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Kujaku the Flamboyant shiny Archeopteryx (Inactive)


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Kujaku the Flamboyant shiny Archeopteryx (Inactive) Empty Kujaku the Flamboyant shiny Archeopteryx (Inactive)

Post by Kaze Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:31 pm

Kujaku the Flamboyant shiny Archeopteryx (Inactive) Pictur13

Kujaku “The Peacock”
Text Color #FF6EC7 Neon Pink color
Item Purse, Big Barrette, Pink Barrette, Decorative Ribbon and Red Scarf props (Enhance Cuteness but no in battle effects)
Gender Male (Identifies as Female)
Age Adult
Species #???, Archeopteryx, The Ancient Bird Pokémon
Height 5’07”
Weight 80.5lbs
Pokédex Entry Very few fossils have been found of this mysterious Pokémon. Its believed to have lived on high mountain tops thanks to the newfound strength in its wings after evolution.
Level 50
Ability Defeatist- halves the user's Attack and Special Attack stat when its HP is at or less than half of its maximum..
Nature Gentle
Characteristic Somewhat Vain
Moves - Heat Wave (Tutor)
- DragonBreath (Lvl)
- Ancient Power(Lvl)
- Agility (lvl)

A woman's tears are pearls, a man's sweat is diamonds, an existance that combines both.. that's me. “Chaplain” Sukegawa

The DNA extracted from a Plume Fossil was different to usual, the sequence of bases in the fossilized feather being for the lighter feathers of a differently coloured Archen. As part of the program run by the Museum to increase the awareness of the process by which the Fossils were revived the unique Plume Fossil was put up to auction and eventually won by a wealthy trainer. The Plume Fossil revived into an Archen the same day.
Newly hatched the baby bird imprinted on the first Pokémon it saw, a gorgeous fluffy furred Lopunny who happily treated the little chick as if he was her own child.
The gorgeous shining feathered Archen strove to imitate his parent in everything, cheerfully getting the Lopunny to groom each feather to sparkling perfection. The gentle natured Archen much preferred having his feathers groomed to the rough and tumble of battle like his trainers other Pokémon. They teased him sometimes and threw mud at him to wipe out the glorious sheen of his feathers, sending the young chick crying back to mother who would pat him on the head and reassure him that there was nothing wrong with him.
Even though the stubborn chick hated getting his gorgeous feathers dirtied his Trainer was determined to teach him the ways of battle, if only so the little Archen would finally learn how to stand up for himself. Under his mother’s instruction he learnt ways to fight that not only kept his shining feathers from getting dirty but also let him show off how beautiful he was to other trainers.
Eventually one of the trainers he fought asked if he had ever been entered in the Pokémon musical.

What followed were some of the most enjoyable years of the Archen’s life. Though he was no Altaria he could sing very well and his cute looks made him an instant favourite with the young girls who watched his show. Seeing that the performing made him happy his trainer left him to the Musical for a while, promising to return to pick him up later on.
The Archen much preferred singing and dancing to the battling he had done, here the careful care he always took of his feathers made him the star of the show for his beauty. Though his trainer had never named him the stage manager gave him a name: Kujaku, the peacock, both for his exotic manner and beautiful plumage. Dressing up in only the props that best bought out his cuteness Kujaku found himself accepted more by the female performers. They let him into their sisterhood despite his gender and Kujaku found out that he much enjoyed being able to hang out with him. They discussed what props looked best and what songs they should sing. They also loved how Kujaku kept his feathers looking so gorgeous and the Archen was so very happy that they thought he was beautiful that sometimes he almost forgot he had been a boy. Instead he started posing as a female all the time, acting like the other female performers until only the most experienced members of the audience knew the cute little Archen was a male.

Eventually his trainer returned for him and took Kujaku away from the Musical and the sisterhood he had with the female Pokémon there. His trainer took the Props he had won with him however and whenever the Archen felt lonely his mother would braid the ribbons he had earnt in his feathers and remind him that he was still beautiful.
When the battles he had been through were enough for him to evolve he decided to come clean to his mother and confess that he wanted to be a girl.
Even though he still disliked battling Kujaku felt that he was accepted, at least by his mother and their trainer who couldn’t care less what his Pokémon chose to be as long as they were happy.

However with the Epidemic disaster struck; on a journey deep in the woods and far from any warning of the strange disease sweeping the lands the trainer and his two Pokémon were ambushed by an infected Seismitoad that pulled itself out of the stream, skin dripping poisonous slime, and attacked them. Their trainer was killed instantly, a powerful fist sinking into his chest and the vibration running through the blow causing his organs to rupture. Using the power of the Dragon Fang his trainer had given him to boost the power of his Dragon Breath the Archeops attacked the Seimitoad as the large Water Type went after his mother. Kicking valiantly at the Water Type the Seimitoad reached for the Lopunny with massive purple-tinged fingers, dripping foul ooze from its skin that burnt at the Normal Type’s brown fur as it reached out to crush her in hand.
Kujaku acted swiftly, darting in front of the outstretched hand to protect his parent. The fang around his neck started to shine with a bright light as the act of genuine selflessness sparked his unusual evolution from Archeops to Archeopteryx. His power increasing with his change Kujaku felt a spark of unfamiliar anger grow inside of him as he breathed out a wave of hot dry air in a powerful Heat Wave attack. The Seismitoad’s disgusting slime dried on its skin in a thick purple crust, suffocating the amphibian as it stumbled backwards in an attempt to return to the water. Kujaku attacked again, the dry heat shrivelling blue-purple skin against bone until the Seismitoad fell dead at last.

Trying to make their back to town in time Kujaku carried his mother on his back as the Lopunny began to cough. The poison of the Seismitoad’s touch had seeped into her skin, leaving bald patches where fur had fallen out.
Despite Kujaku’s best efforts she steadily got weaker and weaker until in the end she pleaded with her child to end her life before it got worse. Crying openly the newly evolved Archeopteryx laid her on the ground as she stroked one hand across the bridge of his nose and told him with a genuine smile that he was beautiful.
His tears beading brightly against his mother’s tan fur Kujaku swiftly and near painlessly broke her neck.
It only on his sorrowful walk onwards that he caught a glimpse of his reflection in a puddle of water and saw what a creature he had become…
Appearance A shiny Archeopteryx who is very proud of his bright pink and purple feathers. He keeps feathers well groomed at all times and fusses if they are messed up. Kujaku wears at all times the Cute aspect props he won as an Archen; A Big Barrette in his headfeathers, a Red Scarf around his neck, a Decorative Ribbon with a Pink Barrette tied around his forelegs and his Purse where he stores these tiems when he sleeps. The purse is usually carried in his mouth for transport. He acts like a female but has the slightly larger and bulkier body of a male which he cannot hide. He usually keeps his wings folded up to prevent his bright feathers from dragging and getting dirty. He tries to perform his moves as artistically as possible, showing of his style and grace rather than putting focus into the damage done. Kujaku prefers to fly rather than walk most of the time, using his powerful wings to get airborne much easier than before his evolution and enjoys putting on an Aerial show for others, using flight when he uses his Agility move and often attacking from above. He has a very expressive face and openly shows his emotions as well as using extravagant hand gestures with his front legs. His well-groomed feathers give him the appearance of a female despite the fact that his bulkier body clearly marks him as male. Once his ability activates he shrinks back from conflict nervously, his feathers drooping as his attacks become less powerful.
When angered he takes a much more aggressive stance than usual boldly leaning forwards to face attacks as his anger rouses him to show his masculine side as opposed to his feminine one.
Personality Kujaku is a rare free spirit, considering himself unbound by traditional gender roles. He is a light-hearted optimist with a motherly nature that enjoys being able to look out for others. While he accepts that biologically he is male he insists that under his feathers he has a woman’s gentle soul. Despite the strength he has acquired from battling he insists he’s a lover not a fighter and tries to avoid combat with the undead if not necessary. He hates dirt, mud and blood, in particular any of it getting on his feathers, and loves to bathe making his feathers very soft to the touch. He is very proud of his beautiful pinkish purple feathers and tries hard to make himself even more beautiful. Anytime his pink coat his mocked he sulks as he views himself as very fashion conscious. Kujaku likes to be thought of as “one of the girls” and may refer to any other female Pokémon as a “sister”. Despite constant complete rejections he enjoys flirting with male Pokémon. He is a romantic and often considers himself a match-maker, often setting up couples and being sad if they don’t end up together. He is open about his emotions most of the time and can get quite out-spoken if he feels that one of the Pokémon he is looking after feels under-threat, usually noted by asking someone to hold his purse for him while he gets serious. Kujaku is difficult to anger due to his open and forgiving personality; insults directed at his appearance and feminine attitude make him sad instead of angry and he’ll often cry if badly ridiculed. However on the few occasions he is angered, usually by the attempted harm of one of his friends his normally feminine voice becomes a lot deeper and he violently destroys the aggressor. Often he states that by having a woman’s soul in a man’s body he can show off the beauty in each.
User Notes -Is pretty much a Crossdresser.
-Sort of based on Fire Emblem from Tiger and Bunny and “Chaplain” Sukegawa from Deadman Wonderland as well as the concept of a Two-Spirit.
-Gets sad whenever he is called ugly or unwomanly but generally recovers his optimistic personality before long. He never gets angry over it as he has had to get used to it.
-Generally refers to everyone as “Honey”, “Sweetheart” or another similar nickname.
-Theme Song Beautiful

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yes. Friggin Yes. So much win on this.

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Post by Kaze Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:32 pm

To the main computer please.

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