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Lorcan the Tribal Patrat | Inactive


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Lorcan the Tribal Patrat | Inactive Empty Lorcan the Tribal Patrat | Inactive

Post by Dandelion Sun Apr 06, 2014 6:01 am

Lorcan the Tribal Patrat | Inactive EtSemAI

Lorcan the Patrat
Text Color #ae8750 - Patrat-fur Tan
Item An earring with two blue feathers attached, as well as a similar tailring.
Gender Male
Age Child
Species #504 Patrat, Scout Pokemon - Normal Pokemon
Height 1'07"
Weight 24 lbs
Pokédex Entry "Extremely cautious, they take shifts to maintain a constant watch of their nest. They feel insecure without a lookout." - Pokemon White
Level 14
Ability Keen Eye
Nature Naughty
Characteristic Quick Tempered
Moves - Tackle (level up)
- Sand-Attack (Level Up)
- Crunch (Level Up)
- Hypnosis (Bred)
History Lorcan was always the pride of his tribe, from the day he was born to the day it was torn apart by undead Pokemon. He was perfect in the eyes of the Watchog leaders- he was rowdy and extremely active, just like a Patrat child should be. But he was also quick on his feet as well as his mind, and he could smell a Pokemon from miles away. Most of the other Patrat and Watchog could too, but Lorcan sensed just a little bit more than the others.

The child was young, full of himself, and prideful. He was fairly sure that, if things kept going the way they had been, that he would one day become the tribe's next Watchog leader. He would be the very best one, always remembered for his greatness! The tribe would experience prosperity like never before, living in a great era under his rein. Even though Lorcan's intentions were good, and he was wild and brave, he had some flaws. The little Patrat had a very short temper, and he often spoke at a speed that was hard to follow or jumbled his words.

One day, after seasons upon seasons of quiet life (or, as quiet a life as could be expected for an uproarious tribe of rodent-Pokemon), an undead attacked them. They had known about the infected and undead Pokemon for a long time, very rarely seeing them in their woods, but they had always assumed that they were safe in their far-away and fairly well-hidden village. Lorcan couldn't be sure what exactly the Pokemon was- it was too far degenerated, its body oozing blood and pus, and the shape was not familiar to the sheltered Patrat. He only knew that it desired to kill the whole tribe.

He knew that there was no point in staying. Once the undead Pokemon had decided that was what he wanted to do, it was what would happen. He was ashamed, but he fled, leaving what little of his tribe remained to perish at the hands of the undead Pokemon.

After days of travel, the fiesty Patrat happened upon a flock of Pidove and Tranquill. He had always idolized bird-Pokemon; he loved to collect their feathers and sometimes wear them as jewelry. He liked to look at them closely, to inspect each little hook and barb, and of course the bright colors. He even occasionally fantasized about making a set of wings with the feathers he had collected, but something deep within him told him that he would never be able to fly with them.

He lived with the flock for a little over a week, following their movements in the trees while they flew. Once day though, the trees stopped, and the bird-Pokemon left Lorcan.

Appearance Lorcan looks like a normal Patrat, but he wears two fang-like marks on his face made from Oran berry juice--it was a sort of dye that was popular in his tribe. As well as that, he wears an earring with two blue feathers on it and a sun-dried clay tailring with two blue feathers.
Personality | Hot-blooded | Sassy | Immature | Rash | Mischievous | Bold but not Courageous | Impish | Curious | Self Serving | Devious | Ambitious | 'Protective and Noble' |

- This impish Patrat is bold and hot-headed, often making rash decisions due to his lack of fear impulsive nature
- He has a noble soul deep down and has a desire to protect others that roots back to his clan days. Always watching out of danger though he cant necessarily do much to fight it.  
- He is fairly mischievous, devious, and curious. Likes to mess with other Pokemon sense he knows they aren't as aware of their surroundings like he is. A very childish Prankster.
- Likes to do things on his own and may refuse help for a bit to seem strong but clearly knows that he needs others. Prefers to be with other Pokemon.
- One day, he wants to make a set of his own wings and fly like a bird-Pokemon. Idolizes all bird Pokemon and those that fly. Pokemon that only levitate will receive a scowl.
User notes Adopted from Bitterblue, Original Profile.

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