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Kitty the Silly Butterfree | Reconstruction


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Kitty the Silly Butterfree | Reconstruction Empty Kitty the Silly Butterfree | Reconstruction

Post by Dandelion Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:11 pm

Kitty the Silly Butterfree | Reconstruction NcUraFD

Kitty the Butterfree
Text Color #9dd0f5
Item Blue Goggles
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Species #12 Butterfree, The Butterfly Pokemon - Bug Type/Flying Type
Height 4'06"
Weight 1.2 lbs
Pokédex Entry SoulSilver:: Water-repellent powder on its wings enables it to collect honey, even in the heaviest of rains.
Level 26
Ability Compoundeyes
Nature Quirky
Characteristic Highly Curious
Moves - Supersonic (Level Up)
- Gust (Level Up)
- Stun Spore (Level Up)
- Psybeam (Level Up)
History Kitty was born in the depths of Viridian Forest to her Butterfree parents. Her clutch was quite large, yet this little Caterpie always seemed to stick out. She would say odd things that didn't make sense, or wonder off for 'fun'. Compared to her brothers and sister, she just wasn't the same.

Her adventures led to many interesting discoveries. From Bedrill nests to swampy pounds it was so much fun! The most amazingly intresting thing though had to be an Alakazam. It was an odd Pokemon to be living in her forest, out of place and quiet, but that made him a perfect target for her interest. Kitty followed the psychic type everywhere like a lost puppy. At first he found it a bit odd but the pyschic quickly grew to enjoying the strange Caterpies company. It wasn't long before they bonded and he found her fascination with odd.
This sparked life and back into him, and even if the bug did not understand what he was saying it gave the Alakazam an outlet for his collected knowledge.

Kitty spent more and more of her time with him and away from her home. One day, she went back to her nest to find it abandoned! Her family had up and vanished without any trace or sign. Though a bit confused the Caterpie didn't mind. Being with her buddy felt more like home then anything else. No longer did she leave his side, spending day and night with him. The Psychic type had grown fond of his little friend, treating her almost as his child.

Each day he tried to teach her something new, layering on the facts until the Caterpies head was spinning. Though it seemed she was just repeating his words and not grasping them he continued to pour knowledge on her. Kitty subconsciously absorbed it all, unable to use what she learned now or even know she learned it. After one overly intense lesson she went off for a bit, trying to focus in a quiet spot. Distracted by sunlight and leaves she ended up staying away from her friend for hours and hardly remembered what he had taught her earlier. By the time she was came back it was getting dark, and the Alakazam was gone.

Kitty was utterly devastated and confused, looking all over for him. He had just vanished into thin air, crushing her little heart. She searched and searched for any signs of him while calling out the last word she had held on to from him, "Onii-chan!". The search took her far and wide and the Caterpie ran into many other strange Pokemon, but none had were or had seen her friend. After a while, she just flat gave up. It was pointless and she was quickly growing bored. Instead, she tried to further her discoveries on her own usually getting distracted in the process.

Sometimes she'd bump into other Pokemon and tried to teach them something but it would always come out garbled and incoherent. It wasn't long before the Pokemon would step away thinking her mad. Without others to talk to, Kitty started to feel lonely. Something caught her eye, a Snivy, who she had often seen in her woods. She had never spoken to him but often watched the grass type talk to others. Anyone really. Getting to tiny feet, he was a curious creature to follow..
Appearance Kitty is a sparkling shiny Butterfree, an icy blue as apposed to the usual purple. Her exterminates are a solid blue and the black of her wings is a bold blue. while it is had to tell her antenna are a dark blue instead of black. Her eyes are pale pink.
Personality Silly, Happy, Fun-Loving, Humors, Quirky, Odd Ball, Curious, Day Dreamer, Childish. Derpy.
Often goes off on a tangent. Very forgetful and random. Enjoys making weird noises and coos. Even though she was taught a lot of things, she is unable to access the information, and says many jumbled, incoherent things when she does. E.x. 'The Growlithe tree fire trees fur.'

User Notes

  • Often mistaken to be a child because of her high voice, appearance, and personality.
  • Though they share a name she is not based off of Yellow's Butterfree from Pokemon Special.
  • Said Alakazam was previously trainer owned, released because he was infected. He left her when he felt the virus taking over.

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