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    The MEETING Team!


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    The MEETING Team! Empty The MEETING Team!

    Post by Zapdos Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:17 pm

    After some thought, the admins have agreed to initiate a special team devoted purely to plot, the MEETING Team.

    This team is open exclusively to floaters, plot devices, and Legends. It's sole purpose is to convey information, something our Messengers in the past have had issues with this.
    But due to this, the team will often remain empty between meetings, and as such will be placed on hold during that time.

    Because this team is purely for plot, there will always be a Legend, Harbinger, Rebel, or human present. Other members are welcome to request joining in a meeting, but it is strictly on a maybe basis. Not every meeting will be open to bystanders. On top of that, because this is for plot, no warnings are allowed for normal members participating. If you are helping with plot, we expect you to keep up with the team, as it is high demand. Once a normal user gets one warning, they will be warned. If they receive a second warning, they will be removed from the team for that meeting.

    The site plot going on in the Meeting team will not always be public, and thus the next round of floaters will be a mystery to members.

    But, here's the fun part, anyone wanting to have their floater character(s) join in a Meeting, feel free to post here. Include both your character's profile, an idea of personality, and how they would incorporate into plot (i.e. inconveniencing/helping a Harbinger, attacking/aiding a human, arguing/praying with Legends, et cetra) and those who are in line to use the Meeting team will be able to see and take their pick. If they wish to use your character, or have them present, they will notify you and let you know. This, however, will not mean that you get an inside look to site plot when chosen to join a meeting with your own characters. You will learn what the plot itself is at the same time the rest of the site does, from the events within role play.

    As it is, I hope this adds some excitement to having normal characters part of plot! If anyone has questions or concerns, post below. Have a good evening/morning/afternoon.
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