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Solstice the Mystic Absol & Jacobi the Sweetheart Umbreon


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Solstice the Mystic Absol & Jacobi the Sweetheart Umbreon Empty Solstice the Mystic Absol & Jacobi the Sweetheart Umbreon

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Solstice the Mystic Absol & Jacobi the Sweetheart Umbreon Z0IkYHu
Solstice the Mystic Absol & Jacobi the Sweetheart Umbreon Gmtyu2D
Solstice the Mystic Absol & Jacobi the Sweetheart Umbreon DXa1DM5
Solstice the Mystic Absol & Jacobi the Sweetheart Umbreon 30m651x

Solstice: The Foreboding Spirit and Jacobi: The Sweetheart
Text ColorSolstice - #b2a7c9
Jacobi - #5d6593
Item No Item
No Item
Gender Female
Age Mature Adult
Older Child
Species #359 Absol, The Disaster Pokemon - Dark Type
#197 Umbreon, The Moonlight Pokemon - Dark Type
Height 4'05"
Weight 110.7 lbs
27.0 lbs.
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Diamond:: It senses coming disasters and appears before people only to warn them of impending danger.
Pokemon Platinum:: When exposed to the moon's aura, the rings on its body glow faintly and it gains a mysterious power.
Level 61
Ability Super Luck
Nature Careful
Characteristic Strong Willed
Highly Curious
Moves - Razor Wind (Level Up)
- Night Slash (Level Up)
- Will-o-Wisp (TM)
- Faint Attack (Breeding)

- Tackle (Level Up)
- Pursuit (Level Up)
- Yawn (Breeding)
- Psychic (TM)
History The little Absol was born in the streets of the great Castelia City. Her parents, an Absol and Persian, were mangy poppers who had very little other then devoted love. The child, named Solstice for the date of her birth, tried to make friends but to no avail. Despite being an innocent babe humans avoided her for her species, and other Pokemon for the fleas that she carried. Disheartened by each failure Solstice found her only solace to be her parents and herself.

As she played in the park area of the great city, ricocheting off a tree to see how high she could jump, something unusual happened- another Pokemon approached her. The scrappy young Poochyena was bold and wanted to play but Solstice was spooked. No one ever wanted to play with her. Unsure of her own safety the child ran home, leaving the Poochyena in her wake and not wanting anything to do with him.
Day after day, however, she would bump into him over and over, almost as if her fellow dark type was stalking her. The shy Absol was afraid to ask why he was doing this to her and just wanted it to stop. Refusing to leave her home the introvert wondered what she did wrong.

Eventually her parents said this had to stop- he probably just wanted to make a friend of her and there was nothing to be afraid of. Reluctantly, Solstice starting go out again to explore and learn. Not even a day later though, after being chased away by yet another human child in fear, she bumped into the canine again. Completely unprepared and not in any condition to be near him she finally broke down and asked why he kept bothering her. He seemed puzzled, but smiled and said he just wanted to know her name and that his name was Equinox. She gave her answer politely and quickly dodged any further questions and left. Yet as the days persisted Equinox kept showing up like before, unafraid to ask her questions or make a statement. Slowly Solstice became used to his presence and finally accepted him as a friend.

As it turned out the pup was also a human reject, too scrappy and 'dangerous' looking for the kids to want. Despite constantly being cast aside he seemed very happy and knew the city like the back of his paw. Empathy gained his attention, and seer persistence brought forth a friendship, but only time could blossom a bound between the two. With her first real friend Solstice matured into prepubescence with happiness. The pair became inseparable, let it be exploring or playing, the Dark Types always found time to play. Humans still avoided them but they no longer cared- they had one another for entertainment.
Still, the Absol was not overly social. She loved the see the land and adventure but found it much easier to use her companion for support. Exploring as far as the reaches of the neighboring routes and the darkest corners of the cities little Solstice's courage was only present when Equinox was.

So when he didn't come to play for a few days anxiety began to build under her pale colored pelt. And for good reason. When the Poochyena did show up again there was a dark look to his eyes and a limp in his step. Though he smiled at her there was a definite avoidance to her questions about what had happened, a hint of pain in his voice. As the weeks persisted more and more of these incidents occurred. The canine grew secretive, and always seemed to be wounded but never had a good explanation. Determined to find out what was happening to her friend Solstice hatched a plan to follow him. After he had gone home and the moon had risen the Absol made her way to the Poochyena's den. She made it just in time to watched the small dark shape sneaking out and heading off under the cover of night..

Steeling her courage the pale colored Dark Type stuck to the shadows, using them as cover as she stalked Equinox. Where was he going, and why in secret? They journeyed far into a more remote area of the city where plants had overtaken their yards, spiney weeds making it a very unpleasant place. The Poochyena seemed to of stopped and Solstice was just about to reveal herself with questions when a cellar hatch popped open and he slipped inside. 'Oh no..' What could he possibly be doing in there? Waiting before moving the Absol silently slips in after him. It was unnervingly brighter inside, a strange orange lit illuminating the place, and smelled thickly of blood and death. Solstice could feel her heart beat against her ribcage but forced her way forward as she could now hear Equinox speaking. However, before she could catch any of the words dread washed over her. Without looking she knew there were Pokemon standing behind her. Jumping to the left then the right she manages to dodge there attacks and rush up beside Equinox by pure luck. Panic glistened in his red-gold gaze but the female locks eyes with the devilish Pokemon he had been talking to. "I see you brought a friend," It growls in a voice like hell itself. "We dont take kindly to strangers around here. Tell me child, do you know this hound?" The Absol can feel the stress radiating from the Poochyena beside her as well as the tension in the air. They were being watched by Pokemon she could not see. "Yes, I do." She replies as loud and clear as possible, refusing to let the fear into her voice.

The dark figure raised a brow as a crooked smile spread across his muzzle, "I see." Its voice was utterly terrifying and the child quaked in her fur. What was this place...? "Tell me child, do you like games?" A bead of sweat forms under her fur. "Lets play a game. Go stand against that wall." A paw with long grizzled nails points to the side of the room. As if in a trance the Absol follows toward the spot it landed on. Equinox whines something but is silenced by a Pokemon she can not see. The beast moved slightly forward so she could see its devilish gold eyes. "Youre either awfully brave or absurdly foolish. Lets see which it is." A massive green snake slithers out of the darkness, "Dont move now." It hisses with dark laughter in its voice. There is scare enough time to take in a breath before the Serperior moves into action. With a soft whiz razor sharp leaves fly in her direction faster then one can see. Their sharp edges dig into the wooden wall behind her mere inches, centimeters from her bright white fur. Solstice flinches, body rigid and unable to even move away as the onslaught continues. A small heart flutters, beating harder and harder as the leaves get closer to her body. It feels like an eternity before it stops and she can exhale but the quadrupeds face is still hard and emotionless, only her violet eyes showing how scared she was. A sharp pain rings from her cheek: she must of shifted as one cut leaf slightly cut her face.

Her blue claws clatter on the floor as she shakes, hyper aware of the fact she had nearly just been killed. "So youre a brave one then, ey child?" The voice from before returns. "Maybe there is use for you." Purple eyes flick toward it only to see the black pelt slink forward. Use? What was this place and why was Equinox here! "Well then, give me your name lass, so we can add you to our ranks." The wicked grin returns, "Or the next leaf will hit you a few inches lower." She chokes on her own breath but remains stoic. There is a small pause before she can get herself to calmly reply, "Solstice"
"Well, Solstice, welcome to hell."

And hell it was. The Absol had no idea what she had just gotten herself into. Instantly is was dragged away to be lectured, told that if she ever spoke of their existence she would be silenced, to obey and respect her superiors, and do as told. Though her life had been far from cushy this was a vast and hard change. Each day they worked her, the childs body screaming for solace as they pushed her to her mental and physical limit. Too afraid to say no the pain was all she knew to be honest at that point. While her nights were spent training at least a few hours of her day were always spent near her parents. Though they cared for her daughter and somewhat noticed her lack of energy they were none the wiser of the horrors she had gotten herself into. The little Absol pleaded for them to notice, too fearful to ask them for help.
Several days passed before Equinox even got the chance to tell her what was going on, purposefully separated from the female at first as they scrutinized her performance. The Poochyena refused her details but said something had happened to his parents and he had no other choice but to join the gang. It didnt make much sense but he warned her there was no way out now. He had dragged her in and now they had to commit, or be killed off... Clear shame and sorrow glittered in his eyes but sadness refused to registrar in the Disaster Pokemon- she was too tired from it all to be worried.

The days dragged on. Her sleeping schedule was messed the hell up, training was utterly exhausting, and before she knew it the youth was on her first heist. It seemed the Dark Type children were constantly being tested and threatened. 'failure will result in death' let it be by the mission itself or the gang members punishment, it didnt matter. Under the cover of night the pair were escorted into the nearby desert. "Youre first task is simple" the guard spoke matter-of-factly, "Make your first kills, then you can return." He turned to leave, "Until then youll stay here." and vanished into the dark. Exhaustion was plaguing her paws and mind, bringing a frown to her tired face, but it was one of the few chances she had alone Equinox and she wouldnt pass it up. "If we stick together this'll go by twice as fast" She tells him. The Poochyena disagrees, saying packs make prey nervous, and he went off in another direction to start tracking.

Having never hunted the mere thought of killing was making Solstice's stomach churn, pulse race. Every noise and whip of the sand sent panic through her pelt. Was her prey nearby? Would she have to act fast and kill now? Taking in a deep breath she had no idea how to hunt let alone in a sand strewn environment such as this. How did anything even live out here with no edible plants..? The Absol paced around for hours it felt, the darkness shifting across the sand. A strong breeze blows sand straight in her face and she yelps, thick paws rubbing her eyes delicately to get the grains away. Distracted, she failed to notice something rushing up on her. "Look out!" Equinox roared, suddenly appearing pelting toward her. At the last moment Solstice dove to the side, narrowly missing the Darmanitan's fist as it pounded into the sand. With a strong leap the Poochyena propelled himself onto the Fire Types back, sinking his fangs deep into its [lack of a] neck. It roared, rearing with its arms flailing to remove the pup. Solstice barely managed to clear her eyes, watching as her friend clung for dear life as the Darmanitan flailed about enraged.

She had to think fast. She had to do something fast as the beast grew even more angry, its fists bright with flames. 'Be brave' Equinox had been brave.. she, she had to be to! Taking in a deep breath the Absol charging a Razor Wind and steadied herself on her paws. The focusing and waiting was agony made worse as the Poochyena was thrown to the sand. The Fire Type reared up, exposing its "neck" as she charged it and released the sharp blade of wind mere feet from it. The attack seared across it its neck, slashing through it unnaturally so and a mass amount of blood instantly began pouring from the wound. Sounded, pained, and dying the Darmanitan was more then pissed and managed to land one of its Fire Punches in the Absol's side before it slumped over and died from blood loss.

eventually he falls into dark line, having to do bad things and dark times
finds his only peace in solstice.. eventually she is drawn into it as well or she will be hunted down
gets partnered with the mightyena, great combo
excels in the criminal world, eventually the pair is hunted by humans
no longer safe, sick of this life.. leave to a far far away place for safety.

Together, and finally at peace, the pair had a child. The little girl was perfect, her Little Solace. The family was happy, life perfect. But all perfect for the Solstice couldn't last. There was a sickening scream and the parents awoke to find their daughter missing. Panic stricken they followed the cries until they found Solace in the clutches of their old gang mates. They had come a long way to exact their revenge and the blood spattering the childs pelt send cold dread through Solstice's body. With Equin at her side the parents fought tooth and claw to save their child.
It seemed obvious that the desperate Pokemon had come a long way to find them on little. They were weak, easily killed under the angry parents strength. As the last of them fell Solstice crept up to her daughter only to watch as the life continued to pour out of her. Blood gushed from her belly and neck, her eyes dull already as her spirit faded. Their was a small spasm and she went still.

Grief plagued the dark types like a heavy rain. Solstice cried for a long time, more then she ever had before in her life. Pouring her heart out to the sky she begged and pleaded, wanting nothing more then the child she had lost.. the weeks dragged on, the pain too raw, too much to bear though it became a dull aching in her heart and body. Depression quickly gripped the Absol and she spent a lot of time huddled in her den. Eventually, after much persuading, she decided to go for a walk and stretch her legs. The forest seemed so quiet, so somber. It looked the same, as though it didn't even notice the loss it had suffered but felt as though even the air was heavy with suffering.

She looked down at him, lured by his cries, and seemed unsure what to do. She.. she couldn't believe it. Such a young child, alone in her dark home where she had yet to see an Eeveelution. There was no way she could leave him but to leave the child.. A hope bubbled in the Absol, all clouds of doubt being pushed far to the side. It had to be a sign.. Taking the innocent babe back home with her Solstice

Jacobi was a happy Eevee born to a Leafeon mother and Simisear father. They were a very loving and kind family that lived in a bright forest far away from humans. The Eevee was adventurous, wanting to see and learn all like any child should. One day, he wandered away from his parents to explore farther then he ever had before. Amazement and awe drove him forward, and by the time he wanted to head back he well past lost. Searching far and wide he couldn't find his way back home and only ended up more and more lost. Upset and afraid Jacobi started to run around at random in a desperate search for home. Its unsure how much time passed, but the Eevee found himself hopelessly lost in a thick pine forest instead of his home.

Frightened even further by the unfamiliar place the child felt the need to hide and dove into a fallen tree, not daring to venture out even as the sun fell and rose again. Stiff, scared, and alone, even hunger could not move him, but it did make him cry for his mother. The moans eventually brought forth the sound of pawsteps and the Eevee was greeted by what looked like the embodiment of moonlight herself standing just outside the fallen log. The white form was so captivating and strange he stepped out of his hiding place and right up to the Absol. Needed comfort Jacobi pressed himself against her legs, finally succumbing to sleep.

He awoke in their den and as the days past the Eevee grew much more comfortable in the pine forest. He was safe and in loving paws once more. It wasn't too long before Jacobi evolved into an Umbreon, his happiness blossoming into evolution while completing this dark type family and overjoying his new foster parents.
Then Epidemic hit, and it slowly spread to their forest. His parents acted different, edgy and tense as they picked up the danger. They stayed closer to home, alert and not as playful.

While the three of them were on a stroll several red-eyed Linoone approached, ordering for them to hand over the kit. The Absol and Mightyena exchanged an all-knowing glance, and with careful wording the Mightyena lured the Linoone away while the Absol took Jacobi and vanished.

As the tears ran free and a smile never left her face, she fled her home knowing she would never see her mate again. Telling Jacobi that Father was busy, they traveled, looking for anywhere that was safe from the undead. Whenever they ran into some, the Absol would hide her son and fight for their lives. Or, more often then not, flee with the kit in her jaws.

Once when they attacked, she hide Jacobi and ordered him not to move. The Umbreon listened and waited. And waited. And Waited. Mother didn't come back. Nervously he crawled from his hiding spot and looked for her, but there was nothing. Jacobi called for her but no one answered. Thinking she must of gotten lost and needed finding like he once did Jacobi looked for her.

He couldn't find his mother anywhere though. Days and days past but their was no sign of the Absol. Sadness plagued his little heart from being alone and lost once more. When he did find another Pokemon it wasn't an Absol but instead a Flareon. Anything was better then being alone so he followed her everywhere she went, despite her protests, scouting for signs of his Mother while traveling. The Flareon walked all over, inadvertently showing the child many new and amazing sights. They wandered into the S.S. Anne were an undead attacked and, in a bout of courage, Jacobi saved his Flareon companion. The exertion of it was too much for his little body though and the Moonlight Pokemon blacked out.

The next time he awoke the Umbreon was in a borrow in the middle of no where. Where was Diana? Where was Mama? Where was he...?
Appearance Solstice has beautiful white fur, long and flowing around her chest. Majestic in movement, her graceful long strides make her seem to glide across the ground instead of walk. Slim, tall, and well muscled Solstice is a sight to look at though you probably wont see her for long. She has spooky, violet eyes and a voice like poisoned silk.

Jacobi is a fluffy young boy. Tiny and still growing this puffball looks like most Umbreon aside from his shiny, dull blue eyes. Kit soft fur and big paws as he hasn't grown into yet, he looks a lot like the child he is.
Personality | Quiet | Majestic | Foreboding | Avoiding | Sneaky | Watchful | Ruthless | Precise | Motherly | Serious | Saddened | Gentle | Highly Protective | Calculating | Solicitous | Justified | Scrutinizing | Silent | Somewhat of a Hardass | Distant | Cold | Harsh | Precise | Heartbroken and Bitter | Clam |

- A not-so-hardened criminal, Solstice is a weary of other Pokemon. If any of them were from or knew her gang they are a threat. They could be related to her victims, or worse. Constantly on edge, aware, and alert though she acts perfectly calm.
- Very quiet and watchful Solstice is constantly watching, keeping notes on her environment so not to be sneaked up upon. Very aware and notes any feelings in her horn.
- Though she has a sense of humor is near impossible to get a laugh out of her.
- Highly believes in justice and punishment. Though she tries not to let her past effect her she is not afraid to attack, or even kill if she must, if needed. At the same time her sense of justifiable reasons to kill has been altered, making it a more and more common thought even for crimes that are not as serious.
- Jacobi is her world. With the loss of Equin and Solace she will do all in her power to protect the child. Her love, her world, her one and only, if anything bad were to happen to him she would sacrifice her life to help him.
- Would never harm Jacobi or any child for that matter. They are innocent and should not be faced with these horrors.
- Usually very reserved in conversation. Never speaks of her past aside from maybe the forest she lived in. Wants to bury her past along with its demons. Tries not to speak much in general unless needed or to her son.
- Fiercely defensive with pissed. Very to the point with her words and though she will try to prevent a fight she is completely confident in her abilities to battle.

| Young and Childish | Innocent | Curious | Quiet | Tryhard | Humorous | Adventurous | Proud | Kind and Gentle | Confused | A Child | Needy | Dependent |

- Jacobi is a child, and acts as such. He is playful, happy, and kind. Very curious and loves to explore and learn. Prone to being either too loud or silent.
- Back at home he didn't meet too many other Pokemon. His parents taught him to be polite and curtious but there just wasn't that many Pokemon his age back home. Now that he is traveling Jacobi wants to be friends with every Pokemon he meets.
- Warmhearted and kind to everyone, even if they were mean to him, Jacobi tries to be a model Pokemon. However, his age doesn't give him much respect and in this day and age it wont get him far anyway.  
- Not intimidated by adults but by species Jacobi will attempt to befriend Pokemon much older then himself. The concept of actions and age is still a bit hard for him.
- Using his psychic is still hard. Usually it over exerts him and isn't really useful as an attack. On a related note, he would rather hide then fight.
- Will listen to his mother above all else.
- Naturally curious he asks a lot of questions and may paw at things - Very naive and believing, he can easily be tricked.
- Does not understand why his father is not traveling with them, or why they are traveling at all. Doesn't realize he is probably dead.
- He is a child and no more. In times of trouble he will revert back to his childish roots, becoming needy, demanding, wanting things to be okay. While being this way isnt 'his personality' it is the base result to stress.
User Notes -Father was a Persian.
-Equin's full name is Equinox.
- Her history didnt come out the way I wanted. Writers block butchered it to hell and I apologize for that.

-Father was a Simisear who knew Yawn.
-He doesn't remember his biological parents anymore.
-His mother taught him the TM.
-References Diana the Flareon.

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