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    Sorrow the Solemn Pikachu & Lorcan the Tribal Patrat [Village, Ace]


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    Sorrow the Solemn Pikachu & Lorcan the Tribal Patrat [Village, Ace] Empty Sorrow the Solemn Pikachu & Lorcan the Tribal Patrat [Village, Ace]

    Post by Dandelion Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:40 am

    Sorrow the Solemn Pikachu & Lorcan the Tribal Patrat [Village, Ace] QYRUGRb


    Sorrow the Pikachu and Lorcan the Patrat
    Text Color #eee8aa - Sorrow's fur yellow
    #ae8750 - Patrat-fur Tan
    Item Light Ball
    An earring with two blue feathers attached, as well as a similar tailring.
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult
    Species #25 Pikachu, The Mouse Pokemon - Electric Type
    #504 Patrat, The Scout Pokemon - Normal Type
    Height 1'04"
    Weight 13.2 lbs
    12.1 lbs
    Pokédex Entry "If it looses crackling power from the electrical pouches on its cheeks, it is being wary." - Pokemon Pearl

    "Extremely cautious, they take shifts to maintain a constant watch of their nest. They feel insecure without a lookout." - Pokemon White
    Level 60
    Ability Static
    Keen Eye
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Often Lost in Thought
    A Little Quick Tempered
    Moves - Thunder (Level Up)
    - Thunderbolt (Level Up)
    - Slam (Level Up)
    - Light Screen (Level Up)

    - Tackle (Level up)
    - Sand-Attack (Level Up)
    - Bite (Level Up)
    - Hypnosis (Bred)
    History Sorrow was the sole surviving kit of his litter- his siblings all died shortly after birth. He was oddly colored from day one- a lot more pale than most Pichu in both his yellow and black. His parents always treated him badly, blaming him for their other childrens’ deaths and wanting him to feel the suffering that they did. He eventually ran away, and the young, inexperienced Pichu very quickly found himself in deep trouble. His family had lived near a desert, and that was where he ran without knowing any better. However, the grueling sands and the hot sun quickly exhausted the frightened and weak Tiny Mouse Pokemon. He was next to death when a small pack of Rattata and Raticate found him. As the first stroke of luck in his short life the mice took him in and nursed the kit back to health.
    He was so happy when he woke up, spending some time with the ones that took the time and effort to actually care about him. With the happiness he felt for them Sorrow evolved into a Pikachu, still as pale in color as always.

    He truly enjoyed their company, but he knew he didn’t belong with them. Something never felt quite right and, after a few months, he left quietly and silently, only wishing they would remember him and to always be safe. From then on, Sorrow lived alone. Relying only on himself the Pikachu was continuously becoming stronger. As he moved from place to place, never feeling right in one place for too long, the other Pokemon became stronger as well, making him have to fight harder.
    He was always the lonely one, always the one to never stay long enough for others to really get to know. He would simply drift in for a while, and when others almost seemed to notice his presence he would move on, no more then a confusing memory... And he was content with that existence.. that is, until the epidemic hit.

    When he began to see other Pokemon change into mindless beasts, tearing their own family and loved ones apart.. something snapped in him. Sorrow's strength and his voice failed- he became catatonic.
    He knew he needed to find someone who understood him, someone who wouldn't let his memory and being be forgotten.. before he lost his mind completely. By this time, he was a powerful Pikachu from a tough rogues life, but he was terrified of hurting others- even attacking infected made him weep, so he just ran. He had the ability to defend himself but no will to do so. He just needed.. someone.. Sorrow continues to run until even now, praying he finds someone who can understand and accept him before its too late.

    Deep in the heart of Unova lived a tribe of Patrat and Watchog. There they lived peacefully, far away from most humans and ignored by those that happened to wander by due to their bland species. Safe from that threat the rodents were free to live their lives and worship their gods: bird Pokemon!
    According to the old legends of their tribe the Patrat line was not that of a rodent but a bird, a true avian with wings that allowed them freedom of the skies. With sturdy beaks and long tails they were a true envy to all who saw them and the proud creatures knew it. And for that reason alone they had to be destroyed.

    Smitted down in a cruel twist of fate the Legends took all the Patrats held dear: newborns feathers were stunted, growing in so small they were basically fur. Their breaks shrunk to nothing, leaving behind a big buck tooth in its wake. Talons became claws and tail feathers stiffening into born. The proud birds became a shell of their former selfs, rodents and no more.
    Now trapped on the ground the Pokemon were terrified. All who loathed them before had free reign to prey on the creatures. If the couldn't fly, they were defenseless. The Patrats became anxious, twitchy, and constantly on guard. They could not claim the skies they loved and were forced underground like the vermin they now were... Their new bodies were not strong but one thing did remain: their keen eyes. As long as they had those and each other they would survive...

    Lorcan was born and raised upon this legend. It was true, it was fact, it was his life. With all the pride of his ancestors the child was loved by all of his tribe, from the day he was born to the day it was torn apart by the undead Pokemon.

    He was perfect in the eyes of the Watchog leaders- rowdy and extremely active, just like a Patrat child should be, but also sharp of eye, quick of feet and fast of mind. The child could spot danger far in the distance, or smell a Pokemon if he did not. Most of the other Patrat and Watchog could too, but Lorcan sensed just a little bit more than the others. Everyone praised him for this, amazed between his age and ability.
    To say it gave the child an ego is an understatement. Young, full of himself, and prideful, Lorcan was fairly sure that, if things kept going the way they had been, that he would one day become the tribe's next Watchog leader. He would be the very best one, always remembered for his greatness! The tribe would experience prosperity like never before, living in a great era under his rein.

    One day, after seasons upon seasons of quiet life (or, as quiet a life as could be expected for an uproarious tribe of rodent-Pokemon), an undead attacked them. They had known about the infected and undead Pokemon for a long time, very rarely seeing them in their woods and hearing word of wing by their avian friends, but they had always assumed that they were safe in their far-away and fairly well-hidden village. The prodegy child was the first to spot it off in the distance with his keen eyes. Lorcan couldn't be sure what exactly the Pokemon was- it was too far degenerated, its body oozing blood and pus, and the shape was not familiar to the sheltered Patrat. He only knew that it desired to kill the whole tribe and he was the only one that could save them.

    But, the child was scared. From what he had heard undead were ruthless, a sign of extinction, death. Once they made it to an area.. it was all over. Fear gripped tight on the childs heart but he made his choice. Shame burned bright underfur but he fled, leaving his tribe to perish at the hands of the approaching undead Pokemon.

    Traveling for days on end the normally feisty Patrat was exhausted. Collapsing in the middle of no where he was shocked to find a flock of Pidove and Tranquill staring at him when he regained consciousness. The birds took him in, the look in his gold-and-red eyes saying enough. Lorcan lived with the birds for a few weeks, following their movements in the trees while they flew. Once day though, the trees stopped, and the bird-Pokemon left Lorcan. He did cry though, birds needed freedom and he wouldn't bind them to the area.
    Puffing out his chest the Patrat looked around. He didn't know where he was or where to go, but he had to go.. somewhere..
    Appearance Sorrow's fur is a very pale yellow and brown. He was born this way and it followed him through evolution. His eyes are large, bold, and red. His quiet and withdrawn nature mixed with this gives him a sort of ghastly appearance, almost foreboding to those who do not understand him. Much like his name Sorrow always looks sad and mournful, timid in stance and and movement despite the power he possesses. His fur is scruffier then most Pikachu's and has a very interesting feeling.

    Lorcan looks like a normal Patrat, but he sports two triangular marks on his face made from Oran berry juice dye- a popular custom amongst his tribe. As well as that, he wears an earring with two blue feathers on it and a sun-dried clay tailring with two blue feathers. They keep him close to the birds he worships.
    Due to his age his is very small for his species, about half the size as he has yet to become fully grown.
    Personality | Quiet | Sorrowful and Solemn | Curious | Cautious | Dejected | Fearful | Anxious | Melancholy | Appreciative | Hyper Aware | Longing |

    - Sorrow has become a shell of the Pokemon he used to be. Longing for others he is in constant search of someone, the right someone.. who can save him.
    - He yearns to have Pokemon to be around, but is often too afraid to even get near anyone. If he spots a group he may simply run away rather then deal with the anxiety.
    - He is very sensitive to others emotions and stress.
    - Unable to get himself to speak Sorrows only form of communication is actions. Small grunts and noises draw just enough attention to him while gestures, body language, and actions speak louder then his mute voice.
    - While he now hates to fight he has found the strength to at least defend himself, especially when others are around.
    - Bisexual, though love is not the first thing on his mind right now.
    - With each day that passes he fears he is losing more and more of himself, falling into a mix of panic and depression that no one can see.
    - While he does not talk his mind is extremely active. He hopes to one day find the courage to speak again.

    | Hot-blooded | Sassy | Immature | Rash | Mischievous | Bold but not Courageous | Impish | Curious | Self Serving | Devious | Ambitious | 'Protective and Noble' | Prideful and Proud | Cocky | Impatient and short tempered | Impulsive | Watchful | Regretful |

    - This impish Patrat is bold and hot-headed, often making rash decisions due to his lack of a fear impulsive nature.
    - He has a very short temper and often speaks at a speed and in a way that is difficult for others to follow. His dialect is a bit unusual but he was how his tribe spoke and it will probably never leave him.
    - Lorcan's intentions are generally good but he is but a child, flawed an immature, making many of his decisions and methods poor.
    - He has a noble soul deep down and has a desire to protect others that roots back to his clan days. He always regrets leaving his people and being able to help others now, even if its just looking out for danger, is a way to find peace for it.
    - He is fairly mischievous, devious, and curious. Likes to mess with other Pokemon sense he knows they aren't as aware of their surroundings like he is. A very childish prankster with a loud, cackling laugh.
    - Likes to do things on his own and may refuse help for a bit to seem strong but clearly knows that he needs others. Prefers to be with other Pokemon apposed to alone.
    - Idolizes all bird Pokemon and those that fly. Pokemon that only levitate will receive a scowl. Birds rule!
    User Notes - Sorrow's name was originally Soren, but he changed it because he felt he was the sorrow in peoples’ lives, always the one to disappoint and hurt them.
    - Adopted from Fox! Original profile.
    - Last Post - 19.

    - Both his Watchog parents knew Hypnosis.
    - Very loosely based off the Ixal tribe in FFXIV: ARR.
    - Adopted from Bitterblue, Original Profile.
    - Last Post - 4.

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