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Dark Days are Ahead...
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    New items to help you fight


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    New items to help you fight Empty New items to help you fight

    Post by Lugia Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:28 am

    For those of you unable to evolve now that the humans' empire has begun to crumble, fear not. You are still able to evolve, even as humans trading has already become scarce, through a hold item known as the "Trade Link".

    These are bits and pieces of the trade machines humans built to easily trade their pokemon back and forth, such as wires, cables and other bits. However, because of what they are, they're only found in Pokecenters and large cities, so use extreme caution when venturing out for them.

    For those that require an item and trading, as long as you are able to hold onto both items while you level, then you will still be able to evolve. Be creative; fashion them into a necklace or bracelet. Take cloth and secure them somewhere on your person. Evolving and gaining strength in this era is far too important to overlook any possibility of doing so, especially since the undead can evolve as well...

    If not... I think we all know the consequences for being too weak in this world.

    Be careful.

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