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    Post by Silverishness Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:15 pm

    Torrent the Dragonite [Inactive] Torrent-1

    Hex Color #778899
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Aging Adult (45 in human terms)
    Species #149 Dragonite /The Dragon Pokémon
    Height 7'07
    Weight 512.5 lbs
    Pokédex Entry This marine Pokémon has an impressive build that lets it freely fly over raging seas without trouble.
    Level 70
    Ability Inner Focus
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Proud of his power
    Moves -Thunderpunch
    -Aqua Jet (Egg move)
    History Torrent was once the prized powerhouse of a powerful trainer named Sillez. She had won him in the Celadon City Game Corner, and from the beginning, he was a bulky, muscle-mass. She trained him up into his final evolution and the both of them saw what kind of potential he held.

    The two, along with his other teammates, demolished Indigo Plateau's competition and claimed that year;'s Johto Championship. However, this win was short lived; Sil caught a terrible ailment and went home to Lavender to try and recover.

    There, they lived happily for a few years, and though Sil's health declined, she was happy there with her pokemon. Torrent settled with a Dragonair and even had a small family on the beaches of Lavender. Everything was perfect.

    It was then that Sil, with her health worsening, decided to go back to Johto once more before she died and flew with Torrent back to Johto. Almost immediately, swarms of Infected flew in and knocked her off of Torrent's back, carting her away and killing her as Torrent was overwhelmed. During the fight, he received a terrible injury on his wing, crippling him.

    Disoriented and broken-hearted, the stoic pokemon managed to crawl away from the hell Johto had become to get back to the only thing he had left; his family. Unfortunately, Lavender Town was the same state, and his mate had been slaughtered. As he could see no way out of the hell, he found a scent trail of his little daughter, a purple dratini, that made its way into the ocean. His only lead, his only reason was out there in the merciless waters.

    Over months of fruitless searching, he made his way back into the waters of Kanto, near his old home, hoping that the last bit of family he had was there, waiting to be discovered and reclaimed.
    Appearance Larger and heavier than the typical dragonite, Torrent is, literally, a beast. His form is bulky with muscle, his stature terrifying to behold. His face is always set in a near emotionless expression, hard eyes betraying nothing. He is a fighter, and it shows. His body has very faint scarring, save for the strange, crippled right wing. It is always curled into him, odd bumps that are unset bones littering the surface. Because of this injury that never quite healed, he cannot fly for extended periods of time. Even with the slimming wing, though, he is truly intimidating.
    He prefers to walk on all fours, since his arms are long enough to allow this. But because of always being hunched over, it takes some difficulty to rise to his full height, and walking on two legs has been progressively getting more difficult.
    Personality Stoic, calm, and not one for conversations, Torrent makes a quiet addition to a group. He speaks more with his actions than his words, as he feels they are far more effective and clear than most words can boast. His customs are a bit old fashioned; kids and women should be protected, men should be able to take care of themselves. He doesn't usually find fighting women very acceptable, but his trainer and her own slew of pokemon has taught him to be fairly more lenient in that front. However, kids should not fight, at least not true opponents, and he raised his daughter with that idea in mind.
    He was once a happy family man, and loved his mate and daughter dearly. He was crushed when he found his mate dead, and continues to search for his daughter. She is his last thread to this world, and if she should go, he would be truly lost.
    Training and living with his trainer, who played the cello in her spare time, has given Torrent a particular fondness of music. He can sing, but rarely does, and only to his daughter.
    Views the world in a darker light. He is extremely practical when it comes to his own survival, and those he cares for. His resolve is sturdy.
    User Notes Heavily relies on Thunderpunch
    Outrage is his last resort in a battle
    Soft spot for kids

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    Haha, excellent.


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