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    Cosmic the starry Umbreon and Glass the Absol (Under, Orre)


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    Cosmic the starry Umbreon and Glass the Absol (Under, Orre) Empty Cosmic the starry Umbreon and Glass the Absol (Under, Orre)

    Post by Duma Sat Aug 17, 2013 6:09 am

    Cosmic the starry Umbreon and Glass the Absol (Under, Orre) Cos_glass_ej
    Cosmic the starry Umbreon and Glass the Absol (Under, Orre) Glasscosmiccommission_zps8d9cc271
    Cosmic the starry Umbreon and Glass the Absol (Under, Orre) CosmicUmbreGlassAbsol

    Cosmic the starry Umbreon and Glass the Absol (Under, Orre) CosmicUmbre

    Theme KING - Tokumix Cover
    I Wont Give It Up - Beartooth
    Skin - Beartooth
    The Past Is Dead - Beartooth
    Hell Of It - Beartooth
    Profession Companion, full-time asshole
    Text Color #999999
    Item Focus Sash tied on left wrist
    Gender Identity Male [He/Him]
    Age Adult
    Species #197 - Umbreon; The Moonlight Pokemon[Dark Type]
    Height 3'11"[Noticeably Taller]
    Weight 65.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry When exposed to the moon's aura, the rings on its body glow faintly and it gains a mysterious power - White
    Level 48 [RP Level Up]
    Ability Synchronize: The attacker will receive the same status condition if it inflicts a burn, poison, or paralysis to the Pokémon.
    Nature Brave (+Attack, -Speed)
    Characteristic Proud of its power (Attack IVs)
    Moves - Dark Pulse [Level Up]
    - Assurance [Level Up]
    - Psychic [TM]
    - Shadow Ball [TM]
    Quote "Payback's a bitch, isn't it?"
    History Cosmic was born into a small family of shiny eevee, owned by pokemon breeders who specifically bred for rare colors in their kits. Because of this, all of his siblings were born with unusual colors. Cosmic himself was born the largest of his litter, and had dark blue and silver fur with strikingly bright blue eyes. He didn't spend much time with his family before he was taken and put out for sale for anyone who wanted such a rare eevee.

    Cosmic was bought by a wealthy family who bought him for the highest bid at the sale, taking the young kit to their large mansion to give to their youngest son, who had begged to have Cosmic as a pokemon companion. Living there, every need Cosmic had was catered for, absolutley pampering the young kit with anything he wanted.

    He was paired with the youngest son in the hopes that he would evolve into an umbreon and would also work as a guard pokemon alongside being a companion for the youngest son. Because of this, Cosmic was also trained while he lived there to get his strength up and to get closer to his charge, so that it increased the chances that he would evolve quickly.

    Because of how well known and wealthy the family Cosmic lived in was, their mansion was often the target to many robbers attemtping to steal items to seel and get a quick cash grab. There was one night when a robber broke in to try and ransack the place, and on the way tried to steal Cosmic, grabbing the eevee by the scruff to try and stuff him into a bag. Cosmic fought and cried out as he was grabbed, waking up his trainer from all the noise he was making.

    Cosmic fought the hold he was in, mnaging to sink his teeth into the robber's hand and causing him to be let go. The robber threw the eevee away from him, causing the kit to shriek and flail as he was thrown through the air. His trainer rushed to catch the eevee before he hit the ground, triggering a bright glow of evolution as Cosmic landed in his trainer's arms. The bright glow alerted the household about what was happening, giving them the time to catch the thief and arrest him.

    Cosmic was showered with praise for protecting his family and he was preened for evolving into the powerful umbreon that the family wanted him to be. The newly evolved umbreon was taken to a trainer to help teach him how to use his new evolved body in a fight so that he could better protect the family, and he was given TMs as a reward for completing his training. Cosmic's trainer himself gave the umbreon a sash that he tied around the dark type's paw as a sign of their friendship, promising they'd be together forever.

    With his new training, Cosmic was adopted into a strict security regime where he was in charge of patrolling the house at night time to keep his boy and the rest of the family safe, training in the afternoons before he had time to play so that he stayed on top of his skills and always kept alert. He took great pride in this job, and in his time as the new security pokemon, Cosmic fended off several more would-be robbers from getting into the house, spooking them off before they got inside.

    The umbreon lived like this with his family for years, content in his life where he was and his day-to-day. He bonded with his trainer, letting the boy grow and learn to love the umbreon who was such a staple in his life. So when the epidemic hit, Cosmic had assumed he would be safe in his family, believing that they loved him.

    Unfortunately for him, the opposite was true. As soon as the announcement of the epidemic reached his home and all pokemon were ordered to  be released, Cosmic was thrown outside without even an ounce of hesitation. Shocked and unsure about what had just happened, Cosmic attempted to sneak back into the house, assuming that it had just been a mistake - surely his bond was stronger than that, right?

    As soon as he got into the house and found his boy again, the young man shrieked and yelled at Cosmic as though he was a diseased rat, throwing objects at him and calling to the rest of the family to remove him. Cosmic was held at gunpoint as he was tossed out yet again, forcing the umbreon to flee as they started to shoot warning shots at him.

    With his trust in pieces, and his heart shattered, Cosmic fled the property, escaping into the wild. His emotions in turmoil, Cosmic became aggressive and bitter to anyone else around him, refusing to let anyone close and not sharing with any other possible surviviors he came across. The umbreon would always warn them off with bright flashes of his rings, and if that wasn't enough, he would end up attacking to push people away and keep himself alone, believing that everyone else would just throw him out as well.

    Cosmic eventually grew cold and indifferent to his emotions, and he resigned himself to the fact that his old life was dead, and was never coming back. The umbreon scrapped the feelings he had for his old family, burying the memory of his old life deep in his mind where he could forget about it and move on. He refused to look back into his past from that point on, focused on moving forwards and surviving the current world that existed now.

    With his old threads severed, Cosmic wandered the epidemic stricken lands for somewhere else to live, constantly on the move and removing any undead he came across on the way. In his travels, he met a headstrong Absol known as Glass who found it in her best interests to stick close to the umbreon like glue. Despite his best attempts to push her away and keep the absol from sticking around, she stubbornly followed after Cosmic, smugly stating that she would be much harder to get rid of than he'd give her credit for.

    Despite his best efforts, Glass wormed her way into Cosmic's defenses, getting closer to him and getting to the point where he could even call her a friend. The umbreon begrudgingly dragged Glass around with him as the two of them travelled around, and as much as she irritated him, Cosmic had to admit that travelling with someone else was nicer than alone. Glass travelled with him across Orre and to a large cavern known as The Under, where they stayed for a time with a large group of other survivors.

    They stayed in Under for quite some time, gathering a large group of pokemon that all tended to work together as well as a rag-tag group could. Cosmic and Glass led their group around through many perils and dangerous situations ranging from large hoardes of undead to a mutiny caused by one of their teammates going off the rails.

    Unfortunately, something happened. Even Cosmic didn't recall what happened, just that suddenly he and Glass were whisked away from the Under and were deposited in the middle of nowhere, with no idea what happened or how they got there. The two decided to stick together like they had before they got to Under, searching for something or someone familiar at least.
    Bulbapedia "Umbreon is a Pokémon which has a sleek, black body with four slender legs and crimson eyes. It has two pairs of pointed teeth (one in the upper jaw and one in the lower jaw) which are visible when its mouth is open. It has long, pointed ears and a bushy tail, each with a yellow band around them. Its forehead and legs have yellow rings on them."
    Appearance Cosmic's fur is a striking dark blue, much different to the dark black and even the lighter grey of a normal shiny. His fur is adorned with small multicolored spots that glow along with his unusually silver rings. His eyes are a very light shade of ice blue, and his pupils are silver slits. He's slightly thin like most in the epidemic, but he still keeps in good shape and fit. He's larger than a normal umbreon, and due to this, slightly heavier.
    Accent Low, growling tone with a very slight rasp to it.
    Religion He doesn't like the legends and won't bow to any of them.
    Motivation Survive, if not for himself then for Glass.
    Personality Pros
    Steadfast, loyal, critical thinking, fast planner, active and doesn't beat around the bush. Cosmic is a very upfront type, and he likes to make his opinion on a subject known. He's a critical thinker and can come up with plans on the fly as needed, especially if it is the middle of a tense situation. When he sticks with a group, Cosmic becomes incredibly loyal and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. He's an active thinker and often tends to pace as he talks, muttering different ideas under his breath before drawing conclusions.

    Stubborn, blunt, brash and snappy. Cosmic is very standoffish to most people he meets, and tends to keep them at a distance because of his own issues of being close to someone. Cosmic is incredibly sharp with someone who irritates him, and does not get along with weaker pokemon that tend to just cower away from danger. He doesn't get along with children or younger pokemon, seeing them as an irritant. Cosmic is very blunt and can even be completely harsh when speaking his opinions on something he doesn't like, and has a very explosive temper when pushed too far.

    Cosmic is still loyal to humans, despite his experiences with them. He will prioritise defending a human over another strange pokemon he doesn't know.
    User Notes -Dream team is BACK babyyyyyy
    -Complete overhaul of his profile, revamped and re-written history and personality.
    Team notes Cosmic is a colossal asshole, but he's smart and he knows his way around most situations. Glass often keeps his temper in check.
    Affiliations Glass - His consistent travel companion and affectionate thorn in his side. Glass has been with Cosmic through thick and thin, sticking by his side despite the umbreon's disagreeable nature. He's fiercely loyal to her because of this, standing by her side however much she might irritate him. She keeps his temper in check, while likewise he stops her from being overly rash in her choices.
    Lazarus - His sister and littermate. Cosmic didn't know much of her, since she escaped one day and was never found by the breeder, but he does wonder whatever became of her sometimes.
    Development Notes Mellow out a little, god damn, man.

    Cosmic the starry Umbreon and Glass the Absol (Under, Orre) GlassAbsol
    Evolved Image:

    Theme Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran
    Bitter - Citizen Soldier
    Waiting On The Sun - Citizen Soldier
    Still Breathing - Citizen Soldier
    Profession Full-time snarky git.
    Text Color #D3D3D3
    Item Amulet Coin on a necklace - often hidden in her fur.
    Gender Identity Female [She/Her]
    Age Adult
    Species #359, Absol, The Disaster Pokemon[Dark Type]
    Height 3'11
    Weight 103.6lbs
    Pokédex Entry Rumored to sense disasters with its horn, it became a target. It fled deep into the mountains. - Pokemon Black
    Level 50 [RP Level Up]
    Ability Super Luck: The Pokémon is so lucky that the critical-hit ratios of its moves are boosted.
    Nature Brave (+Attack, -Speed)
    Characteristic Strongly Defiant (Special Defence IVs)
    Moves - Sucker Punch [Level Up]
    - Night Slash [Level Up]
    - Dark Pulse [TM]
    - Future Sight [Level Up]
    Quote "Lets kill this fucker."
    History Glass was born into a pack of absols that lived high in the mountains of Sinnoh, and right at the bottom of the mountain was a small village that always blamed the absol pack when something bad happened to their village. More than once they had angry villagers coming up to drive them away, but Glass's parents were determined to stay, and so they ignored the villagers, but it soon became their downfall.

    It all happened suddenly. One moment, Glass was playing with her litter mates, the next her eyes glazed over and her forehead orb glowed. In her vision, the cave was getting stormed by strange humans in black armor and they were attacking and killing her family. Glass blinked and the vision was gone, her eyes went back to normal and her forehead orb stopped glowing. Glass got up and ran to her father, who was the leader of the pack.

    Her father didn't believe her, and because he thought she was lying to him, he exiled her from the pack. His own daughter. Glass couldn't believe it. She blinked once, staring up at her fathers angry face. "NOW!" He roared, and Glass's face switched from one of confusion, to terror, as she turned and ran from the den, tears streaming from her eyes. As she ran down the mountain side, she saw the people from her vision coming up the hill. "I tried to warn them. let them bask in their own stupidity." She said, her voice cracking from sadness.

    Glass never heard from her family again after that day, and she never wanted to. They had exiled her after she warned them of the disaster that was to come for them, and they exiled her for it. Well fuck them! She had her own way of living, and she wasn't about to let her family to get in the way. She started living as a lone absol, staying well away from the village and surviving on her own.

    She trained on that mountain and when everything started getting too weak for her level, Glass moved on, climbing down from the mountain to find her own home, away from the damn humans. She made her way to Mt. Coronet and made the mountain her home. She liked the place due to the rumors of Legendary Pokemon living there, however she never really believed them. Glass had a happy life, living there for a good few years. Then, it all went south when the epidemic struck.

    The news hit Glass like a ton of bricks. Undead pokemon? How was this possible? Weren't dead pokemon meant to STAY dead? Glass thought this as impossible, until she saw her first undead. It was a Machoke. It's face was half burnt off and it was missing an arm. It's eyes glowed red with infection and worst of all, Glass saw that it was powering up a move. Focus Blast. Glass knew the typing was against her, but she kept her cool. "No way am I being driven from my home TWICE." She said, her face set in a brave smirk as she used Quick Attack to get away from the Machoke's Focus Blast. Then she came back with a Future Sight, using Quick Attack to get in close before hurling all the psychic energy she had built up at the Machoke. The super effective psychic move did huge damage, as Glass finished the Machoke off with a Razor Wind attack, decapitating the thing. No way was she going to give up, even when faced with something where the odds were not in her favor. That was just how Glass rolled.

    While in Coronet she met up with a Sableye and to be honest, Glass thought he was a fucking lunatic. She faked the 'nice' act and played along, but in her mind she was practically screaming at the annoyance and mentally torturing the dual type, however before she actually inflicted her thoughts onto the Sableye, a mysterious power whisked her away, leaving her in a medical facility's insane asylum.

    Glass wasn't the only one that was teleported to this place, a Riolu and Charizard were teleported there as well and Glass darkly suspected that the Riolu was infected. But against her better judgement she made friends with the two and they worked together to rip the door locking them in off it's hinges.

    What they met in the hallway was absolutely terrifying, bloodied and mashed bodies of human and a few pokemon lay all across the ground, but they had to get through it to get out of that mental facility. They got to the stairwell, but they couldn't go straight down because of an electrically charged pool of water.

    So they went upstairs to the third floor where they found a practically empty room that had laser sensors blocking the way to the stairs on the other side. The trio had crossed it, setting off alarms and bringing a horde of undead after them, however they managed to get into the other stairwell without too much trouble.

    Going down to the first floor they found a Machamp which apparently knew the Charizard in their trio, but the fighting type was no longer sane and attacked them. It was a huge battle, and Glass's thoughts were confirmed that the Riolu had in fact become undead. They defeated the Machamp and Glass, The Charizard and the Riolu parted ways, leaving Glass wondering if they'd ever see each other again. The last momento she had of their trio was an amulet coin given to her by the Charizard.
    Bulbapedia "Absol is a quadrupedal, mammalian Pokémon with a dark blue to black body covered in white fur. It has a ruff around its neck and chest and a tuft on the top of its head adorned with a single blue-black oval. Between the dark skin, the curvature of the white fur on its head, and positioning of its horn, Absol's face vaguely resembles a wu wei symbol. It has a feline face with almond-shaped, red eyes, a scythe-like tail, and a crescent-shaped horn on the side of its head. Its broad feet are equipped with three claws each, and dewclaw-like spikes protrude from the heels of its hind legs and the elbows of its front legs. It walks with a pacing gait like that of a camel."
    Appearance Much like a normal absol, Glass has white fur and blue highlights, however unlike normal absol, the orb atop her forehead is a pure white in color. Her eyes as a slight shade of red darker than normal, and she usually stands tall and proud.
    Accent Soft spoken but low toned voice, has a slight rasp when she raises her voice.
    Religion She doesn't follow any legend specifically, but she does respect them.
    Motivation Stay alive, figure out what the hell is happening in the world now.
    Personality Pros
    Steadfast, quick thinker, natural leader, loyal. Quick witted, humerous and soft around people she trusts. Glass is a very strongwilled sort, very sure of herself and confident in whatever she does. She's a very fast thinker whenit comes to coming up with plans on the fly, and is a natural leader. She does well in a position of leadership, taking the reins easily if they're handed to her. When close with someone, she has a softer side that she doesn't often show, concerned for the wellbeing of her friends when in the safety of privacy. She has a lethal wit, and uses it whenever she can to make light of tense moments.

    Cold and distant from strangers, brash and confrontational when irritated. Glass has a short fuse when irritated, and can act without thinking when she's irked. She doesn't like taking orders from people, having issues with authoritarian figures when they're being overly pushy. She also doesn't pull punches when she has something to say, often speaking her mind without taking into account what the repercussions could be.

    Glass has a wide knowledge of colorful language and she uses it extensively. She doesn't like loud and sudden noises, often getting a violent fight-or-flight reaction when close to anything suddenly loud.
    User Notes -Completely revamped profile, history and personality.
    -History updated to include events of RP.
    Team notes Glass is very headstrong, but she's also loyal. She's a bit of a pain at first but quickly warms up to others.
    Affiliations Cosmic - Glass's travel companion and affectionate bully victim. She has stuck around with the moody umbreon for a while now, keeping his ass alive and travelling with him to make their trips less lonely. Glass is very close with Cosmic, considering him as close to found family as she can given the current world situation. Cosmic and her squabble from time to time, but it's never overly serious, often being resolved soon after. Cosmic is often the one stopping Glass from doing something overly spontaneous, keeping them both alive.
    Mathias - Glass met the charizard several times in the time she was travelling around, first in the asylum and then later he travelled with them in The Under. She has no idea what happened to him when they got separated, but hopes he's at least staying safe.
    Development Notes Evolve into an Absin at some point, because I collect fakemon at this point.

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    Now I can finally get these two accepted~

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    Just wondering, are these going to be moved to the Main Computer?
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    Please note that Theme Songs are no longer allowed in profiles, dear. I suggest removing the voice examples as well.


    Cosmic the starry Umbreon and Glass the Absol (Under, Orre) OP6jjuQ
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    Ah, thanks for the heads-up Uxie, fixed.

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