise, new move, an addition to history, personality, and appearance.
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    Acht the Aerodactyl [Sky, Ace] Empty Re: Acht the Aerodactyl [Sky, Ace]

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