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Benton the Shieldon [inactive]


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Benton the Shieldon [inactive]  Empty Benton the Shieldon [inactive]

Post by Negative10 Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:15 pm

Benton the Shieldon [inactive]  75

Benton (means "settlement in a grassy place". Called BT for short)
Historically he is thousands of years old, but in truth he is still in adolesence

Tackle (learned)
Iron Defense (learned)
Rock Polish (technical machine)
Double Team [technical machine]

Sturdy: cannot be taken out when HP is full, and OHKO moves don't affect the Pokemon
Good perseverance
National Dex No./Species:
#410, Shieldon / The Shield Pokemon

Pokédex Entry:
It habitually polishes its face by rubbing it against tree trunks. It is weak to attacks from behind.

Benton the Shieldon [inactive]  YellowRibbon
Yellow Bow: Slightly raises Attack, Defense, Special Attack and Special Defense of users with yellow aura.

He opened his eyes for the first time in a million years. He did not see the huge canopy trees that he remembers before going into slumber, but sleek and foreign objects, shiny and new. The Shieldon heard clapping and speaking all around him, and he turned in a circle to look at humans.

He was called Subject 367, and each day these humans would experiment on him, starving him for days or placing him in the same den as another Pokemon. It all happened in a daze, but a day came when a pair of humans in white clothing picked him up and securing him with iron belts on his back. In an odd way, he trusted these humans- when they ever fed him, the food was good, and no other Pokemon had tried to eat him here. He had a decent life with them. Then the light overhead glared, he heard whizzing, and something piercing his side...

The Shieldon awoke to find blood everywhere, with his scent lingering. He was bleeding profusely, and he started to panic. Then a trainer, with an apologetic smile, appeared, rubbing the Shieldon's head softly. "Benton the Shieldon- nothing will hurt you anymore." The little thing had been struggling at the touch of the hands, remembering vividly of the humans from before. But when he stared at the eyes of this human, he saw honest love.

He lived peacefully with this human, and though few words were spoken between the two, their love for each other was shown through their eyes. The human granted the Shieldon a yellow bow, saying the brightness should always remind him to look for a better future. Benton (he preferred BT) learned from his new friend that he resided in a new region now, and that life is not grass meadows and forested hills anymore.

Yes, because right outside their cottage lay a new world- it was not sunshine or rainbows either. Dead bodies of Pokemon roamed. Red eyes stared unblinking. The rank of death hung constantly. BT and his trainer stayed huddled in their house, for fear of death. The Shieldon and his owner fell into deep slumber one night, and BT could recall the horrible image of his blood splattered everywhere, staining the walls and stinking the air.

But his eyes were open, and it wasn't a dream. His friend and trainer had been murdered overnight, and if BT didn't know any better, he couldn't even tell it was human, in the very least his owner.

He remembers. He can't take away the images. He can't forget.

Benton acts much like a dog would, wagging his tail when he's happy and making a lot of noise too. The Shieldon wears a Yellow Bow around his neck, and although it isn't at the front of his mind, it is very dear to him. The one prominent feature of BT is the scar that traces along his entire backside - it still hurts when anyone touches the scar. He is usually seen with a pleasant nature and often enjoys trotting about.

BT rarely ever gets angry, alright with others taking charge and bossing him around. He is still very much like a child, oblivious to sometimes the most obvious of things, but it never holds him back. Preferring to be rather laid back and enjoy the simpler things in life, the Shieldon can however become serious when the times call for it.

Negative's Notes:
- With his moves, he is faster than the norm
- Has a great memory, though it doesn't always benefit him
- He is heavier and slightly larger than an average Shieldon

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Benton the Shieldon [inactive]  Empty Re: Benton the Shieldon [inactive]

Post by Suicune Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:23 pm

He'll be placed in inactive.


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