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    Site News (Dec 8 2014)


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    Site News (Dec 8 2014) Empty Site News (Dec 8 2014)

    Post by Mew Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:11 pm

    Ah gods, where to start on this one. In the last Site news, I had posted that I am now the Head Admin of Epidemic. Christ, had no idea all that went into it. Not sure if it was always this hectic, or if I'm just a masochist who likes looking for work. Anyway, here's some features we're working on adding to Epidemic:

    • DeviantArt integration: Not quite sure how I'm going to manage it yet, but after speaking with Keldeo, we both agreed that trying to get more dA Traffic would really help boost the amount of new members we have. DeviantArt used to be our main source of traffic, and that's really slowed over the past year. More news to come on this as we decide our course of action
    • DarkFall: After some discussion, Darkfall may end up going on an indefinite hiatus. Many of you saw the Guildmaster, Silas, enter the Plot Team of Pallet. This was on urging from Suicune to assist in pushing DF out. However... None of the other admins here on EJ, myself included, have much idea on how DarkFall is supposed to be ran. It was very much Suicune's brainchild, and we were all just along for the ride. As above, expect more updates on this as a plan of action is decided.
    • Elite Changes: We've given it some thought, and the Rank of Elite now has access to a formerly inaccesable area of the forums, The Basket, a sub-forum containing all the "deleted" threads of Epidemic. They are also granted moderator access to the sub-forum, meaning they can move thread out of it, perfect for old Characters and plot ideas.
    • Job Reassignment: Zapdos has taken over the job of Ranking Admin, and now manages all promotions, be it from Rookie to Ace, or from Member to Legend. They are also moving back to their previous job of Warnings Manager.
    • Admin Questions Panel: [url=https://www.epidemicjohto.com/t5892-admin-open-questions-panel]The admin question panel is still open! If you have any questions for us admins at all, feel free to ask. This can be anything from EJ plot, to plans for the future, to personal information regarding us. The only off limits questions are those concerning identities of staff!

    I think that about covers it for this week. Have another one next week for y'all. Thanks for reading!


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