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Falve the Quilava (inactive)


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Falve the Quilava (inactive) Empty Falve the Quilava (inactive)

Post by Nightfall Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:12 pm

Falve the Quilava (inactive) Afb0ec4ba9c75eb18583176f6bd634bb-d4l99hs

Item A beret - it really serves no purpose for stats, but it is a momentum of her friend she had lost due to a forest fire Falve had caused.
Gender Female
Age Young adult
Species #156, Quilava, the Volcano Pokemon
Height 2'11"/0.9m
Weight 41.9lbs/19.0kg
Pokédex Entry "It intimidates foes with the heat of its flames. The fire burns more strongly when it readies to fight."
Level 37
Ability Blaze (boosts the power of Fire-type moves when low on health)
Nature Sassy (+Sp.Def, -Speed)
Characteristic Good Endurance (+Defense)
Moves Smokescreen (level-up)
Quick Attack (level-up)

Flame Wheel (level-up)
Lava Plume (level-up)
History Falve was a bred Quilava, whom hatched from an egg as a Cyndaquil. Her trainer however, found her too weak for his tastes and disowned her, leaving her out in the wilderness on her own. She was afraid, travelling through the groups of trees to find some kind of shelter, she came across a Tropius. A kind, wild Tropius that became friends with her,
giving her a place to stay. Falve and the Tropius became close, they were one of the greatest of friends in the forest.

Eventually, Falve evolved. Her Tropius friend, needless to say, was ecstatically happy for her, yet saddened that she, herself, could evolve. They kept being the best of friends, playing games and training together. Falve was no
longer weak. One day, Falve encountered a gang of rogue Pokemon who began to fight her, and she accidentally had lit the forest on fire.

The fire raged through the forest. Several trees fell atop her Tropius friend, trapping and burning her alive. Before Falve's friend died, however, she threw her beret to the Quilava, which Falve kept. The young Quilava was in a tidal wave of misery then; she had indirectly killed her own friend and several other innocents, and burning down the forest.

Depressed and no longer wanting to see the ashes of what used to be her home, she ran away, looking for a place to go. After long days of travelling, she set her sights upon the Sky Pillar, an undisturbed sanctuary for Rayquaza. Perhaps she could find peace there... perhaps.

Finding the Sky Pillar full of undead Pokemon and receiving nothing that even resembled peace, Falve left almost as quickly as he had arrived. She now freely roams wherever she pleases, hoping to find the sanctity that she feels that she deserves.
Appearance -- Average coloration for her species
--Flashing orange eyes that almost always tend to be dull from lack of intrest
--Star shaped mark beneath her eye
--Maroon baret on top of her head
Personality PROS: Smooth, calm, strong in a fight, quick witted, quick thinking
CONS: Aloof, sassy, can be snotty at times, smug, lazy, bitchy when irritated, hides emotions, rarely shows how she actually feels, cannot
be bothered to care unless if directly affects her
OTHER: Bad with children, Always there to comfort friends, ultimate sign of trust if she tells you her real name, loves a good battle of wits, not girly at all
User Notes --Text colour: #FF9955
--Her real name is Veesil, which she will only reveal to close friends.
--Falve is very Sassy, and will only take orders from people she respects
--She is also motherly, however does not show that side of her very often
--Due to the forest fire incident, Falve tries not to use her flames near her considered friends or allies. She's wary of grass types too.
--Lulu helped to write the history in the original profile
--A paragraph was added to the History to record her departure from the Sky Pillar. The rest of the content has not been edited at all.

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