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    Crane the Revived Fearow || Faraway, Hoenn [Leader]


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    Crane the Revived Fearow || Faraway, Hoenn [Leader] Empty Crane the Revived Fearow || Faraway, Hoenn [Leader]

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    Crane the Revived Fearow || Faraway, Hoenn [Leader] Crane-1

    Text Color; #802A2A
    Level 57
    Ominous Wind (Tutored), Tri-Attack (Egg), Toxic (TM), Double Team (TM)
    Keen Eye
    Good Endurance
    National Dex No./Species;
    #022 Fearow / The Beak Pokémon – Mutated
    Pokédex Entry;
    Its huge and magnificent wings can keep it aloft in the sky. It can remain flying a whole day without landing.
    Crane was hatched by and raised in the care of a single human, nurtured and domesticated over time into the perfect companion. The young man from the Kanto region had aspirations as a professional pokémon trainer and Crane was being directed to partake in his growing, albeit amateur team. Whilst the team lacked strength to compete against the region’s gym leaders, they were all relatively close-knit and spent their days training against the many wild pokémon on their travels, occasionally welcoming particularly promising individuals to the family. However, Crane soon came aware that he was different. He knew he was the weakest member of the team, and no amount of TMs would ever make him feel worthy of fighting alongside his companions – so, he sought to avoid contact with them. He wasn’t a friendly Spearow and his trainer soon began to notice his lack of social cooperation, but without the heart to release him, his trainer simply kept him as a pet. Although he was unsure of the idea at first, Crane eventually settled on spending his life perched on the human’s shoulder to observe the battles.
    Crane never missed a move when perched on the man’s shoulder and was soon becoming increasingly curious about the battle tactics – or often lack of tactics – that the battle’s participants possessed. He could spot so many recurring flaws and blamed the battlers despite their obedience to the human’s orders, yet could find no way of voicing his disgust at the reckless, impulsive attacks. As time passed, Crane neither strengthened or weakened and was instead gifted a trip to a move tutor in order to boost his confidence. Despite the increasing duration of Crane’s new lifestyle, the human still hoped that one day the bird would return to battle and continuously coaxed the change through the teaching of TMs. Crane dismissed the man’s attempts, far too accustomed to the life of an onlooker to get his claws dirty now.
    When the epidemic broke out, the majority of humans had been warned to disown any pokémon they may possess, but Crane’s trainer was adamant. He was too attached to his team to even consider abandoning them, and as of yet little news of the infected pokémon had reached the media. Ignoring the rumours, the trainer continued battling. However, in one such battle his Rapidash was pitted against a particularly aggressive Mightyena. Neither human was aware of the Mightyena’s infected state and it was too late by the time realization kicked in. The canine slaughtered the screaming equine before moving on to lunge at Crane and his trainer. Screeching in shock, the Spearow felt the canine’s teeth pierce the flesh around his small body, but was relieved when the humans wrestled the canine away. Bleeding profusely, Crane passed out whilst a nearby police officer shot the infected hound dead.
    When Crane came to, he was in a pokémon centre with a number of humans inspecting him. He was scared, but something in the depths of his mind was oozing a previously unfelt violence. He looked up to see his trainer watching behind a glass screen a look of concern plastered across his face. Struggling to his feet, the humans were shocked at the bird’s recovery but even more so at the usually docile, cowardly creature’s lunge towards the nearest human – a deafening screech as it clawed away at the man’s face. In the moment of panic, a human pried the bird away before roughly placing a sack around its head that had previously been used to carry him to the centre. Crane could hear his owner furiously hitting the glass as he suddenly found himself struggling to breathe in the darkness. His wings flapped maniacally as he was strangled by the man until his body fell limp. He woke up a few hours later in a skip outside the building.
    Still blinded by the sack secured around his head, he struggled his way out of the bin before launching himself into the air, flying both awkwardly and blindly into the sky. It was only a matter of time before unseen obstacles forced him into a crash landing. Aggravated and hungry, Crane attempted to remove the bag around his head but instead settled on forcing a hole for his beak and using his claws to tear two holes for vision. With the advantage of his sight back, Crane set off in search of his first kill as an infected. It was only a Rattata but he was merciless in his attack and soon found that he wasn’t satisfied; he wanted something bigger. In order to bring down his next target, a stubborn Tauros, Crane put his tactics to work. He used Toxic on the creature and simply followed it until it collapsed before tearing away at its carcass – the taste was slightly tangy from the poison but Crane hardly noticed it.
    A few months later, Crane had rapidly grown in strength and eventually evolved into a Fearow. The process was exceedingly painful and the bird grew over twice the size normal for the species – a massive wingspan, particularly sharp beak and a darker colouration defining his transformation. However, there were downsides. Many of Crane’s joints stuck out awkwardly and were delicate to the touch, whilst he was deeply underweight and the bag remained secured tight around his slim head. Regardless of the mutations, Crane was pleased with the physical transformation and used it to his full potential. However, the evolution had wreaked havoc within his mind. Crane was rapidly losing his grip on reality – hearing voices, sees things, attacking and moving without meaning and frequently driven to self-harm. Yet as his life slipped into an ugly hallucination, Crane only grew hungrier.
    Crane lost his life at the claws of a muscular brute of a Charizard which he encountered on the Viridian Team. Burnt alive, the Fearow died from a combination of the ferocious pain the flames caused and a heart-attack induced by graphic, mental images of hideous undead monsters. However, by some miracle, he rose again. Not only did he return to life, finding he had control of his limbs, Crane’s sanity was also restored. Spared from the terror of the virus, the avian has been revived to a conscious, essentially living state. Shocked at having defied death itself, Crane has since travelled in search for answers to the many mysteries swimming about his volatile mind.
    Much larger than the average Fearow, Crane evolved in an infected state to boast a particularly intimidating appearance. With an impressive wingspan and far darker colouration, the avian looks a monstrous creature but in fact is particularly delicate. His bone structure is extremely weak, almost entirely visible beneath thin skin whilst joints stick out awkwardly – a crippling defect of his evolution. His skeletal appearance is only heightened by the physical deterioration that accompanied his death.
    Essentially burnt alive, Crane’s appearance is particularly bedraggled. His feathers are badly damaged, the grease replaced with a thick, charred layer whilst clumps are missing completely. Some are singed in half, however a small portion were salvaged during his revival and appear extremely out of place amongst the overall damage. In all, the Fearow still appears very much infected.
    The sack remains secured tightly around his slim head, however the material is badly charred with a collection of holes. A single, glowing red eye glares out from one of said holes, the other one having burst within the socket from the intense heat during his death. Whilst Crane now has the capacity to tear the sack off his head altogether, he has decided to keep it on out of respect for his company – fearful of the damage that it hides.
    Well-Spoken | Gentle | Kind-Hearted | Hopeful | Determined | Helpful | Considerate | Socially Awkward | Rational | Guilty | Repentant | Intelligent | Valiant | Mentally Unstable | Dangerous
    An eloquent and well-spoken individual, Crane’s bedraggled and quite intimidating appearance provides the complete opposite of the charmer’s true nature. Gentle, patient and completely domesticated, the Fearow is a kindly creature who has been burdened with the look of a monster automatically set to deter company before they have chance to see how harmless the heart within is. But ever the optimist, Crane is mainly undaunted by the disfigurement gained in his death. He has a quiet and unwavering sense of determination to experience life to its full, as well as repenting for forgotten sins through adopting the role of a Samaritan. He wants to help fellow survivors and essentially make a difference in the lives of the needy.
    Whilst the Fearow is almost entirely good-natured in his behaviour, he is significantly more timid since the attack that was meant to end his life. He’s cautious around strangers, intelligent enough to know that not everyone is an innocent, but also highly considerate about his appearance. He has come to realize how startling he looks, holding every similarity to the undead creature of the past and ensures his approach is especially gentle, making company aware that he is in fact quite alive. The last thing Crane would want is to evoke fear in another. A soft spot for children leaves him heartbroken when they respond to him in terror or tears.
    An introvert, Crane is quiet and often quite awkward in his mannerisms but means no harm. He wants to live up the role of a hero or saviour but is still inhibited by his natural social ineptness. The bird speaks well but the content of conversation is often questionable. Prone to stuttering when nervous and bouts of babbling, Crane clearly tries to come across as a confident and reliable source of help, but lacks the social skills. It is an admirable effort regardless.
    Crane is surprisingly rational given the circumstances that have befallen him. Having lived a life as an undead he can barely recall, he keeps himself thoroughly grounded and banishes the confusion that the past evokes. Instead of dwelling of the crimes of old, too fearful to consider his part played in the epidemic, the avian is adamant to make up for the horrors. Aware that he has murdered in the past, his highly spiked level enough evidence of a battling career he never possessed pre-epidemic, Crane is burdened by a sense of guilt he desperately seeks to be rid of. He wants to be a better person, feeling blessed by Ho-Oh’s revival to make the most of a second, purer life. He uses his intelligence and remarkable strategies for good, holding a set of strong morals that he will stand quietly but immovably. Protective of the weak, the Fearow is striving to be a hero.
    Despite the Fearow’s newfound lease of life and dedication to help the survivors of the epidemic, Crane is not completely safe. Whilst the revival banished the virus and restored the bird’s sanity, he is highly unstable in times of stress. Usually non-confrontational, in fact totally abhorrent to any kind of violence, Crane’s mind still tiptoes into that of his undead counterpart’s at the scent of blood, or more frequently when experiencing pain. Crane has a very low pain tolerance; fire attacks in particularly apt to send him into a state where he cannot control his usually violent actions. He loses himself briefly, mind slipping to reveal a psyche left ravaged by almost a year of infection. Crane still hungers for the flesh of the living, reluctant to hunt but completely unsatisfied on a diet of berries. He is constantly fighting any glimmer of the virus’ symptoms returning, completely valiant in his efforts but helpless to the hallucinations. Crane has suffered from vivid auditory and visual hallucinations ever since he was first infected. Though now less frequent, the bird may sometimes struggle to distinguish what is real and what is of his own morbid imagining.
    User Notes:
    - Crane’s level drastically increased over his time as an undead. Whilst his attacks are generally very powerful, the Fearow is a poor battler. He cannot recall the skills he picked up during his time as an undead, thus when he is required to fight he’s clumsy and often left vulnerable by inexperience. He is a far better strategist of battle rather than an active participant.
    - Although he’s trying particularly hard to fight the after-effects of virus, Crane can only do much to avoid reverting back to his undead mindset. Pain and fire attacks are extremely effective to bring out the worst in the Fearow. In times of stress, he suffers from the same hideous hallucinations that plagued his mind as an undead.
    - Due to his enormous wingspan, Crane often struggles to move fluently on the ground – adopting a hunched stance as he’s forced to his wings as a means of support. Stumbling on land in a similar fashion to prehistoric flyers such as pteranodons, albeit far clumsier, the Fearow is particularly vulnerable on land. He is, however, a skilled and agile flyer.
    - The first sign of Crane resorting back into his undead mindset are headaches and subtle hallucinations that often he fails to notice at all. He appears especially detached in these situations, eyes glazing over as he eventually falls into a dangerous trance.
    - His appearance and name are loosely based off Jonathon Crane (The Scarecrow) from Batman.

    (( I have added a detailed personality section, cleared up the typos and added more to the user notes section. Crane is replacing Schultz the Honchkrow as Leader on Faraway, Hoenn. The switch has been requested here. ))

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