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B'doke the Distant Delectroke & Riley the Obsessed Raichu | (Meteor, Hoenn)


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B'doke the Distant Delectroke & Riley the Obsessed Raichu | (Meteor, Hoenn) Empty B'doke the Distant Delectroke & Riley the Obsessed Raichu | (Meteor, Hoenn)

Post by Dandelion Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:54 am

B'doke the Distant Delectroke & Riley the Obsessed Raichu | (Meteor, Hoenn) DPdLf01
other images:
B'doke the Distant Delectroke & Riley the Obsessed Raichu | (Meteor, Hoenn) WEWRUby
B'doke the Distant Delectroke & Riley the Obsessed Raichu | (Meteor, Hoenn) ZlghqHy
B'doke the Distant Delectroke & Riley the Obsessed Raichu | (Meteor, Hoenn) EABR9uG

B'doke the Delectroke and Riley the Raichu
Dysfunction Codependent Relationship
Theme Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz
Africa - Toto
If I Didn't have you - Thompson Square
Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor
Profession Former trainers Pokemon
Text Color B'doke - ccb530
Riley - cf8c30
Item None
Green Bandana
Gender Male
Age Adult
Young Adult
Species ♯??? Delectroke, The Lightning Pokemon - Electric Type
♯26 Raichu, the Mouse Pokemon - Electric Type
Height 6'08" [TALL]
Weight 168.2 lbs.
67 lbs.
Pokédex Entry FakemonDex:: Because of the massive amounts of electricity built up in this Pokemon, thunderstorms often follow it. It was once fabled as an offspring of Lightning itself.
HeartGold:: When its electricity builds, its muscles are stimulated, and it becomes more aggressive than usual.
Level 52
Ability Volt Absorb
Nature Calm
Characteristic Proud of its power
Highly Persistent
Moves - Thunderbolt (Level Up)
- Quick Attack (Level Up)
- Flamethrower (TM)
- Thunder Fang (Breeding)

- Electroball (Level Up)
- Agility (Breeding)
- Thunderpunch (Breeding)
- Double Team (Level Up)
Quote "Hey man.. we are all just trying to survive, aren't we? Just take it one day at a time, and hold on to the little things"

"A lifetime can be washed away by a single moment."

"He's my world, my everything! He made me, gave me a life worth living, and the freedom I wished for. He is my sunshine and I will see to it that no one and nothing takes my sunshine away."

"He makes me so happy. I'd do anything for him."

The Electrike was born in a thunder strewn field deep in the Hoenn region. His pack of Manectric's was vast and proud, claiming the barren plains as their own without much protest. Naturally quiet and reserved B'doke's young childhood went along rather uneventfully. By nature he always seemed to manage being just under the older bully Electrike/Manectric's radar, let it be him going unnoticed or the fact that he was quite large, they didn't dare mess with him. Despite his quietness B'doke had a close group of friends. He cared deeply for the other Electrike and was always very kind to those close to him. After the bullies rallied his friends he was always the first to step up, to clean their wounds of console their feelings.

Around the time he was a preteen, however, his friends began to grow detached and move away from him. After a particularly bad run in with the older kids they searched for reasons to blame the large Electrike for their troubles. The fat that he was never attacked meant that he brought the pain upon them. The fact that he never fought back meant the older kids could pick on them! B'doke took it in stride, passing off the judgement, but was internally hurt. He hadn't done a thing wrong yet he was the one being punished by those he card about.
As the other Electrikes grew angrier at him B'doke slowly spent his time away from both his friends and his home, roaming the nearby forests in search of anything to pacify the feeling of abandonment. The walks alone were enough at first but soon the electric type turned to battle. The physical distraction would keep his thoughts away from his feelings while strengthening his muscular body. B'doke worked himself calm and would be exhausted by the time he returned home. Without the energy to converse with his friends properly the Electrike drifted, becoming even more of an outcast within the group. He tried not to think about it.. their was training to be done.

Eventually the training paid off in his evolution into a brilliant and powerful Manectric. As no one in the pack witnessed the event they almost didn't recognize the regal and adult-bodied Pokemon, though he still had a childs face. Oddly enough his 'transformation' allowed B'doke acceptance once more within his group of peers, as though he were a completely different Pokemon. The Manectric should of been happy was instead he was hurt. Now he was 'good enough' for them? The wandering and time alone had done its toll, and though he was accepted B'doke still felt outcast. It seemed nothing but his lone travels would calm him..
Padding through the woods, training and looking for anything of interest the electric type found something amazing: A human house [Not that he had ever seen a human]. It was the oddest thing to the Manectric, so out of place and unnatural compared to the trees and shrubs. It had a little fenced in yard where a small yellow Pokemon joyously bounced up to him. The child cooed with delight, having never seen a Pokemon like him before. The Pikachu seemed overly amazed by him, asking tons of questions and soaking in the each word about his life. Time escaped them and it was pitch black when B'doke started back on his trek home.

Over the next few weeks B'doke rounded out a schedule allowing him time to be with his 'friends', train to his hearts content, and visit Riley. With his new-found friendship the Manectric felt truly happy for the first time in a long while. Each time he went to see the Pikachu he could freely let out any concerns pressuring him while listening to her own unhappy ramblings about being trapped with her human. Their talks weren't always negative though, often being light chatter with a calm mood. There was a simple peace in their chatting and the two grew close to one another. Unfortunately, it soon became almost necessary for B'doke to need to relax with the Pikachu: The unruly Manectric of is pack were growing restless, taking rank and gaining power as they came of age. Quiet terror spread through the pack as more and of the electric types ether gave in to their new authority or panicked at the take over. Using Riley as a form of sanctuary and barely managing to keep his powerful form under the radar, B'Doke grew cautious at home and stayed away even more then usual.

Months past and it seemed all hope was lost for the pack. The ruthless Manectric's had taken nearly a complete hold on its members, using violence and threats to manipulate them into stealing neighboring lands and food. B'doke's conversations with Riley grew longer, his input more frustrated as he watched his home collapse. His time on the thunder strewn plains was growing less and less, keeping him safe from the threats and ugly truths. It was when one of B'doke's old friends was targeted, however, that he could no longer stand by and watch. The shiny-furred female was targeted by the ruthless lead Manectric. She would make a perfect mate for him, and he planned to take her by force if she wouldn't comply. He and three lackeys surrounded her on the pinnacle of a hill, trying to 'persuade' her to take the male as her mate. She openly refused and was bit as punishment. With each rejection she was struck again in hopes that she would eventually break, her coal colored fur now stained with blood. B'doke had been returning home when he heard her cries and ran as fast as his massive paws could carry him.  

Immediately he began clawing and throwing the attackers off her, demanding them to leave her alone as he threw off the multiple males. They only scoffed at him and continued their persuasion, hardly paying him any mind. Irritated, B'doke again attacked the males, threatening them that he wasn't using his full strength and wouldn't hold back if the continued. The lead was sick of his insolence and ordered his minions to strike him down. They were weak, however, and the large Manectric easily overpowered them despite the difference in numbers. The lead was enraged, going head on with B'doke himself. His merciless actions had made him nearly as strong as B'doke, causing their brawl to be ruthless and bloody. They fought tooth and claw and while nether party seemed to have a clear upper-hand a passing storm let loose, turning their battleground to mud and rock. B'doke was used to the slippery surface, his paws firmed from fighting in filthy woodland marshes. The other male however seemed surprised, the storms in his home usually being dry and arid. Caught off-guard B'doke quickly turned the battle in his favor.

Suddenly the heavens let loose several bolts of lightening. None of the electric types were bothered by this normal phenomena until one of them struck the males locked in combat. The flash of light didn't vanish like normal but engulfed B'doke as he began to glow and evolve. As the light dissipated it was obvious the fight was over, but this new figure who stood as victor was unknown. The other Manectric fled in terror, not seeing B'doke as their clammate but a monster. The lead barely managed to scurry away in a hurried panic. Heavily wounded and bleeding the newly evolved Delectroke turned to the injured female, asking her if she was alright. Unfortunately, she was in too much shock from the attack and his sudden change in appearance after the circumstance that had brought it forth to listen. She ran in fear, just making it over the crest of the hill before the confused B'doke tried to give chance. He only made it a few steps before another flash of light overcame his vision and it all went dark as he vanished within an Ultraball.

The trainer had never seen a Pokemon like him before. He had wanted to catch the shiny Manectric but after this Pokemon appeared he change target. He was fascinated, unnerved, and mystified by it. At first he tried to study and train the Pokemon, having it refuse his orders. B'doke had hardly ever seen humans, aside from the ones he occasionally caught sight of at Riley's Cottage. To take orders from one was absolute blasphemy, they meant nothing to him! With such unruly behavior the inexperienced trainer found it more worth his while to sell him for big money. It wasn't hard to find a buyer to start the viscous cycle of wealthy trainers buying the rare Pokemon but finding him too much to handle.

The Delectroke passed from hand to hand, each human he came in contact with worse then the last. Eventually he gave in, finally following the orders of the large male human he was currently owned by. He couldn't of imagined a worse human to of given acceptance. Ruthless and tedious, B'doke was trained day in and day out with a small elite team. It was miserable work even for him, someone who had trained himself nearly everyday, and beat his muscles raw. The man wouldn't accept anything less then perfect, and refusal received grave punishment. Though the Pokemon on his team were nice and seemed to be bounded by the struggle no one was particularly chatty, too defeated or distant to humor the new guy. Yet through calm and persistent questioning he learned what he was and what was happening to him. 'Listen to the master and defeat the enemy'. By the time the was taken into his first gym battle, it was an easy victory with many more to follow.

Despite his earned spot amongst the team the Delectroke felt a growing loneliness inside him. He missed the familiar paths and friends he had back home, a feeling of familiarity even though his pack was uprooted. Many months had past since he last saw his home and B'doke had long since given up hope. But, by some stroke of luck, he was released along with the rest of the team. Confusion and panic pulsed through the group. What had they done to be released? Still feeling bound to one another and used to each others company the Pokemon traveled together and slowly learned why.
The Epidemic had hit.
The strong Pokemon were still in good shape by the time B'doke left them, seeing something that looked familiar and that he hoped would lead him home. The path was difficult and one of the furthest places he had ever gone, but he knew it. Overgrown and infested with weeds it was a struggle to make it through back to the forest he had explored so many times. When at last he popped back onto the thunder strewn field he had been born in, taking in a deep breathe of dry, arid air, he was ran back to where his clan made camp.

Curiosity lead him but horror greeted him. The numbers were about the same but now many young Electrikes scurrying about. The ruthless male approached him, baring many scars from their past battle and shiny red eyes. He told B'doke this was his pack now, and to leave if he didn't want to die. Many more Manectric backed him up this time, too many for him to fight alone. Behind them others murmured in fear, unsure what or who this Pokemon was. As the lead began to snap at the air he knew it was time to leave- there was nothing he could do and nothing for him here. A quick glance over familiar faces told him they had been changed by their leads ways, extra cautious, nervous, and prepared to fight back. With a dejected sigh he knew he had no place among them anymore.

Leaving, he wandered the plains of his home aimlessly, using the less traveled paths so not to bump into pack members. But that didn't happen. The lead female, his shiny friend, had snuck out of camp and ran after him. Both excited and bewildered to see her the female told him to flee, that an odd danger was spreading through Manectrics, one that made him bloodthirsty and splotched.. Home was no longer safe and she, in an act of gratitude, told B'doke not to return if he valued his life. Nodding, the Delectroke ran, not away from the place but to Riley's home one last time. The Pikachu had brought him solace in times of need, with this power and limited knowledge maybe he could give that back.

Traveling through familiar woods there was a strange calm in the air. As he approached Riley's cottage he wondered if the Pikachu would even remember him- he had evolved when it wasn't normal for his species as well as vanishing for several months. As he approached the fence and called her name there was a tense pause before she appeared. The electric type stood before him but she too had evolved into a fairly pretty Raichu. For a split moment the Mouse Pokemon seemed taken aback by her friends new look before squealing with delight and joy. Immediately she began to pour out to him how much she missed his visits, wondered how he was doing, and how her owner had changed in the last few days. Acting like the same old Riley he had always known the Delectroke found it difficult to break the conversation short. As the closest friend he ever managed the make the thought of leaving his home and her behind was just too painful.

Dryly he asked the Raichu if she would come with him, explaining the little he knew of the Epidemic and that they had to run away. A spark lit up in her brown eyes and she accepted without hesitation, as though any idea of danger just bounced right off. Relief flowed through him that was laced with worry as the two set out into the unknown, together.

The little Pichu was born on the outskirts of Hoenn's Safari Zone to loving Pikachu parents. Along with her siblings the family was rambunctious and happy, living freely despite it being a human reserve. Riley, a naturally cheerful child, relished in her environment, not knowing or wanting to know any other. While she was still very young, however, her parents did not return home one day. Confused the little Pichu ventured out of her nest, looking for her family without even considering any dangers. The trainer who approached her was delighted to find the young Pokemon and didnt waste a moment before trying to catch her. Too surprised by this weird creature Riley only stared at him while the Pokeball closed around her.

The change was drastic and terrifying but the boy was patient and gentle. Working slowly with the child he socialized her with his Pokemon team and human beings. The fear ebbed away until the sensations were normal for her, and with a little training and time the Pichu evolved into a happy Pikachu. The boy seemed pleased with her progress, both socially and physically, making his next move a shock for Riley. The next time she was released from her Pokeball she was in an odd place she had never been before. Grasped by the hands of a new, middle-aged women the Pikachu tried to take in the surroundings instead. The house had an odd mix of trees and human scent, different from the others she had been in. Her trainer sat nearby with a praising expression, again he was pleased. Getting the vibe there was nothing to fear Riley explored the strange cottage as soon as she could move again.

After some investigating and peaking through the windows Riley found the home to be in the middle of a forest with no other houses or humans in sight. Amazed by this idea of a lone cabin in the woods she didn't even notice when her trainer left. By the time she did he was long gone with no plans of returning.
The next few days were hard on the Pikachu as she adjusted. Unannounced to her she had been given to the boys Aunt as a gift to keep her company. She was kind, the house was large enough, and was food pretty good to her standards. Yet the young Pokemon quickly grew bored and unhappy. She missed her trainer, his team, and exploring the world he had showed her. Trapped within the confines of the house, or its yard if she could get out, Riley became restless and antsy. The human played with her and bought Pokemon toys to try to entertain her, but it was hardly a enough to curb the feelings.

After a month had past the boredom became too much. Going into the yard the Pikachu easily past through the fence and into the woods beyond, completely ignoring the tugging feeling keeping her to the house. Amazed by the lands mere feet beyond her home Riley explored with awe in her heart. Each twist, turn, and tree brought an even greater smile to her face as she ventured deeper into the woods. Lost in her own excitement Riley didn't bother to pay attention to where she was going. Without realizing it she had become lost and started to trespass too close to an angered nest of Zangoose. The Cat Ferret Pokemon did not take lightly to the intruder and promptly set to attack the Pikachu off their territory.

Inexperienced and surprised the beating was not one she would soon forget. The little training she had had was nothing to protect her from the angered normal types. The struck without mercy, quickly whittling her heath away until she fled. Terrified by the chase and pain from their claws the Pikachu could do very little, stunning them with her electricity at best to give herself a chance of escape. Eventually she was able to out run them, or at least their territory, and hide in the canopy of a tree as darkness set in the woods. Bleeding quite badly the Pikachu passed out without notice up in the treetops. When morning came Riley stumbled around slowly, utterly lost and disoriented. She didn't make it far but by a stroke of luck her owner had been searching and found the wounded electric type. She immediately took her to the Pokemon Center for care.

After that Riley didn't even consider venturing out again. Her human was a bit cautious of the doors at first but soon realized the Pikachu wasn't going to leave again. Often she would stare into the woods, still wanting to explore it, but was too afraid to even try. Fear rooted itself deep to the point she was afraid to overstep her yard. The fence was her boundary and the safety line- as long as she was behind it she could be close to the trees and still safe from the violence they held.
Her boredom had ebbed a far amount as fear of the Zangoose replaced it but Riley was in no way pleased. She was supposed to keep the human company but it seemed the lady was away more often then she was home. Loneliness worked its way in. All she really wanted was a companion of her own.. Staying well behind the fence the Pikachu greeted any Pokemon that came by, usually to be ignored, in search of friendship. With each denial of company her spirits fell and she became more desperate. When her human was home she would pester her to no end, needing some sort of stimulation to pacify her boredom.  

Her hope was fading when a Pokemon she had never seen before arrived at her home. Immediately greeting it Riley was amazed that he responded back, and even so that he did not run off. All that time alone had built up tons of questions and thoughts and spilled out to the Manectric, excitement bubbling over in the Pikachu. She didn't even notice the sun was setting until he said he had to go. Wanting to keep her new friend that she begged him not to, but he assured her he would be back soon. Riley watched him disappear into the trees, preying she had not been lied to.
The hours seemed to crawl by before the sun came back but her worries were put at ease as B'doke returned time and time again. Finally, she had a friend! All the Pikachus boredom and stress seemed to vanish, the Manectric putting everything at ease. He told her of the outside world she was missing, of other species of Pokemon and his homeland. It fascinated and entertained her. How amazing, so live in the wild without fear! Examining the male she could see the muscles rippling beneath his pelt. It gave her an idea.. On many occasions the Mouse Pokemon would ask if she could visit his home, or at least explore the woods with him but the Manectric said no. 'Its dangerous' he would say or 'you're not ready yet' to make her stop asking.

Riley was confused, did she really seem that weak? If she had him to protect her, then it shouldn't matter! The denial didn't stop her from trying but it did cut the amount of times she asked. Though she was still confined to her home the Pikachu fell into a sense of ease. Life was good when B'doke was around and was calmed by thoughts of his life when he was away. What was it like out on the plains, or to be in his pack? It was just so interesting she couldn't stop thinking about it, about him! As her human left and longer and longer hours Riley had little to think about other then the Manectric. As the months passed and his concerns got darker her worries came back. She wanted to help him, to make his life better like he had for her! But nothing seemed to work- she was stuck here and couldn't seem to ease his tension.

And then.. he didn't come back..

..Why had he left her? Something had to of happened. Sure, there were days that B'doke didn't stop by but not like this, not this long with no words. Though she would take a few steps out of her yard fear kept in her place. Without him.. she really wasn't ready to go out. Her mental map to B'Doke's home that she had made based only on his stories was useless if she didn't have him with her.. So, she waited. Each day the Pikachu would stare out the window and wait, or sit on the fence and watch. Months past like this. The electric types thoughts constantly revolved around the Manectric, that something must of happened. What was he was doing, feeling, thinking about? Did he even remember her anymore, had he forgotten? Held in place by fear and unable to search a thin feeling of hopelessness began to creep up on her.

She even bothered passing Pokemon for information, anything she could get about the Manectric, but none seemed to have an answer.
When word of dangerous Pokemon reached the distant cabin her human panicked. Her little Pikachu was not a fighter but if these Pokemon were as violent as she was told she would have to make her one. Teaching her Pokemon to fight was hard, it had been so many years since she had trained something, but Riley relished in the activity- B'doke would be proud of her, if he could see how strong she was becoming!
However, the joy was short lived as her owner mashed a stone into the Pikachu's chest and evolved her. Sure, she had wanted to become stronger but she hadn't wanted to evolve! Within a day it seemed as though her owner was preparing to leave their cabin home and would take the Raichu far from this place, far from where she had last seen B'doke. What if they went the wrong way and went further away from him? It seemed all hope was lost when an all too familiar voice echoed in her ears.

Tingles washed through her as she rushed for the yard, but she stopped short of the door. What if it was just her mind playing tricks on her like it had before? What if he didn't recognize her in this new form, or didn't think she was pretty anymore? The voice called again, she wasn't imagining it! Bunching her courage, Riley burst into the yard instantly washed by B'doke's sweet scent. It surrounded the semi-familiar looking Pokemon, and he had the same voice and mannerisms.. there was no doubt in her mind that this was B'doke. The Raichu completely forgot about her own change in appearance and confided in the Delectroke that she had missed so dearly. It seemed like too soon that he was trying to leave, and she begged him not to go. Her heart nearly exploded when he asked her to come with him. He.. finally asked her.. The Raichu accepted, leaving her home without a second thought, following the only thing in her life that she loved.
Bulbapedia "Delectroke is a canine, quadruped like Pokémon. Its body is mainly grey with a spiky, yellow mane that protrudes from its chest and covers the top half of its body. Yellow tufts of fur hang over its haunches in a three-spike pattern and around all its feet like boots. Its mane sticks straight up along its neck and forehead and has four points. Its entire head is yellow aside from grey marks beneath its eyes, along its snout, and inside its ears. It has a green eyes with no pupils. Each of its paws has three toes. Its yellow, spike-like tail is bent twice at a sharp angle somewhat like a lightening bolt."

"Raichu is a bipedal, rodent-like Pokémon. Raichu is covered in dark orange fur with a cream belly. Its arms and feet have patches of brown fur at the end, and the soles of its big feet are tan with a circular orange pad. Its bifurcated ears are brown on the outside and yellow on the insides and ends in a distinctive curl. The electric sacs on its cheeks are yellow. It has two horizontal brown stripes on its back. Its long, thin tail has a lightning bolt-shaped end."
Appearance B'doke is a massive representation of his species. From birth he has always been large and a life of battling as turned him into a powerful and magnificent Delectroke. He has massive paws and knows how to throw his weight around. A few scars mare his pelt from fights but nothing too major or starkly visible. Worn, emerald green eyes.
Though he has never seen another of his species for reference B'doke looks like an average Delectroke.

A tad smaller then normal but an average Raichu in appearance. Her fur has an extra shine of health from a life of pampering as a pet and good maintenance. Large, bright, rusty brown eyes. She wears a green handkerchief she received from her owner long ago both forward and backward.
Accent Soft, soothing, tired sounding, and calm.
Devotion Hoenn legends.
Anything B'doke prays to.
Motivation Survive, keep Riley safe, and not go crazy.
To be free and with her love while eliminating any competition.
Personality | Quiet | Calm | Level Headed | Listens | Solemn | Calculating | Reserved | Laid back | Bulky | Calm Humor | Kindhearted | Wall | Gentle | Stressed | Tough | Distant | Anxious |

- B'doke is generally reserved. He is used to a feeling of solitude and only opens up to Riley. Though he is fine with a group setting he would rather it just be him and his Raichu.
- An almost somber air seems to hang over him. Its not that he is sad, but old memories and thoughts cloud his conscious. The negativity almost seems to build around him, though he isn't directly sad or happy.
- He has difficulty sleeping (it's just always been that way) and is usually tired. His energy levels fluctuate leaving him either hyped up or exhausted. Prefers a night time setting as noises are easier to spot.
- Powerful and well trained this Delectroke knows his own strength. Though he may be initially reluctant he is not afraid to use his power when needed. He will kill undead without holding back but feels inclined to tend to the bodies in some way afterward.
- He has slowly tried to train Riley, wanting to make sure she can hold her own in a fight in case something happens. Still, he is very watchful and will aid her in a fight at the drop of a hat.
- Will sometimes use jokes to lighten the mood, though usually they aren't very good and only Riley laughs at his sense of humor. He has a very wide range for humor.
- Used to wide open plains this Pokemon hates being in a small space. Forests are fine but anything that reminds him of being trapped in his Ultraball or unable to leave his trainer makes him anxious to say the least.
- Hates to see suffering and will try to prevent it. Nowadays thats a bit hard to do so he can only do damage control.
- He fears that without Riley and her constant support he would not have a reason to carry on. His only true friend and closer then family he will do anything to protect her.
- Worries deeply for Riley and fears for her mental state. She always seems to be teetering on the edge and that he needs to keep her safe. He tries his best to keep her away from everything and risk himself first.
- Doesn't necessarily like children but pities them for being in the situation they are. Will tend to kids before adults. Hopes that this little kindness will bring about a better future.

| Cheerful | Bouncy | Lovesick | Obsessed | Jealous | Defensive | No Confidence | Nervous | One Track Mind | Hysterical | Violently Defensive | Scrutinizing | Spiteful | Blaming | Paranoid |

- Though she was wildborn Riley has no memory of her time back with her parents. Yet her feral blood still pumps fiercely through her veins, telling her to explore and live in the wilds. With B'doke at her side the Raichu has little fear and freely does as she wishes surrounded by nature.
- Generally she is friendly and happy, trying to make friends with other survivors and get on their good sides. She blindly hopes to her unending happiness will spread to those around her, reviving the good in the world.
- Riley's entire world circulates around B'doke. Truly believes that she loves him entirely, and that the complete and utter obsession she has for him is just love. Every action she makes and most of her thoughts involve the Delectroke in some way. Without him she and her world would crumble.
- Can not stand to be trapped, alone, or not doing something. Her time as a pet was enough and any form of walls that can not be broken stress the Raichu. She needs open space and something to keep her paws busy.
- Very low self confidence and weak mentally. Uses B'doke to stay positive. She fears other Pokemon are out to steal him from her and being in a group too long will drain her sanity. Will believe that other Pokemon are out to get her and that she must be one step ahead of them (but she isn't that smart and usually makes a mess).  
- She will not stand for any negative comments or actions against her love doll. Retaliating immediately the Raichu can quickly turn extremely violent and dangerous.
- When enraged she will put all she has into attacking. By the time she clams down, or crashes from the exertion, she is usually exhausted and will have only a fuzzy memory of her actions/words.
- Refuses to believe that B'doke doesn't love her the same as she does. If he doesn't love her the same way she doesn't know what she would do..
- Thinks that "If I cant have you, no one can." and isn't against killing for the sake of her precious hound. IF there isn't any competition, he will be all hers.
- The mass amounts of electricity B'doke gives off stimulates the Raichu, and this often translates into aggression she turns on others.
Birthplace Hoenn Wilds
Safari Zone [Hoenn]
Name Origin Beer and Board Games S3 episode 15: Loaded Questions
Team notes Permanent
Affiliations (As a small note, since they might mention them, their littermates are named Arsi, Nero, Pike, Esme, and Branch.)
User Notes - B'doke's father was a Manectic that knew Thunder Fang.
- TM taught be his trainer.

- Both of her parents where Pikachu's that knew Agility. Riley's father's father was an Ampharos that knew Thunder Punch. The move was passed from father to son to her.
- Based off an old fear of mine.
Development Notes She ruins her own happiness. :c

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Approved, though I'd advise to clean up your spelling a bit.


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B'doke the Distant Delectroke & Riley the Obsessed Raichu | (Meteor, Hoenn) Empty Re: B'doke the Distant Delectroke & Riley the Obsessed Raichu | (Meteor, Hoenn)

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