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    Non-judged Responses


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    Non-judged Responses Empty Non-judged Responses

    Post by Mew Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:41 pm

    Anyone who takes an interest in a prompt may post their response here. It will not be graded for Ace evaluation, and as such, anybody can reply.


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    Post by Duma Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:25 am

    Mew wrote:"The Pokemon League (to include the Gyms and Elite Four) were never officially sanctioned by the government. They are now under heavy investigation for animal cruelty. You are one of the investigators."

    Not a sound came from the onlookers as they watched the tall dark-haired detective observe the Pokemon Gym of Anistar. The investigator had two Pokemon by her side, a Houndoom and a Persian. Each stood up on alert, their eyes sweeping over each and every one of the onlookers, sizing them up. Many moved on, unnerved by the unwavering glare of the two 'mon. The tall female was clad in a black coat that went to her calves, and she had a black fedora that shrouded her face in shadow. Long black hair went down to her shoulder blades and she had black gloves with leather backs on each hand. Dark sunglasses shield her eyes from onlookers and she had a black shirt on with dark black denim jeans with a multitude of pockets.

    She moves a hand to the inside of her coat, pulling out a phone. Her finger swiped across the screen, tapping it in a fast, repetitive motion. Finally she put the phone to her ear, looking around carefully. Her free hand moved to her side, signing to her Pokemon. The two looked up at her, before laying down beside the detective, their eyes still carefully watching them. "Yes, hello. It's Detective Shard reporting in from Anistar. Everything seems okay from the outside." She paused, listening in to the phone. "Yes, right. Should I enter the Gym?" Another pause. "Got it. Thank you."

    Shard took the phone from her ear, swiping her finger across it and tapping the screen before finally pressing a button on the side. She put the phone back in her jacket, clicking her fingers. The Houndoom and Persian rose to their paws, standing alert. Without a word, the trio entered the pokemon gym.

    Upon entering, Shard dragged her gaze along the interior. Stars and galaxies decorated the area around her and she stood on a solid piece of glass that looked like a hologram. The detective remained unfazed. "Pretty lighting and fancy floors, but is that just a disguise to what's going on behind the curtain?" She muttered, looking up as a man approached her. "Can I help you?" She asked, and the man looked at her. "Are ye here ta chall'nge tha gym lead'r?" They asked, and Shard put a hand into her jacket and took out a leather flip case. Opening to show her badge to the man, she looked steadily at them. "Detective Shard. I'm here investigating the Gyms over highly suspected cases of animal cruelty to Pokemon. I want to have a word with Olympia." She said bluntly, her voice void of most emotion. The man nodded briskly. "Er, of course, right this way if you please." They said, taking a hidden path to their right. Clicking her fingers, Shard followed, flanked by her two Pokemon. "So what makes ye think tha lead'r is abusin' her Pokemon?" They asked, looking back at the detective. "I don't make the assumptions, I just investigate. The Pokemon League is not owned by the government, and we've had many complaints of animal cruelty to their Pokemon. I am one of the detectives to investigate this matter." She said, not meeting their gaze.

    "Well, yeah, but what are ye gonna do if Olympia is abusin' her 'mons? They inquired, and Shard took off her sunglasses to look down at the man. She put her sunglasses in her jacket, bright blue eyes  watching them critically. "If I deem Olympia to be abusing her Pokemon, I will take appropriate measures.""Meanin'?""If I need to, I will take Olympia in and you'll need to find yourself a new Gym Leader."

    They left it at that, taking the rest of the trip in silence. Finally they got to Olympia. She was in a battle with a trainer when they arrived, and she glanced over at them, looking as Shard came out of the hidden path followed by the Houndoom and Persian. Shard waited off to the side, watching the battle with a critical eye. Every moves was precise and each Pokemon held back the right amount of force. It was a good battle and Olympia admitted to defeat eventually. The trainer got their badge and went off, leaving Shard alone with Olympia - the man had ditched them as soon as the battle ended.

    "Gym leader Olympia. I am Detective Shard, and I am investigating a case of suspected animal cruelty towards your Pokemon." Shard said coolly, watching the Gym Leader's face to see if they squirm. They didn't. "How interesting. I am welcome to prove it by showing all my Pokemon to you to view." Shard watched them carefully, before nodding. "Yes, that'll work. If you would." She said, stepping back as the Gym Leader released her three Pokemon. Two of them, the Sigilyph and Slowking, stood still, but the Meowstic shied away from Olympia. Casting a critical eye donwnwards towards the psychic type, Shard knelt, extending a hand to the Meowstic. They came up cautiously and Shard saw bruises under the white fur. Glaring up at Olympia, Shard noted that the Gym Leader was starting to sweat.

    Picking up the Meowstic, Shard stood, watching Olympia with a careful gaze. "What happened with this Meowstic?" She inquired and Olympia stammered. "I... Uh..." Shard narrowed her eyes into a glare. "That's all I need. Olympia, you are coming with me." Shard said. By some unspoken command, the Houndoom and Persian moved to stop Olympia from trying to bolt. Getting out her phone, Shard swiped a finger across it and dialed a number. Putting the phone to her ear, she started walking out, followed by Olympia and her Pokemon. "It seems the Psychic Gym is due for a new Gym Leader. I am taking Olympia back to HQ now. My next stop is Snowbelle." Shard said into the phone. Hanging up and putting the phone away, they exited the gym.

    Upon exiting, many gasps sounded from around, but Shard ignored them and Olympia hung her head in shame. Jeers were passed and items were thrown, but the group kept walking till they got to an unmarked van. "In you go. You've got a long drive ahead of you Olympia. Your Pokemon are confiscated and you'll never be a trainer again." Shard said in a cold voice. Taking the former Leader's pokeballs, she kept the one for the Meowstic and broke the other two. The Houndoom and Persian returned to her side, watching as Shard closed the doors to the van, hitting the side twice. On the signal, the van drove away. Shard looked down at the Meowstic in her arms. "It's all right, you have no need to ever be in fear of abuse any more. Olympia will be locked away for a long time." She said, starting the long walk to Snowbelle City.
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    Post by Drago Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:23 pm

    I'm... I'm so sorry. I saw this prompt, had this idea, and just had to go with it.

    Mew wrote:He had no arms or legs. He could not see, hear, or speak. This is how he led a nation.

    I have no memories before that day in the middle school gym.

    Science fair- I remember feeling proud, but I don't remember winning. I remember an explosion. I remember acid. Burning acid. It covered me, scarring me. Changing me.

    I had never been the same since that day. The day my life changed. I remember people talking to me after that day, but I could neither hear them or see them. I could only feel them. Somehow, when they touched me, their intentions became clear to me. I could understand their thoughts. At first people were confused. People were scared. When some genius finally managed to connect me to a computer screen so that my thoughts, too, could be understood, people began to trust me.

    I became famous overnight. People came from miles just to see if I was truly what people said I was- a mind reader. Every single visitor was the same. Skeptical at first, then shocked in denial, then convinced. Before long, I had convinced the entire nation.

    Political battles had held the country in perpetual turmoil for centuries, so I supposed it should not have been too big a surprise to find out my name had been put on the ballot as a joke candidate. The big surprise was that I won. Without any arms, any legs, any eyes, any ears, any mouth, I won a national election. I was their leader. I was their king.

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    Post by Min Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:34 pm

    Prompt wrote:God Screamed.

    some things were simply not meant to be,

        A millenia ago the world chanted the song of creation and prayed to their god for their dreams and wishes. A hundred years ago the people praised a great sword-hero and feared the dark. A century ago they forgot about the Original One and sang the name of the she-champion who defeated a galaxy. A year ago they murmured stories of the same she-champion who went mad and of her cold body under the frozen Lake Verity. Today there was only dark and chills and the long-forgotten god who still breathed.

    The Original One breathed along before the universe came.

        The universe simply hadn't caught up with it yet, it told itself, and just maybe, maybe, maybe he would believe it, this time. It had all the time in the world, it created the very guardian of time, of course it had time. Of course it had time and it would wait until the silence broke and it's children cheered again and offered their sacrifices to appease it. It would wait, it reminded itself, because a go must be patient.

    When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate.

        The day passed and it still waited. It willed itself to be patient. For a god must be patient, benevolent, tireless, caring-- it must wait for it's children. All of it's children, it's blood and kin. The ones that fought and the ones that killed and especially the ones that were long locked away from their very worlds. It would wait for them, no matter the cost.

    The power of defeated giants infuses this Plate.

        On the third day the bitter she-champion visited it. With eyes that twinkled like stardust and veins that pulsed with every tick. She sat in front of it, sneered, and laughed, laughed, laughed.
        "Look at you, all alone. I thought you would've lost your mind, already." A foolish remark, because a god must be set in stone and cherishing and perfection. She scowled. "A sad excuse for a god, I think."
        It refrains from it's urge to snap the she-champion like a twig. Instead it turns away and wills silence once more. After all, the she-champion's words are false. It has many children, children that love it and it loves back. Followers of all kind who would kill to be with the god. It was the epitome of divinity.

    Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One.

        It can hear the clangs of metal and roars of hate. They are fighting again, it realizes, and they fail once again to visit it. Sometimes it wonders why it waits for such unruly children--it feels time being ripped--and why two concepts that go so naturally together quarrel so much. So long since their last visit, the god wonders when they will come back. After all, it loves them, it created them, surely they will come.
        Surely it's patience will bear fruit, it reassured itself. They will visit their purveyor soon--space is crumbling--it is sure of it.

    Three beings were born to bind time and space.

        At least the fae visit it, it thinks. It sat quiet in it's home with insurmountable knowledge, burning emotions, vengeful willpower--omnipotent. That word is chanted in it's head, omni, omni, omni, and it gives it solace. For it is omnipresent and it realizes that it does not need visits from it's children, because it is everywhere.
        The pixies may not be physically near but it's concepts are always with it, the god knew, and that was enough to count as a visit. Though this did not apply to it's first two children, the awful lack of time and space in this realm, it did not mind. It was always there. Always, always, always.

    Two make matter, and three make spirit, shaping the world.

        Omni, omni, omni, omni, o m n i-- it cannot get the word out of it's head. It is omnipotent. It is omniscient. It is omnificent, all-creating. It created time and space and life,
        But why does no one visit it? The Hallowed Halls of it's home had grown too quiet, there were no more prayers. No more dreams. No longer did it hear the quiet frantic praying of maidens. No longer did it hear the chanted omens of prophets. No longer did it feel the presence of it's very children.
        For something so holy, so divine, it felt so forgotten.

    The powers of Plates are shared among Pokémon.

        On the seventh day it reminded itself, again, that is it omnipresent. It does not need visits. It does not need company. It loved it's children, it's children loved it. But without fail the she-champion appeared again with the same bitter smile and the same cruel laugh and she scowled, scowled, scowled.
        "Pathetic," she spat. "Weak." It turns slowly to meet the she-champion's eyes. It raised a single, cervine leg.
        This time, it snapped the girl like a twig. Again, there is silence.

    The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds.

        Time does not exist in the Hallowed Halls. Every day is an era, every minute is century. But everything goes by so fast and it waits, waits, waits for someone, anyone, but it has been long forgotten and it's name has been lost to the years. It does not realize the prayer slips messily pasted against it's stairs, the dusted scrawling of priests long dead. The blood smeared beneath it, the earth it had silenced. (and the body of a she-champion that it once knew,)
        The aftershocks were always the most painful. It breathed again, alone. And then it screamed.

        (Today the living whispers stories of their deaf god, and the rotting world that they wander.)

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    Post by Jay Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:53 pm

    this is unedited so there is probably a lot of errors! sorry.
    p.s: this is super sad. I warned you : P

    oh, and there is some topics discussed that could be a little uncomfortable for people. I'm sorry about that :/

    A girl is having her first kiss. An old man is holding his wife's hand as she passes away. A teen parent is losing their child, while a man is getting married. Four different lives, one day - make them connect.


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    Post by Chroma Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:16 pm

    Mew wrote:You have caught a harbinger unaware. Kill them.

    It was dark. Dreary. And Phi hated it. He’d long since run away from his home, and he’d gotten used to it, but the idea was still infuriating. Why did all of this happen? And why did he have to suffer through it? He wasn’t a beast, like all of the others, living or not, and he deserved better than this. Oh how Phi longed to be pet by his trainer’s hand as he laid on his lap. But he knew that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. His fur had lost its sheen, and there was no way his trainer would even take him back in, should this madness come to pass.

    His train of thought was quickly interrupted by a small, cold drop hitting his snout, and with it, came many more. With the coming of rain, it seemed it was time to find shelter. The rain, mixed with the darkness that would soon arrive in a few hours, was not the best situation to walk alone in, even if he could see in the dark. He’d have to settle down for the night.

    He looked around, trying to find a path or any sort of place that seemed safe enough to hide and sleep in. Eventually, through the murk and slight fog from the onslaught of rain, he found a path. It didn’t seem to lead anywhere besides deeper into the thicket, but soon evolved into a wider path, and eventually, a cliff.

    He was cautious to leave the cover of the forest, but took a step forward. As soon as he did, a sudden burst of lightning lit up the sky.

    … And the figure who seemed to be near the edge of the cliff. Its wide face illuminated to reveal it as a Carnivine, and what was even worse, was that it was staring right at Phi. Smiling in some kind of… demented matter.

    "… Friend" it spoke, in a voice Phi distinguished as masculine. Fearing for his life in this situation, Phi stepped back into the underbrush, trying not to provoke the dangerous-looking plant Pokemon.

    "Where are you going, friend?" he asked, tilting his head. And for a second, in the dull light from lightning in the distance, Phi could swear he saw his grin grow wider. And with that, Phi finally spoke, a growl hiding beneath his words, "I’m not your friend."

    "What do you mean? You’re MY friend!" the Carnivine replied, moving closer at a speed that may have matched the speed of the lightning flashing behind him. Luckily for Phi, he saw the movement coming, his cheer fur trembling slightly beforehand, and dodged his grasp. Phi had never been much of a fighter, but this wasn’t what he wanted at the moment, and he was already angry. In the middle of his jump away he hurled a shadow ball at the vile creature, which hit with a bang.

    Both of them breathing heavily, the Carnivine got up, and stood to face Phi, who was dangerously close to the edge. The vine Pokemon simply grinned, and oh how much Phi wanted to rip those teeth right off of him. Nobody make a mockery of him. Nobody alive, at least. And dashing forward, he lunged at the Carnivine, his eyes probably darker than they ever had been before.

    The Carnivine tried to bite him as the jump arch began to end, but Phi quickly hopped on his head, shutting his mouth before jumping off of it and biting onto the back of Carnivine’s head. He bit into the flesh of the creature, something similar to blood spewing out of the wound. "FRIEND?! WHY?!" the grass-type screeched, agony lining his voice. He shook his head, and eventually flung Phi off, this time the Espeon landing more towards the forest than the cliff.

    However, this left Phi completely vulnerable, and the harbinger moved with an intense speed, reaching his arms out before grabbing Phi by the throat, his grip getting tighter with every passing second. "You’re not my friend…" he growled at the Espeon, red eyes glaring, almost burning holes into Phi.

    "You..’re riight…" Phi sputtered, before kicking Carnivine in the jaw, making the strangling end. Gasping for breath once he touched the ground, Phi tried his best to regain his stature, Carnivine doing the same, trying to recover from the Espeon’s attack. And in that moment, Phi leapt at the other again, this time, however, he gripped the Carnivine’s vine-like legs, and with tremendous strength that even Phi didn’t know he had, he ripped them straight from their sockets, the scene bloody and gruesome in every way possible.

    Phi huffed, and then scratched deep at what could only be described as a green and blood mess at this point, making it much more red than green now. But Carnivine wasn’t done, and went to strangle Phi again, almost unable to move. He was losing a lot of blood, and would have to do this quickly, most likely. This time, the grip was tighter, and Phi’s circulation was cut off almost instantly, leaving him practically limp.

    "You are MY friend now" Carnivine stated, his tone grim and darker than before. And he slowly moved over to the edge of the cliff, holding Phi over the edge. "Goodbye, friend!"

    But the scene was interrupted when suddenly… Phi’s gem began to glow with pulsating psychic energy. He wasn’t going to die. Psychic was his only option. Levitating the Carnivine up, himself along with him, since the grip around his neck wasn’t going to loosen at this point, he rotated them both in a circle, hitting Carnivine’s head on the edge of the cliff. Phi, of course, had to be careful that he didn’t hold on to the edge of the cliff, but once he regained his breath, and looked down onto the falling Carnivine, blood coming from his wounds as he fell, Phi grinned.

    "Such is the fate of a beast. Serves you right."

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    Post by Un_kébécois Mon Dec 15, 2014 10:47 am

    Mew wrote:A man wakes up from surgery to realize the doctor and nursing staff have been slaughtered. He's responsible.

    The flash of a sudden lightning awoken me from my slumber. I didn't know how much time had passed, probably because I fell asleep on the couch again or something. With a moan, I tried to find the nearest sink, be it the kitchen on or the bathroom one. It was difficult to navigate, because the room was pitch black with absolutely no lights on in that dark and stormy night. I could hear the rain pouring down like a waterfall on the window. Damn, looks like a storm really did hit us. I clumsly walked my way to what I believed to be my kitchen sink, but something was odd. Due to the fact that I was still a little asleep, I didn't realised that my sink wasn't where it should be. I followed the counter, my bare feet splish-splashing in a liquid pool. Did I forgot to close a window? I swore between my teeth when I finally get to the sink. I turned the tap, which again was nothing like my tap, and I splashed my face. The cold water awoken me good. At this moment, I realised that I wasn't home. ''What happened?'' I asked myself. Could have I gone to a friend? I ran my hands on the walls, trying to find a light switch. The more I progressed in the dark, the more things felt down crashing on the ground. I was starting to be afraid when I finally switched the lights on. The neon tubes on the ceiling flashed briefly before flooding the room with light.

    " WHAT THE FUCK?!?!"

    If I wasn't already panicking before, then now I was loosing my shit.

    The room I was in had nothing to do with my appartment. It was like those hospital surgery room, with greenish cement devoided of life. A single sink, a row of cupboards above and below it the same green as the wall. A surgery bed was in the middle of the room, probably where I woked up. But nothing of that was shocking to me,no. I was too busy looking at the blood prints on the walls, on the cupboards, everywhere. There must have been a fucking bloodbath here, because there was litterally a pool of it near the sink, where a drain slowly try to get rid of it. Bloody footsteps were scattered all around the room. I figured they were mine, when I stepped in the blood pool. Just thinking about it made me shivers. Then my eyes gazed upon the two corpses in a corner. I slowly approached them, feeling them with my foot. No movement, no reaction. I prod them again, a little harder this time, just to be sure. This time, the corpse I prod rolled to face me, and the vision it gave me still haunts me right now. The surgery appron was bloody and torn from the multiple stabbing wounds the guy had. His throat was slith open, so much that he was nearly decapitated. I didn't had the courage to check the other one, but I assumed they were just as bad. They'd both been bled like pigs, and the frozen expression on the guy's face tells me it wasn't a pleasant death. By reflex, I put my own hand over my throat, maybe to be sure I didn't died like them. Feeling that everything was fine I sighted, before intensely looking at the clothes I was wearing. Hospital grabs, nothing special, except the amount of bloody handprints that were on it.

    I immediately ran to the sink, where a small mirror was hanging on the wall. I took it and, upon closer inspection, I was relieved that nothing had happened to me. I was perfectly fine. When I checked my head, however, I noticed a patch of hair had been removed. Where a crescent-like patch of hair had dissapeared, stitches were noticables. What have they done to me? I threw the mirror away, which shattered in the sink. I had difficulty to breathe, like I was choking. The air was fouled by the strench of death. I needed to get out of there, or else I was certain to die. I noticed an sligthly ajar-opened door. I ran to it, opened it and stood in what seemed like a corridor. Then I froze again.

    While it was less bloody, the corridor contained a fair amount of gore. I counted four corpses lying. Two other doctors and two security guards, which surprised me. "What the heck happened here???" I told myself, and more important, how the heck am I still alive? Why I've been left rather unscratshed while others had suffered a violent death? I wouldn't find out if I stood there like that like a bloody idiot.... or maybe I would? I jumped to the nearest guard before taking a step back in horror. Choked by his own intestines. Urgh. With a wavy hand, I grabbed the gun in his hand, checking the magazine. No ammo seems to miss. I winded the gun before grabbing it firmly with my hands and moving on. The corridor was very small, only two rooms on the right (the surgery room I was in and another room with a closed door) and one on the left, a little further away, with a huge window. There seems to be a dead end further away, and when I turned back, the only thing I noticed was an elevator door. Weird, it didn't look like an hospital at all. I passed the first doctor corpse. Same as the other two back there, but this one had tried to crawl away, leaving a trail of blood behind. A badge was sticking out of his blouse. "Jenkins, Robert Dr. Authorisation card" I took it, probably because it was the best clue I would got to get out of here.

    I checked the door on the right. It opened without any resistance. It was a professional office, probably the office of the head doctor, judging by the plate set upon the desk. I started to rummage about in the drawers, untill I found a folder with the "Confidential" word on it, in bright red letters. I opened it. There were numerous files, describing peoples, with photos and personal information. In the same kind of letters used before, a huge "DECEASED"  was crossing the file. As I flickered through the pages, all the other persons there were crossed by this huge word. When I finally get to the last page, I was in shock. It was... me. I recognised this picture. It was took for my driver license a while ago. What was the meaning of this, I told myself. Did they abducted me to conduct who-know experience on me? I exited the office to go explore the other room. It was a security room, with screens showing various places. I recognise some of them. There was the Corridor, what looked like the inside of the elevator and the two other rooms. There was also the intrior of some abandonned building, and a street. I searched through the keyboard, and found the rewinding button. The images went backward rather fast. I saw myself moving around, splashing my face then I went back to sleep. A rather long time passed before anything moved again. I let it pass some more untill I wasn't in sight of the cameras, then I resumed.

    I saw the guards discussing in their room, the head doctor in his office and the others preparing the surgery instruments. Then, I saw two person entering the building with a third one, who was fighting against them. When they entered the elevator, I recongized myself. One of the men took the grip of his gun and dealt a huge knock on my head. I stopped moving, so I figured I was knocked out. I saw them dragging me up to the surgery table put me there, speaking a little with the head doctor then leave. Then, I watched the whole operation. So they're the ones who did this to me, but.... what they did exactly? I saw them installing something in my head, but I have absolutely no idea what it was. A little while later, the group congradulate each other before starting to clean things up. At my great surprise, I rose from the surgery table, grabbed the cleaver that was there, cut the throat of three of the doctors while the fourth gets out of the room, panicking. The guards reacted fast, drawing their guns out, but it looked that I was faster then them. After I stabbed the doctors multiple times and shoved them in the corner, leaving them to bleed to death, I grabbed a pair of scissors and hurled them right in the stomach of the nearest guard. I dashed out of the room, and threw the cleaver at the other, hitting him right between the eyes. He fell instantly. Dashing, I got his gun and fire at the last doctor, hiding in the corner, defenseless. Snatching my eyes from the screens, I looked outside, maybe to confirm to myself it didn't happened. Unfortunately, the bodies where there to confirm I really did this. I turned back to the screens, only to see myself picking the scissors in the first guard and pulling them up, causing them to rip through his flesh. I then..... took his guts and.... choke him. The view of this made me sick, but I was obscenely captivated by this so I couldn't watch away. I saw the guard gasping for air, before I put my foot over his chest and pulled
    even more, causing his neck to snaps. I then turned around, the last person alive crawling to safety, and stomped on his neck, cracking his as well. After than, I just went back to the surgery room, washed my hands like nothing happened, then switching the lights off and lay down on the table, where I slept. The rest of what happened is known to me.

    I was speechless. The reactions I had.... the brutality I shown, and the perfection of the moves I did... I couldn't do that on my own. It was hard to believe that it was me. At this moment, it hit me. Could it be that I was abducted to have some kind of implant that enable me to do that? What kind of sick person would want this experience to be conducted in the first place? As I pondered that question, a phone rang through the silent corridor. I jumped at first, then hastly searched for it. I found it on the desk of the head doctor. Taking a deep breath, I answered:

    -"This isn't Doctor Smith spreaking. Identify yourself!"
    -" Hem, it's..... Doctor J-Jenkins. An associate of Doctor Smith. Sorry, he... can't answer right now."
    -"What's this nonsense? Tell him it's Genereal McDuff speaking!"
    -"Em, he's.... sleeping right now. The operation was rather exhausting."
    -" Mrgn. Anyway, how was the operation. Is it a success, or another of your miserable failures?"
    -"N-No sir! The patient is still asleep, but he's alive. The first tests were..... conclusives."
    -"FINALLY! It's been over fucking two years now. In that case, tell Doctor Smith I'll be there to get Agent 47 in about an hour. I want Smith to be awake this time. Understood?"
    -"U-Understood sir!"
    -"Good." -Click

    General McDuff? Was I abducted from my home, experienced on only to satisfy a government fat cat? I could have died there! My incomprehension from earlier was not letting its' place to anger. I swept away whatever was on the desk in rage. Then, I thought a little, and I regain some calm.

    It's been an hour now. I found a suit in Dr. Smith's office. Black and white with a red tie. I shaved my head entirely, because it felt more natural. It will grow back anyway. I took a chair and planted it in the middle of the corridor, facing the elevator. I just saw three armed soldier entering the elevator with the General. I looked at the guns I took from the guards. Standards, but effectives. I watch as the numbers of the elevator change. In a few seconds, the general will answers my questions and get what he deserve.


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    Mew wrote:"After warriors slay a dragon, you scavenge the cave for things to sell or use. You end up finding an egg that hatches as you try to take it. The hatchling confuses you for its mother."
    This wasn't how it was supposed to happen.

    It was supposed to be simple - enter the cave, slay the dragon, take the loot.

    We were so wrong.

    It was a dark, overcast and gloomy day - one that one of those warriors wouldn't forget any time soon.

    They trudged up the mountain, armor clinking and shifting. Their shields hit the steel on their legs with each step, and their sharp, dangerous swords glittered dangerously as light shone off the sharp edges. In the lead was a tall woman, clad in silver armor that had a long dragon hide cloak behind her, she carried no shield, only two swords and a pair of gloves that had sharp points where her nails would be. Her face wasn't covered with a helmet like the others, instead showing a slightly tanned face with a scowl that looked like the woman hadn't smiled in years. Her face was scarred by four long and deep cuts that were still slightly fresh from three months ago, when this very dragon attacked her.

    Waving her platoon onwards, they entered the cave and shouted out a challenge to the resident, who rewarded them with a plume of flames that licked at everyone's feet. Swords unsheathed with a ringing of steel, and shields shifted with a heavy thump. A barricade was set up in front of the attacking warriors, and then with a shrill whistle, they all stood and rushed at the dragon.

    The battle didn't last too long, and as the dragon lay dead and bleeding on the floor, I stepped over it's tail and started to search the back of the cave. Half of my platoon had been killed, but we had succeeded - the dragon was dead. As my feet carried be to the back of the room, I noticed something in an odd nest of rocks piled atop one another. Flames flickered at the rocks and I edged closer, peering at the odd flaming structure. Carefully, I removed the rock on the top and I was very surprised to see that it was hollow. Inside the hollow nest of rocks was a single, large obelisk white egg.

    With wide eyes, I removed the rest of the rocks and looked over the egg. We would of have to destroy it - another dragon would be horrible for the village. As I reached out to the egg, it shook. I froze, glaring at the offending object before cupping one hand around it and then the other, preparing to lift it up. As I started to raise the egg however, a crack appeared at the top and I all but dropped it. Setting it back down, I swore and scrambled away from the egg, unsheathing both swords and pointing them at the white shell which was rapidly cracking now.

    I dared to inch closer to the hatching dragon, and as I reached the rocks, a claw burst through the egg's shell, before retreating back into the safety of the egg. Against my better judgement, I peeled away a chunk of the egg and immediately drew back when a scaly black head popped up and looked up at me, blue eyes glittering as their slit pupils studied me. This was it. I was a dead woman. I had been taught from a young age that even when born, dragons will not hesitate to kill humans. They crawled out of the egg and stretched their tiny wings - not yet good for flying - before advancing towards me.

    Their tiny claws scrabbled on the ground, and they had their eyes on me as they crawled closer, chirruping at me. I could do nothing but stay frozen in fear. I watched in horror, to petrified to to anything other than dread and wait for the killing blow. I felt the dragon jump up onto my legs and rear up, then they lifted a clawed hand to my face, but hesitated. I closed my eyes and waited for the killing blow.

    None came.

    Opening my eyes, I looked down at the hatchling's blue eyes and saw nothing but trust and a hint of confusion. Oh dear god it though I was it's mother. I picked up the hatchling and looked it over. Black scales with silver claws and horns, silver markings that swirled from the nose up and around the eyes, then up to the horns before merging into a single line that went down their back, branching off into swirls that followed the skeleton at the arms, hind legs and wings. The plating under their body was a dark grey, but lighter than the black, with several silver flecks around the head. My eyes widened in awe. I had spent all this time killing them, but god, their scale patterns were so gorgeous.

    Setting the hatching on my shoulder I stood up, walking to the exit of the cave. My platoon had already left, having looted what they wanted. I got what I wanted and then left, the hatchling on my shoulder as they looked around, eyes wide. The dragon would of died from starvation anyway, and plus, if I could teach the hatchling to help humans, not hurt them, we could have them protect the village.

    I entered my house and let the hatchling of my shoulder, and they scurried around, investigating my house with curious sniffs. Their long tail swished like a cats as the dragon jumped up onto my desk, sitting down to look at me. This is ridiculous I thought, but I had a stupid grin plastered on my face. Maybe I could make this work after all.

    Two years had passed since I found the young hatching - now appropriately named Silverscroll after her (I found out the hard way what gender they were) silver markings, which, as I discovered, glow under the night sky. She has grown a lot since then, and she looks a lot more serpentine instead of the pudgy hatchling form she had. Silverscroll's eyes have settled into being a light stormy grey-blue, and her wings are almost as big as I am tall. She is learning to fly, using the birds as help seeing as I cannot teach her myself. When on the ground, Silverscroll stands at my waist, but she had gradually been training herself to stand on hind legs, where she stands at about my height.

    Dragons are more intelligent than I gave them credit for. Silverscroll, despite being young, is already learning about the dangers of my work and why she isn't to leave my property. We haven't had any problems with her stray flames that she occasionally coughs, besides a few stray hairs being set alight with Silverscroll's white flames, nothing has been too badly burnt.

    Giving her a pet, I turned and left for the day, mounting my steed of choice - a black horse that had my same dark blue, almost purple eyes. Shaking the reins, I waved goodbye to Silverscroll, who waved back before awkwardly flying up to the roof to await my return that afternoon.

    As I rode into town, I was waved over by a pair of children. I halted my horse and dismounted, walking over to the children, reins in hand. Their eyes sparked with curiosity and they grinned up at me, before speaking in a low whisper. "Word around the other kids is that you have a pet dragon miss... Uh, we were wondering if, you know, we could see it? We've never, er, seen a dragon before." I froze. They knew? My voice quietened and I knelt down. "Who else knows?"

    They shook their heads. "Only five of us miss." I sighed. Okay, so it wasn't horribly panic-inducing. I nodded. "Okay, okay. I'll take you to see Silverscroll when I'm done, okay?" I answered, and they lit up with delight, mumbling thank yous before running off. I stood, mounting my horse and riding to the barracks.

    When I arrived, I went through the practice drills and joined my platoon, who by now, were used to the fact that I didn't talk about the day I got Silverscroll. Not that any of them knew I had been raising a dragon for two or so years, as that would lead to Silverscroll being killed and me being banished. Wasn't exactly the highest priority on my list.

    The day went by quickly, and all too soon, I found myself at the exit, where the five kids from earlier were waiting. The two I met earlier today whispered to the others as I approached, and I motioned for them to follow. Trotting as a slow pace, it took a little longer to reach my home, but as I expected, Silverscroll was waiting on the roof, gliding down to greet me as I brushed down my horse and checked for any other worries as I cared for the black stallion. Finally I finished caring for my horse as the kids nervously looked over at Silverscroll, who had just noticed them.

    Placing a hand on my dragon's back, I waved the kids over, and they happily ran over, gaping in awe as Silverscroll looked at them all before rearing up onto two legs and offering a handshake. I laughed and patted Silverscroll's shoulder, and she dropped back down to all fours. The kids thanked me and ran off, gushing about seeing a real, live dragon. I chuckled and ushered Silverscroll back inside, heading down to the basement where I had set up a little school of sorts. Over the two years I had her, I had been teaching her how to write, read, even talk. I learnt that dragons had the ability to use telepathy, and we trained on that. I knew it was foolish, but I was trying damn it. This village needed a better protector anyway. What would be better than a dragon?

    A few months later, I went into work, and I over heard something from inside the commanders office. Pressing close to the door, I listened into the conversation.
    "I'm telling you sir! I saw it!"
    "My warriors would never do something as stupid as that!"
    "But sir! I saw it with my own eyes, they had a dragon, and it was all black with silver swirls on it!"

    My breath hitched in my throat and I turned tail and ran out the door, mounting my horse and cantering home.

    I skidded to a stop out front, startling Silverscroll awake. -Mother! You're home early!- Her telepathic voice floated into my head and I shook my head. "Sorry Silverscroll, there's no time, we have to leave! We have dragon hunters coming!" I said, gathering my armor and retreating into my room to change.

    I came out, covered in my armor and cloak, horse armor draped over my arm. "Lets go, before they get he-"

    A loud pounding on my door startled me and I ushered Silverscroll out of the way. Composing myself, I went to the door, armor in hand and swords in sheath. Opening the door, I glared at the offenders. "What do you want?" I snapped, and they shrank back a bit, before standing tall.

    "We have been tipped that you are harboring a young dragon. Why is it not dead?"
    "I don't know what has poisoned your mind. I have no dragons."
    "Then why are there smoke stains on your roof?"
    "We have been attacked by dragons here before you know."

    My deadpan answers weren't enough to sway them, I had to get out of there. I narrowed my eyes and adjusted my arms so that one hand was visible to Silverscroll. Bunching my hand into a fist she glanced at the dragon. She had grown so much, and I could already ride on her back while she flew. There was no way I was not going to let Silverscroll die now.

    I snapped open my palm and whistled, and everything exploded int action. With a feral snarl, Silverscroll burst from her hiding place, and I grabbed onto her as we launched out the door and into the sky. The two that were at my door were now gaping up at me, eyes wide. I threw a knife at my horse, spooking it into running. Now that I was sure we were fine, I pointed at the two attackers. "Burn them."

    Rearing her head back, Silverscroll unleashed a fury of white flame at the attackers, and once I was sure they were gone, I motioned Silverscroll over to the nearby cave - the cave she was born in. -We are going to pay for that Mother.- Her voice was worried, and I didn't blame her. "I know Silverscroll... I know."

    Three months have passed since a bounty was put up on our heads. No one dared to venture up though. They all feared me. The Dragon Tamer they called me. I wasn't about to deny it, that was for sure. I sighed and combed my hair with my fingers. Silverscroll stood at the entrance, stormy eyes watching the hill up to the cave. -They're coming Mother.- I groaned.

    "So, this is it eh Silverscroll? Lets just hope we can hold our own. Is your fire good?"

    Silverscroll puffed out a few flares of white fire. -Yes. I'm good.-

    I put on my armor and sharpened my swords, standing guard at the entrance to the cave. My platoon marched up, standing in front of me. Silverscroll growled and circled around them, lips pulled back in a snarl. I had to give it to my platoon, they certainly didn't look scared. Part of me beamed in pride, while the other wavered slightly. I tightened my grip on the hilt of my swords.

    "Come on then. Silverscroll, fire!"

    The battle erupted in a blast of white fire that took out three of the platoon and injured two others. I lunged forwards, running two people through with my swords. I pulled the steel out and slashed at another attacker, before diving out of the way of a white fireball that took out five people. There were still about ten left. They ran at Silverscroll, and the dragon couldn't take the sheer amount of attackers. They slashed her wings and threw her over the cliff.

    "SILVERSCROLL!" I yelled, dropping my swords and running to the edge. I didn't even hesitate, I just jumped. diving down to my dragon. -MOTHER!- Though her telepathy worked, the black and silver dragon let out an unearthly screech and feebly flapped her wings, catching me in her arms, turning so we hit the ground with Silverscroll's back taking the impact.

    We hit the ground with a loud crack, and dark red blood splattered my armor. I was freed from Silverscroll's grip and I scrambled back, tears flooding from my eyes as I looked at my dragon.

    Her back was cracked and crooked in multiple places, but her wings were mangled. Blood was steadily coming from her mouth and from the multiple spikes that had skewered her hide, coming out her chest, abdomen and head. I fell to my knees, hugging her closely. "No... Nonononono, please don't go..." I sobbed, and Silverscroll's mouth curved into a smile.

    -I love you... Mother-

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    Mew wrote:Your prompt is as follows: The apocalypse has occurred. Humanity is scant, the landscape is desolate, and you decide that this is the perfect opportunity to pursue your dream.

    ((This AU is property of Ricxs, and is being used with permission!!)

    Dear journal,

    Many years had passed. Countless times and passing of lives. Generations of the gods, of the cold blodded and th warm blooded, it had all come to end. With the death of the world, the planet did wither into dust, but machine.

    The age of living metal was one that spawned from a mad god, the fox of olden times. Screws loose in his mind, the supernatural being gave conscious thought to simple steels and minerals. Nothing was wrong at first. Plants that grew in bronze and silver. Small birds and cats made of nuts and bolts. The world ate it up. Until they started to disobey their creator. The living metals grew minds and thoughts of their own. Harmless creatures turned to dangerous beasts and harmless plants turned to mercury vines. The world was not ruined overnight, but within decades the venom in the planet was too much. Water sources were tainted and vegetation shriveled up. The monsters of metal brutally harmed the wildlife and humans alike, but in time society was made to live with it. They could for a time, but with water and organic plants vanishing, the earth became but a massive dessert. This was five thousand years ago.

    Earth has long since worked on repairing itself. But the evils of the mad god's work could not be fixed so easily. Humans had long since tried to fix the ecosystems. This was not so easily done, it took many long years to start with the task of cleansing the earth. Time passed and man was losing. Not the battle with the land, but in himself. Humans are strange creatures, and despite surviving for thousands of years, they give up too quickly. Only when they started the repair work did they decide it was too much. Only a fraction of the population were determined, but by then the human race was but a mere percentage of a single percent of what they had once been. Fewer than forty people took up the project themselves. One of them is my dad, and another me. He is were I get my inspiration.

    My name is Melissa. My father has told me that it is an ancient name, something used before the living metal plague. I hav tried finding intel on the origins, but everything from before has been lost.

    I had dreamed of seeing a world in color. My entire life, I dreamed. Only verbal history has kept them alive. The things such as 'green', 'blue', 'orange'? They say that the sky used to be blue, but I can't imagine it. Everything is bronze or grey. The sky is yellow, the dity yellow of dry dirt. I hear there used to be 'clouds'. Water was once so plentiful that it would fly into the sky in white cotton. 'Fish' that used to breathe water like we do air. There are so many things. 'Rainbows' and 'ice cream' and 'winter'. It was my curiosity that got my father to push the project.

    They were going to replant the world. Grass and redwood trees and firs and bushes and flowers-- they had found a way to get the DNA of the plants from fossils. The seeds were now ready to be planted. The soil has gone so long without any nourishment. I suppose their abandoning the project is not entiely uncalled for. But it is still rude. The world has sown shockingly short amounts of mercury and copper in the ground. If we took part of our precious water supply, we might be able to have plants grow for the first time in many millennia. But they abandoned the project. Left us to take the aftermath. This was until my father looked to me-- his eyes were so dark. I was crying, I had been so upset. But my father volunteered to take the task upon himself.

    I am logging this now before I forget it. We are going to replenish the earth, give grass back to the soil, and revive the trees. Humans are almost gone, but there are animals out there still. They need the plants.

    Tomorrow we start planting. We spent the rest of the day after the meting wetting the soil. It was the first time I saw proper dirt before. All we have is dust. But right here, next to my pen and ink, is the bag of seeds. My father entrusted me with them. He knew I would take care of them. But tomorrow... tomorrow we change things. We change the world. I will get to see flowers.

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    You meet Death in the most unlikely of places.

    You slowly open your eyes, the brightness that greets you enough to make you raise an arm in a bid to adjust.
    All that you could recall was cold, a pinching sensation, and floating away.

    Finally you were slowly able to make out the scene before you. People were bustling around, all in white and blue. Scrubs, the word came to you. They were nurses. Curiosity burned through you before you realized: you were laying flat on your back.
    You scramble to your feet, confused as to why none of them had told you to get up off the floor.

    Only one individual regarded you, the woman's sharp gaze running over you as if you were a piece of meat. You narrowed your eyes and stared back defiantly.
    When she spoke, she said, "Figure it out yet?"

    Confused, you stared at her without answering. She slid out of her seat, sighing as she sauntered over to you.
    "You're dead."
    The words were harsh, but her tone was gentle. It also was not a shock, you found yourself nodding. Your body did not feel alive, warm, so the realization made sense. You would have to just go with it.

    "Good. Now, are you ready for the next part?"
    You look back up at her, allowing your head to tilt in curiosity. "Do you mean heaven?" Maybe she was there to take you to the afterlife?

    The woman smiled tensely, the skin pulling tight on her cheeks as she shook her head. "No."
    Your eyes narrow again. Taking in the world around you, it was then that you realized you could not understand the words or gestures of the nurses. The sound seemed to have a barrier, keeping your ears firmly in the spirit realm. But more than that, as you looked at the equipment being brandished, you realized you did not recognize any of it. It felt to you as if only yesterday you had been alive, learning and thriving, but as you slowly regard the woman again, the question that leaves you is not one you want answered:
    "How long have I been dead?" The technology difference was only dawning on you. As someone plugged something into the wall, causing the small hand-held machine to whir angrily, you flinched.

    The woman's expression was kinder. "There is no way to know for sure. Many years. Your grandchildren would have already grown up by now." You gawk at her. Grandchildren?! "But, it has been long enough."
    You interrupt, "Long enough for what?"
    "Your next life."
    You stare at her, uncomprehending as she gauged your reaction. "...WHAT?"

    She cleared her throat, moving to stand closer to you. "I am here to guide you to your next vessel, where you will go through your next life. Your very own mother and father and in this hospital now."
    You soften, nodding. "...Thank you. I assume I won't remember this when I go into the next life?" She shook her head and you gave a humorless smile. "Then, at least tell me your name?"
    But it was her turn to make an apologetic expression. "You won't like it," she warned. "I am Death."
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    Mew wrote:"You are a fallen angel. What made you fall?"
    ((OOC: Cheetah is my own character))
    "Who am I..? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Too many questions, and no answers in sight."

    Black feathers floated down onto the asphalt, each one glowed with a subtle blue hue, but as soon as they touched the ground, they faded into ash. If one followed the ash piles, they would find a lone figure, walking down the empty road, their shadow cast from the lights showed nothing but a simple figure with what looked like the cheap costume wings. When a person's eyes actually fell on the winged figure, it was quite clear that something was quite odd about them.

    For one, the wings were twice as large as the shadow said they were, and the tips of them dragged along the ground, a small ash trail following as the feathers made contact with the black road beneath them. With a roll of their shoulders, the wings unfurled, red cinders falling from each feather as they slowly turned from black to a red-gold color. The extra limbs shrunk, each feather burning away to become short, unusable cherub wings that shined with the ash and cinders that fell from them.

    Finally, the wings stopped the flurry of flames, only a small stub of what once were grand wings that put even the angels of fantasy to shame. The lone figure found their way to a park, traveling over to a tree, they lent against the trunk, opening their eyes for the first time since arriving there. Bright neon green scanned the darkness, and once the person was sure they were alone, they sunk to their knees.

    "Why don't I remember anything?"

    The voice was soft, almost hoarse with disuse. Barely a whisper, yet the wind picked it up and it traveled much further than an ordinary voice should. A few faces peeked out from the windows in their homes, but none came out to investigate. Why would they? It wasn't of their concern, so why bother? The speaker got back to their feet, swaying slightly.

    "I... I remember something... A... A face?"

    Their eyes narrowed as they tried to picture that elusive face. Try as they might, the person could not figure it. They could only make out a rough outline, and white hair that went to their shoulders. Nothing else stood out against the haze that clouded their mind. Finally the person shook their head, chasing away the image and made their way to a bench, sitting down and holding their head.

    "Why won't this headache go away? I'm trying to remember, but I can't!"

    Now there was another face in their mind. This one was a bit more clear. Black, shoulder-length hair. Purple eyes. No, now they were green. A name came to the figure's mind.

    "Ch... Cheetah..?"

    Somehow, the word was familiar. They couldn't place it, but they knew it meant something at least. With a sigh, the figure rubbed their temples as they tried to call forth something else of use. The only thing they were getting was that one face. It wouldn't go away. The hair changed from white to black, black to white. Eyes went from purple to green, green to purple. With a sigh the person gave up, instead settling for resting their forehead on their palms.

    "I know this person is Cheetah, but who are they?"

    The figure did not know. They sighed and lent back on the bench, looking up at the sky. A sense of homesickness washed over them, and they didn't even know why. Was their home somewhere up high? Could that be it? The figure shook their head, looking over at a glass window that reflected the person's face back at them. Black hair, green eyes. There was that face again, except this time it was staring back at the figure, who's eyes widened.

    "Ch-Cheetah! I'm Cheetah!"

    Then another frown creased their face.

    "But, if I'm Cheetah, then who was the white-haired me?"

    They were back at square one, it seemed. The wings at their back twitched as Cheetah lent back on them too much. With a wince, they straightened up, looking back at the charred stubby wings. They frowned, brow furrowing.

    "I know I had these for a reason, but what was that?"

    Cheetah heaved a sigh and buried their head in their hands. It was not going to be any fun trying to recall the blanks in their memory, it seemed. Another face came to mind. This was not Cheetah's face, nor was it the white-haired version. This was a child, who looked to be barely even thirteen. Bright, blue eyes and brown-gold hair that had a few strands of black on the left side that draped over their face. An inquisitive grin was on their face, but Cheetah didn't know why. Who was this child?

    Another name floated into their mind. Aaron. A child that had a guardian of some sort. What were they? Who were they? Why was Aaron in Cheetah's mind? The questions made their head pound as the headache worsened. Fingers dug into the black hair in a futile attempt to stop the pounding. It was now the sound of a door being kicked in, then glass shattering, and finally, a voice.

    "Aaron! Wait! That's dangerous!"
    "It's okay mama! My guardian angel will save me!"

    Cheetah's eyes shot open. Guardian... Angel..? A burning feeling came from their back as all of a sudden the feathers began to burn again, however as each feather burned, a new one took it's place, each one longer than the other. A scream ripped from Cheetah's throat as their headache got worse and worse, a single drop of blood touched Cheetah's skin, and suddenly everything went quiet. The headache disappeared, and all that sounded was a quiet crackle of flames, which soon died out as finally the wings had returned to how they once were, except this time each feather started off being a dark gold, fading out to a brilliant shining gold and fading back down to a black streaked with golden lines. Each wing unfurled, spreading the last of the cinders and ash onto the ground in a rainfall of red and grey.

    Cheetah had slipped from the bench amidst the chaos and now they stood, dusting off their pants and jumping up into the air, wings beating as they flew higher and higher. Leveling off as a reasonable height, the cool night air cleared Cheetah's head and finally things started drifting back to them.

    "My... My name is Cheetah and I am... Was the guardian angel of a young child named Aaron."

    They frowned. What happened to Aaron?

    "Aaron. You know better than to put your life in danger like that. I am going to get in trouble now for interfering with a human life. This may be the last time you see me."
    "No! My guardian angel will never leave me!"

    Looking down to the ground, Cheetah dove down, landing in an oddly familiar suburb. They still had no idea why. Another searing pain flew across Cheetah's head, and this time there was a vision that went with it.

    The child ran along the road, chasing after a ball that had rolled from the grass onto the asphalt. A car came along the other way, and from where the angel was hovering, the driver could not see the child on the road and was speeding. Diving down from the clouds, the white-winged angel dove in front of the car, holding out their hands to stop the car. It came to a screeching halt, stopped by the angel's hands. Almost immediately after, the winged guardian was transported away, and was not seen again by the child.

    Cheetah's eyes went wide as they looked around. This was where it happened. This was where they fell. Their green eyes widened and after folding up their wings, Cheetah counted the houses, coming up to a generic two story house that had a black and white tiled roof. Walking up to the door, the fallen angel knocked three times, then once more after a three second delay. They didn't know why that particular pattern was why they chose it, but soon after the fallen angel remembered, when a teenager's astonished face answered the door.

    "Didn't you say that your guardian angel would never leave you?"

    The child lunged forwards, tacking the fallen angel into a hug.

    "I missed you."
    "I missed you too, Aaron."

    "My name is Cheetah and I am a fallen angel. I fell after I protected the one I was sworn to look over, interfering with a human's lifespan and revealing myself to the other mortals. Despite this, I am happy with how I am, since now I have no rules to stop me from protecting the one I swore to protect."

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    Prompt wrote:Some things were simply not meant to be.
    "It's time to leave now. Let's go"

    The black cat stared sadly down at the mound of dirt. His beloved human. Gone. Such was the life of a creature such as him. Doomed to live his life as an immortal. If he died, he would just come back again, a different cat god, a different companion. They would grow old and die, while he stood there and watched them grow and pass. The god let out a heavy sigh, his gold eyes growing weary.  It was getting tiresome. Even still, that was the life of a Cat Sìth, to watch as others grew old and soon, the gods were to be forgotten. Some things were simply not meant to be, it seemed.

    It had been over 3000 years since the god had last had a companion, and now that they were gone, he dreaded the empty pit they left. Lifting his eyes from the ground, he locked eyes with a small child. Opening his jaws in surprise, the Cat Sìth jumped back, his triple tails spiking up, a sign of his old age. It was myth that the Cat Sìth only had two tails. Every thousand years, they grew another. Most only lived to 2000, however. The child squatted down, keeping their eyes locked with the Sìth's.

    “Have you no clue what I am child? I am bad luck. Those who meet my eyes are damned and doomed to Dante's Inferno!” The god spat, immediately pushing the child away with empty threats. While it was true that the Sìth had traveled to the deepest parts of Dante's Inferno, he was by no means cursed. A Cat Sìth was free from damnation as a courier between the Inferno and Heaven.

    “You can't be bad luck! You saved our harvest two years back!”

    The Sìth stared. Saved a harvest? Oh. Right. The mice and rats. He only saved that harvest, because his companion was growing old, and he wanted the Sìth to help the village. He turned his gold eyes away. How dare this child think him as a savior. He had ruled beside Emperors, and killed on command. He was anything but a savior. A small stubby hand found its way into his gaze. The Sìth recoiled violently, a feral hiss escaping him.

    “It's time to leave now. Let's go!”

    Staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the child, the Sìth abruptly shut his jaws with an audible crack. Pulling his lips back, the Cat Sìth snarled, his tails lashing. “You know nothing of me child! Anyone who travels with me is doomed to die! I have lived far too long and I have seen far too many deaths! Some die young, others wither away in front of me! I am a curse! For a creature such as myself to live this long it drives one insane! You know nothi-” Warm arms found themselves wrapped around the Sìth, and his eyes widened to the size of saucers. His companions had never hugged him before, only ever petted him. The feeling was alien and unknown, but welcome.

    “It must have been terribly lonely, but don't worry Li Shou. I won't leave you.”
    “That's a lie. They always leave. They never stay. Empty promises, and unfulfilled dreams. If you become my companion, you will die. In the most horrible way too. Those who travel with a Sìth are doomed to Dante's Inferno.”
    “Then it's a good thing that I live there.”

    The Sìth's jaw dropped. “Wha-what?” Was all he could say.

    “I'm a demon. Only a young one, but I'm immortal, just like you. You'll never be alone, Li Shou. I'll be here.”
    “I'm... I'm not called Li Shou. That's what the village calls me. My name is actually Irusan.” He said quietly, closing his eyes and melting into the embrace of the young demon. He had finally found his lifelong companion.

    “Alright Irusan, I'm Set.” The young demon said, standing up and letting their thin wire-like tail wave back and forth as they left the grave. Irusan had finally found happiness. And he was not about to let it go.

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