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Bernard The Living Nidoran(male) (Inactive)


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 Bernard The Living Nidoran(male) (Inactive) Empty Bernard The Living Nidoran(male) (Inactive)

Post by MorningLemon93 Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:20 pm

 Bernard The Living Nidoran(male) (Inactive) Bernard


Bernard [Common alias is 'Riv']
Item None
Gender Male
Age 18years
Species #32, Poison Pin Pokémon
Height 1'08"
Weight 19.8lbs
Pokédex Entry It scans its surroundings by raising its ears out of the grass. Its toxic horn is for protection.
Level 32
Ability Poison Point
Nature Lonely
Characteristic Highly Persistent
Moves - Double Kick (learned)
- Poison Sting (Learned)
- Horn Attack (Learned) 
- Toxic Spikes (Learned)
History In Route 2, the Viridian Forest, there was a clan of Nidorans, Nidorinos, Nidorinas, Nidoqueens, and Nidokings. Specifically for those species. The clan wasn't that big as expected, it wasn't four hundred Pokemon, one hundred Pokemon, it wasn't close to fifty, not one bit! In fact, the clan consisted of only twelve of them. Two Nidorans female and male, four Nidorinos, two Nidorinas, four Nidokings, and two Nidoqueens. More like a large family rather than a clan, yet they seemingly claim themselves as a clan. A strong clan. But it was true, the clan was very strong. One of the Nidorans was born. The first Nidoran of the two. It was a male and he was known, as Bertrand.

Now Bernard, he came from a different family. He wasn't directly born into the clan. In fact, no one was born into the clan, they were all adopted by one Nidoqueen who seemed to have emotionally controlled them all... Through fear. Nonetheless, Bernard was in the clan. He didn't get pushed around, or bullied, he was completely normal. It was just that the Nidoran was surrounded by strong Pokemon that changed everyone's mind.

Though he looks normal, and seems normal, it was actually the fact that the Nidoqueen that had adopted the clan was extremely abusive, both physically and emotionally. However, she seems abusive only to the females rather than the males. Which seems quite disturbing for Bernard. Nidokings that were once owned by trainers spread word that they though the Nidoqueen could have this special 'ability' that makes her aggressive around the same genders. The ability being known as 'Rivalry'. Bernard didn't care of the name, nor why the clan leader was abusive. Just as long as it didn't involve him in it.

But it did involve him. As time passed by, Bernard became strong, just like his name. Though really, because of his newfound strength, he would often badmouth of his clan, and outsiders - well pretty much anyone. However, a new Nidoran was born, this time female. Bernard has, not only became interested in this Nidoran, he fell for her first sight. As much as the Nidoran male wanted to impress and flirt with her, he simply left her out cold, only because he didn't know much of socializing.

Though they somewhat became close due to one event, which was when the Nidoran female got beaten by the clan leader. Not only did Bernard get overprotective of her after that, he confessed his love. He got no response, for the Nidoran female was emotionally unstable, due to the bullying from Pokemon outside of her family and the constant abuse from the leader.

The Epidemic hit the clan much later than usual, leaving the clan to defend itself from the undead. Little did they know that they were immune to the disease. However, they all died, one by one. Most of them were eaten alive, torn apart so badly, or the excessive mounts of bleeding. Three remained standing; Bernard, the Nidoran, and the Clan Leader. The Nidoqueen went insane, taking the Nidoran so she can 'have someone to beat up', leaving Bernard to fend for himself.

Bernard felt fear and terror, and spent the Epidemic wondering alone, he worried for his loved one, and worried of the endless possibilities that had happen to her. Feeling fear and terror was normal for him recently, as he continues to put on his sly, 'cool' act in front of survivors. Despite the fact that they end up splitting after a while.
So he traveled. Staying in his home region, but he wanted someone, someone to help him. So much.
Appearance Bernard looks like a perfectly normal Nidoran. The only thing that really sets him apart is the cold and distant look often found in his eyes.
Personality -Bernard prefers being called as 'Riv' which is nickname, as he finds it better than his given name. Despite the fact that his crush is pretty much the only exception when it comes to calling him his real name.
-Bernard barely shows consideration for anyone besides himself, as he puts himself as higher than everyone else in rank, and feels better to lash it out on people by degrading them. He's really lonely in truth, and truly doesn't know how to socialize properly.
-Despite all of the name calling, he really cares for others deep inside. His biggest fear is getting ditched and being lonely due to his emotional trauma.
User Notes -The Nidoran was originally made to be impish rather than lonely, but I realized that it doesn't fit his story much, so I changed it around a bit.
-Bernard means 'strong, brave bear' and originated from Old French and Old German.
-Any female Nidoran he spots he immediately thinks it's his loved one, that is, just first time seeing them. 
- Adopted From Pheonix

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For future reference, you have to wait for the Orphanage moderator, in this case Raikou, to repost giving the okay to post the profile yourself.

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