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Artemis the Aquaphobic Vaporeon & Phantom the Musical Growlithe (inactive)


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Artemis the Aquaphobic Vaporeon & Phantom the Musical Growlithe (inactive) Empty Artemis the Aquaphobic Vaporeon & Phantom the Musical Growlithe (inactive)

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Artemis the Aquaphobic Vaporeon & Phantom the Musical Growlithe (inactive) Iaza1518

Artemis the Aquaphobic Vaporeon & Phantom the Musical Growlithe (inactive) BMVzp0t

Artemis the Vaporeon
Adopted From Pinkamena/Cheshire Absol, Original Profile.
Text Color #0682fa
Item Spiked Collar around her front left paw
Gender Female
Age Very Young Teen - 13
Species #134 Vaporeon, The Bubble Jet Pokemon - Water Type
Height 2’6”
Weight 48lbs.
Pokédex Entry When Vaporeons fins begin to vibrate, it is a sign that rain will come within a few hours.
Level 16 (Leveled via RP)
Ability Water Absorb
Nature Hasty
Characteristic Likes to Run
Moves - Water Gun (Level Up)
- Sand Attack (Level Up)
- Tackle (Level Up)
- Shadow Ball (TM)
History Artemis was born to a Pokelathon Athlete named Shiba. She was specially bred to have a lean body, agile movements, and a witty mind. To Shiba’s glee, Artemis had the full package plus a little more. She was a gorgeous little Eevee with eyes a beautiful shade of cyan and a spirit full of spunk. Her only downfall was she was absolutely petrified of water.

Shiba started training her early. She was a kind and loving trainer, and before long her little Eevee was strong and mighty for her age. She could run a lap in twenty seconds flat and enjoyed doing so. Shiba decided Artemis was finally ready for her first competition. They won easily. The Eevee was thrilled with the crowds roar, beating the other Pokemon, and winning most of the extra points for her team. She felt, and was, top notch.

After the competition Shiba had an encounter with another furious Pokelathon trainer named Eric. He claimed that he had trained forever for this competition, and this “filthy mutt,” had stolen his spotlight. Artemis, who was always out of her Pokeball and at her Trainer’s side, growled at this acquisition. Eric vowed to find Artemis’s weakness, and  use it against her so he could be victorious. “Good sportsmanship,” Artemis scoffed, was not in this Athletes handbook. As long as no one knew her fear of water though, she was safe.

After that, all the competitions she entered Artemis won fluently. Her expertise was amazing, which only fueled Eric’s resentment. Then one day, her weakness was unveiled.

During the disk catching competition, Artemis was approached by Eric’s Pidgeot. It vigorously tried pushing her off the platform. Artemis fought back with all her might, valiantly biting, thrashing, and wailing until finally, the aggravated Pidgeot pushed her off the edge with his powerful taloned feet.

Artemis shrieked as she fell into the cold water. She couldn’t swim, and the water was all around her. Her heart pummeled in her chest and her fear heightened. Her little paws churned the water futilely as the waves lapped at and soaked her fur. She began coughing and chocking as the added weight pulled her under, her violently flailed paws in a desperate attempt to stay above water. The stress, shock, and heightened fear ultimately caused her to loose consciousness.

When she woke up, Shiba was looming over her. The competition was cancelled due to the mishap. She was in a Pokemon Center on a nice comfortable bed, and to her discontent, she had to stay there for the night for observation. Shiba prayed for her to get well, that the shock from the water/fall and wound from the bird talons weren't too severe. She cuddled her gently, and then left.

During visiting hours, Eric came in. The Eevee's eyes widened at the sight of him, and she growled a weakly. He merely smiled and claimed he had come here to apologize for his Pidgeot’s actions. She narrowed her eyes in distrust, but Eric stroked her soft fur soothingly without any sign of hatred, so she decided just to go along with it. Artemis wanted to believe he was done tormenting her and Shiba, that their problems with him were over. He even said he had brought her a gift, and to her glee, she saw that he had indeed by handing her a shiny blue stone.

It was captivating and beautiful, glimmering in the fluorescent light. Artemis was drawn forward until her nose bumped lightly into it, and then something strange happened. She felt her muscles twitch, and an eerie fluorescence surrounded her body. An energy seemed to engulf her small form. She held her eyes shut at the brightness that seemed to emanate from her body. She felt strength invigorate her aching body, a warmth flowing through herself. Then it all stopped. The brightness went away, and Artemis fell on her side, utterly exhausted by the experience.

She could hear Eric chuckling, “There is no use in the world for an aquaphobic Vaporeon,” he grinned, and vacated the premises immediately. Artemis tilted her head, perplexed with the encounter, but couldn't quite get up. What was a 'Vaporeon', and 'aquaphobic'? She moved her paws under her chin only to notice they were.. blue? She turned around, and glanced her lithe body over. Her fur was completely gone and her new scales were a cyan-blue. A fin-like ridge lined her spine, and her tail was like that of a mermaids. What in the world was going on?

Over her own confusion Artemis could hear the Nurse Joy enter the room. The now-Vaporeon turned, whimpering pleadingly to her presence. Maybe she could tell her what happened! Nurse Joy took one glance and her eyebrows knitted in confusion. “Strange, I could’ve sworn this room was checked out to an Eevee earlier.. but now you’ve evolved into a water-type?”

With those words, her heart sank deep in the pit of her belly. “WHAT?!” she snarled, and then lashed her tail angrily, hitting a nearby lamp and shattering it into pieces. “NO! IT CAN’T BE!” Her cries of desperation and rage were incomprehensible to the nurse. In her rage, Artemis ran out of the CU, ignoring the shattered glass that imbedded itself into her bleeding paws as she ran.

She yowled as someone tried to catch her but the constant and intense training she did for the Pokelathon had made her near impossible to catch in her flight. She bolted through the front doors and out into the Goldenrod streets. She darted around in a search for Eric and his Pidgeot, her eyes squinted in fury. “Where are you?” she giggled insanely. “Let’s play!” Suddenly, her eyes caught sight of a lanky man with bleach-blonde hair. “Eric?” she snorted with glee. “Heh-heh…”

She snuck up on him stealthily, keeping her body low to the ground so her target couldn’t hear her. He walked into the tall grass outside of Goldenrod until he entered the Ilex Forest, she followed him there without detection. He stood in the tall grass, and threw a Poke Ball containing his beloved Pidgeot. “Pidgeot! I did it! Now we’ll win all the Pokelathons competitions haha!” The Pidgeot cooed in delight, and Artemis felt her blood boil intensely with rage..

The details of what what happened did next, the Vaporeon barely remembers. With a snarl, she leapt in the air, and kicked out her hind legs so they hit squarely on the back of Eric’s neck. The years of training had honed her muscles enough to where this one kick easily could break bones (or at least those of a human). Eric fell to the ground, screaming.. and then the screams ceased abruptly, and his eyes reflected the stars that only Arceus could see.

His Pidgeot screeched, then with superb agility flew towards Artemis with talons outstretched. She had seen this stunt before, when she had fallen in the water.
“NOT,” she poised herself to pounce.
“THIS,” she gritted her teeth.

She jumped up in the air catching the Pidgeot’s leg in her teeth and clamping her jaws down until she felt bone. The Pidgeot writhed and flapped its wings helplessly trying to remain airborne, and screeched in agony. "STUPID MUTT!” he shrieked, which only made Artemis bite down harder. He kicked his leg, flinging the Vaporeon into the shallow end of the lake.

“GAH!” she screamed, petrified at the touch of water though it simply rolled off her scales. Scrambling, she immediately leapt out of the water, ignoring the blood staining her fleshy skin. She saw the Pidgeot zipping away from her toward the entrance of the forest, and over to where five nurses were entering, calling her name. “DAMN IT!” she cursed, forgetting about the nurses that had seen her escape from the hospital. Then when she glanced over at Eric’s still body, the weight of what she had done fell on her shoulders.

She was shocked with herself. Ashamed.. what would Shiba say? She’d reject her. Her prized Pokemon becoming a cold-blooded killer.. Her thoughts stopped running through her mind as one of the nurses caught sight of her. All she could hear was her casually slow heartbeat.. the steady rhythm soothing her.. calming her.. Artemis took a deep, heaving breath, her legs trembled, and suddenly she felt a syringe in her side, and she sighed as everything began to evanescent to black.

When she awoke the Vaporeon was once again in a bed, but she wasn’t in the Care Unit. This place was cold and desolate. As her eyes adjusted into vision she saw Shiba, and she whimpered apologetically. “Shush,” Shiba soothed, “Listen, Artemis. I want you to run. Run as fast as you can. You’re in the Daycare. Just run, run to where they can’t find you. Okay? They want to put you down; they think you’re a vicious. I know you were provoked..”

Ashamed, Artemis lowered her eyes. “Listen,” Shiba whispered. “Run. Don’t let the people in the Pokemon Control suits catch you. That’s the last thing I ask of you, alright?” She stroked her finned-head. “You’re a beautiful Vaporeon, I know you can make it.” He buckled a loose spike collar on her left paw, considering it couldn't get beneath her thick neck fins. “Here, I’ve been meaning to give this to you. Remember me by it.. You’re the best I’ve ever trained.” Artemis smiled, and her heart warmed, but she knew it was time to go.

Sniveling, she rose to her paws. Wanting to remain strong in her trainer’s eyes, she saluted her with her paw in a cheesy farewell, and then fled. As she walked out into the sun, she felt sorrow clutch her throat, and a deep pain in her heart as she felt the urge to cry. “I must do what my trainer asked of me,” she vowed, then ran through Goldenrod, creeping along in the streets like a feral Meowth, making very sure no one saw her. Luckily, it was early morning, so barely any people were in the streets.

She ran for days on end, resting only until she worked herself hard enough that she felt she would lose consciousness. Her training had taught her the discipline she needed to escape, that she needed to run as far as physically possible. Making sure to run where there was barely any human population, she stayed away from their danger.

But every time she closed her eyes, she could still see the pallid, dead skin of the one she had killed. It haunted her. Did she kill for a petty reason? Was it merely competitive, or were all humans the same? When the Epidemic hit, she was on the verge of insanity. Yet she kept her head held high, and treaded on.

Feeling like a fugitive in her own skin she finally arrived at some distant mountains were she decided to stay, as there was barely any water and the air was dry. Just the way she liked it. Artemis spent almost a year here, and that was the happiest she had been since the death of Eric. She made many companions in her mountain home, but the one who made her the happiest was a young Absol named Elijah, whom she loved like he was her own child.

Everything was perfect, until the day the undead came even this far reach. A large mass of Tauros came, and she greeted them with a smile before she realized something.. wasn’t right with the bulky oxen. They had an odor of death and decay, and seemed to suffer from severe entropion. Their 'voices' were no more then gurgled bellows. Then, they attacked.

It was a flurry of claws, teeth, and hooves. She couldn’t believe what was happening; it seemed like something she had imagined as a young Eevee in the deepest recesses of the night. She fought as hard as she could, barely thinking as she broke bones and tore off hunks of flesh, but yet the undead kept coming.

She heard a sickening squeal, and as she turned around she realized her dear Elijah was lying in a pool of blood. “No…,” she whimpered. She saw his now-clouded eyes close for a final time. Outraged, she kicked one of the undead in the jaw, screaming in pure agony as her heart felt like it was ripped in half. “MY SON! My…son…!”
She realized there was nothing she could do. With the heartache and the weariness in her muscles she had become languid. The undead Tauros on the other hand were as lively as ever, and as she saw more of her friends die at their hooves until she couldn’t take it anymore.

She grabbed Elijahs bloodied scruff and ran, ran away like she had when she first became a Vaporeon. She ran until the pain in her heart forced her to stop. Usuing the remains of her strength Artemis dug a grave for her 'son', and vowed to one day avenge the death of her friend’s and gain back the life she once had as a young Eevee.

One day…

Artemis found herself in the distant Orre region, Phenac City to be exact. There she met a Skarmory named Polnareff and hesitantly befriended him. After a fight with several undead Zoroarks in a moment of weakness the Vaporeon ran from him, ultimately causing his death from an undead Gliscor. Horrified she ran back out into the desert where she stumbled upon a Growlithe with the same experience.

At first she didn't trust him but after he promised to bring her back to her home region the frightened and injured Vaporeon agreed to travel with him. Slowly they navigated the desert, momentarily stopping at the Outskirt Stand, and barely managed to make it out in one piece.
Appearance Artemis is leaner than most Vaporeon’s. Her eyes are a bright cyan blue and glimmer silver in the light, usually with a feisty glare. The avoidance of water has left her skin somewhat dry and flaky, and her fins a tad darker color from being exposed to a lot of sunlight. She has permanent scars across her chest from where the Pidgeot had attacked her as an Eevee and on her front left ankle is spiked collar given to her by her trainer.
Generally there is an cautious or anger look to her eyes and face.
Personality | Sassy | Rash | Spunky | Bitter | Harsh | Cynical | Sadistic | Afraid | Distrustful | Scrutinizing | Scornful | Accusing | Disdainful | Distant | Unamused | Prideful | Distrusting | Shameful | Paranoid | Concerned | Rebuking | Reproachful |

Artemis is a feisty Vaporeon. With plenty of spunk and a bit of a sharp tongue she isn't afraid to snap at others. Distrustful of everyone, she thinks them not to be worth her time and that everyone is out to get her. First impressions run high in her mind and if its messed up, so are your chances of friendship. Though it takes a lot of work once she gets to trust someone she is very loveable, in her own way.
Not afraid to stand up to Pokemon much larger then herself this girl can be rather rash in battle, always dashing in without much thought. If she realizes her mistake though, usually too late, her more cowardly side will kick in and make her flee. She values her life and will bite back the shame of a retreat to stay alive.
Artemis has a low pain tolerance and will whine at the littlest thing, yet her lack of trust makes her wish it on others. Bitter and angry, she sticks close to Phantom mostly to keep her own temper under control. Despite her sass he has stayed with her, let it be the promise or some other motive, and for that she thanks him.
Absolutely petrified of water Artemis refuses to even be close to the stuff if she gets the choice. She will not befriend a water type or pray to one. The feeling of blood on her scales is enough to make them crawl, but it is tolerable. If by chance she gets too close to water or surrounded by it instant panic take over. Instincts and pure animal-like actions will remove her from the situation. Unpredictable at this point she will most likely lash out if her escape path is blocked. Ruthless, she will over exert herself without notice. Once it becomes too much, she may pass out and convulse.
User Notes

  • Artemis has Aquaphobia, the fear of water.
  • Shiba gave her Shadow Ball so she could have a more powerful move for her low level while staying away from any water-type one.
  • Artemis tried to act older than her actual age with Elijah, this why she called him her son, even though he was merely younger by a couple of years.
  • She has learned Water Gun from leveling, but has yet to realize it.


Artemis the Aquaphobic Vaporeon & Phantom the Musical Growlithe (inactive) BacCaW8

Phantom the Growlithe
Adopted From Pinkmena/Cheshire Absol, Original Profile.
Text Color #ff4d00
Item Half-Mask
Gender Male
Age Adolescent - 15
Species #058 Growlithe, The Puppy Pokemon - Fire Type
Height 2'04"
Weight 41.9lbs.
Pokédex Entry It has a brave and trustworthy nature. It fearlessly stands up to bigger and stronger foes.
Level 23 (Leveled via RP)
Ability Intimidate
Nature Lonely
Characteristic Often Lost in Thought
Moves - Flame Wheel (Level Up)
- Bite (Level Up)
- Leer (Level Up)
- Ember (Level Up)
History Phantom was born to a loving Growlithe mother and a scornful Arcanine father in Orre. His mother named him for his mysterious behavior, as he would walk around like a ghost, not being harmful in any way, but just staring off at random times. He was a distant puppy, but his mother cherished and loved him for it.

His father, however, didn’t approve of his mystical behavior. He wanted a son that was strong and proud, not timid and creepy. He also didn’t like the fact that his son loved to sing, he would admit his son sang well, but singing was a feminine thing. That was not allowed in his son. Often while his mother was absent, he would beat Phantom, trying to “make an man out of him.” Phantom would always try to fight back, but his small stature would prove no defense against the large canine. His mother believed the scars were from his clumsiness, but his father acted like he knew nothing of the incident. Phantom was too frightened to tell his mother, it might endanger her, and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

Once, the abuse had gotten extremely brutal. The Arcanine had had enough of Phantom’s “foolishness.” His father’s short fuse goes off quickly, even for the pettiest things, and this time, he sought to kill. He waited for his mate to go out and pick berries for them to eat. It was going to be one of her “two-day” berry hunting trips, luckily. When she nuzzled Phantom and bid him a short farewell, she didn’t know it would be her last contact with her only son.

When his mother left, Phantom whimpered and flattened his ears against his head, knowing what was to come. His father loomed above him, his rage obvious in his eyes. The Arcanine grinned, and then let loose a raging Flamethrower. Phantom, for the most part, dodged the attack, but it still caught the left side of his face and brutally burned it. The pain was almost unbearable. The scorn in his father’s snarl was unmistakable as Phantom whimpered, desperately trying to soothe the pain in his face. His father grabbed the puppy by the left ear with his teeth, flinging him across the den, and he fell on his side. Phantom felt nauseated by the stinging agony. Suddenly, Phantom had an idea.

Before his father came over to survey what he had done, Phantom readjusted his body position, labored his breathing, and lolled his tongue out so it appeared he was dead. His father believed the ruse, and knew he had to “dispose of the body,” before his mate returned. He grabbed Phantom by the scruff carelessly and ran as far and as swiftly as he could. Soon, they arrived at Gateon, and his father knew his mother would never think to look for her dear son here, as she despised the city. He also knew he was too far from home for his son to be able to navigate his way back. He hadn’t really thought his plan through that well; suddenly he realized he had forgotten what he would tell his mate about the absence of their son. Enraged at his own stupidity, he tossed Phantom into the roiling sea, and bolted away like nothing had happened.

Phantom couldn’t breathe. He desperately batted his paws beneath the frigid water, but he had never been taught to swim. He panicked, and began to lose consciousness. He felt no pain as everything turned to black.

He woke up coughing so hard it burned his lungs. He turned, his vision slowly blurring and coming back into focus. He was outside a Krabby Shaped building. He groaned, and laid his head back down.

“Oh, goodie, you’re awake!” A voice made Phantom turned, and see a Pokemon he had never seen before. “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mimic! I’m a Seel!” The Seel gestured towards the water. “I saw you bobbing on the water, and I knew you were in trouble, so I jumped in and saved you! Wasn’t that cool?! Let’s be friends! Oh, but let me go get something to hide that…nasty side of your face so Pokemon won’t be intimidated or frightened by you.”

Phantom didn’t really process this as his mind was still groggy, but he just nodded and sat up, moaning a bit because of his tensed muscles. “I’ll be right back!” The strange Seel chimed, entering the Club Krabby and coming back out with half of a white mask in his mouth. “I hope this fits you, it would look sooooo awesome on you! It was mine, but I think you need it more than I do! Go on, put it on! Put it on!”

Phantom fumbled to put the mask on with his paws, trying to operate with the lack of opposable thumbs, but finally he got it on and it fit perfectly. With a grin, he looked at his reflection in the water, and he absolutely adored the look of the mask. “Th-thank you,” he said to the Seel. “My name’s Phantom. I.. I’m a singer,” he smiled as he said this, he finally had an identity. As he looked around the peaceful city, he suddenly did not ever want to go home. So he stayed, forgetting about his father and his old life.

Phantom and Mimic became the best of friends, wandering around the city often and singing at night, often they were shut up by the tourists. But Phantom didn’t mind.

When the Epidemic hit, Phantom noticed that the tourists coming in lessened and lessened. Mimic thought that to be odd, and Phantom agreed with him. And then one day, he realized the source of the lack of people and Pokemon. He observed the waters one day to find that there were odd Pokemon swimming around, and suddenly an Undead Gyarados reared up with a huge splash. The Growlithe was frightened, and ran away, trying to bring Mimic with him, but Mimic had trouble walking on land, and he couldn’t return to the water. Phantom got away, but Mimic wasn’t so lucky.

As the sun rose the next day, Phantom searched the beach and found the body of Mimic. Phantom was extremely saddened by the death of his friend, tearing up at the sight. He kept his mask on in memory of Mimic, and refused to leave Gateon in case Mimic’s spirit was still there. Sometimes, he believed he could still feel him with him. His memories were here, and he couldn’t leave them behind.

Phantom sometimes fights the Undead, sometimes he wishes they would just murder him like his father had tried to do years ago. But each night Phantom sings, alone, wishing Mimic were still by his side, and praying for someone to save him from this dark, scary, lonely world.

As time went by with the lack of humans and Pokemon alike Phantom was surprised to find a group of friendly Pokemon living in his home. The Growlithe was overjoyed to see new faces and friends, but one by one they were picked off by the powerful undead. With the final death of Acid, a Toxicroak, from an unusually powerful Gliscor Phantom could no longer stay in his home. It was no longer safe and held to many memories of those he could not protect. He ran, unsure where he was going or what he was looking for. The Growlithe bumped into a terrified Vaporeon who claimed to of seen the same Gliscor and had a similar experience.

At first he didn't know what to think, all his friends were dead! But the terrified and pained looked on her face made it so he couldn't leave if he wanted to. Finding out that she had been born on Johto the Growlithe claimed he could take her back, leaving out the fact he had hardly been out of Gateon. Reluctantly, the Vaporeon accepted, and even more so, he lead her.
Appearance He looks like a normal Growlithe, besides the fact that his left ear is badly shredded and the left side of his face is scarred and burnt. He covers this up with his precious mask. Phantom's eyes are a deep orange-brown, leaning on orange. Still young, his features are not completely prominent giving him the look of a pup instead of a young teen.
Personality | Kind | Worried | Honest | Brave | Nervous | Gentle | Courteous | Respectful | Curious | Observant | Distant | Forgiving | Gentle | Quiet |

Phantom used to be very shy, even towards those he opens up to. Other then Mimic the canine was a quiet and very reserved soul. With the death of Acid something changed inside of him. He made a promise that day to be more assertive and brave, more like a warrior then a martyr.
He tries now to be open to others, though he will leave out certain details unless specifically asked. His timid and gentle nature keeps his voice quiet but his spirit shines through now in actions he wouldn't normally take. A problem solver, he tries to look at situations intellectually while keeping everyone happy.
Phantom fights with much fire in his heart, literally. Pokemon much bigger then himself mean nothing. He his willing to take some hits if it means he can score some of his own, but he will always put others before him. After losing so many friends to thee creatures the canine will double back to help someone before saving his own skin. If possible he will try to kill quickly, believing deep down a soul is trapped in all the demon undead.
Some old habits die hard. A nagging paranoia that Artemis will abandon him plagues his heart. To be alone again, to lose another friend, haunts him. Very sensitive, he will try his best to keep Artemis happy and out of trouble with others.
Phantom loves to sing and hum. Now that he's traveling its a perfect chance to get some tunes in. If nothing else he loves to sing at night when the moons out. Though he is very proud to be a singer, it also makes him a bit anxious and it is a bit difficult to get a song out around new people.
User Notes

  • Blames himself for Mimic and Acid's deaths.
  • Has a strange fascination with flowers. Perhaps it is because the last thing he played with was a flower before Mimic died, or that they weren't too common where he lived. The flowers comfort him.
  • He is slightly afraid of fire because of what happened to his face. However, he is not frightened of his own fire.
  • Character loosely based off the Phantom from, "Phantom of the Opera"

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