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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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New Staff Rank Empty New Staff Rank

Post by Mew Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:37 pm

There comes a point in the life of any employee when they've reached the cap for progression. Many see this limit, and allow it to BE a limit, stopping their growth as individuals. However... some decide to see this limit, and break past it, going above and beyond the call of what is needed, or even of what's expected. And thus, it is with great pride that I would like to announce that three of our staff, VICTINI, UXIE, and AZELF have been promoted, and have had a new rank assigned to them. They are now in the rank of VETERAN MODERATORS, and can be considered the interim step between moderators and admins.


Victini is one of the oldest mods on the site, older than several of our admins. In their time here, they have done almost every duty on the site. From their records in in the mod section, they are fully trained and qualified in the following: Profile Moderation, Safehouse, Adoptions, Inactivity, OoC Cleanup, General Cleanup. Furthermore, I recently trained them in PROFILE APPROVAL, a job normally reserved for admins. They are also being trained in handing out badges in the EJ league, Reservations, and Team Switching, brining them up to 100% qualification for jobs on Epidemic. They are currently employeed as my assistant in the PC, moving profiles and updating team sheets once a profile is approved.


We actually took a risk, when promoting Uxie. It was almost entirely on recommendation from Zapdos. However, Uxie has consistantly gone above and beyond the call of what is expected from someone on staff. A prime example that sticks in my mind is when they went through all 53 (at the time) pages of the EJ league to find the badges of a returning member. From the training records, they are fully trained in Warnings, PC, Safehouse, Inactivity, and OoC cleanup. They are in training for the EJ League, and are one of the few mods willing to learn how to update the hall of fame. They are currently employeed as the Safehouse Mod.


Azelf was another mod that was somewhat unexpected, as a hire. They, as a user, tended to be rather quiet, and hung to the background of the site rather than grabbing the attention. However, I can say that they are, without a doubt, one of the best staff members we have on Epidemic. They have, without fail, managed to upload the daily warnings, no matter what may be going on in their life. They have done so, consistantly, for over a year now. In addition to what you members see on the surface, we have Azelf tasked with some important tasks for the admins (which can't be revealed publically), that they have performed exceptionally well. Azelf has a more narrow scope of focus than most, but the two jobs they specialize in are some of the more difficult; those being Warnings and Team Switching. Azelf is qualified on OoC cleanup as well. They are also in training for managing the Safehouse. Out of the three staff being promoted to Veterans, they are the only one who has come public with their identity, and they are Starprincess13. Aelf is currently employeed doing Warnings, and Special Projects.

Be sure to message our new Veteran mods with a thanks, and a show of support. It's staff like them that truely keep the site running, and us admins couldn't do it without you. Thank you all.


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Post by RhysandNight Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:43 pm

This is awesome, must celebrate, must make something for them *finds pen and paper*

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