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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Visiyn the lone Cacturne (Outskirt, Orre LEADER)


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Visiyn the lone Cacturne (Outskirt, Orre LEADER) Empty Visiyn the lone Cacturne (Outskirt, Orre LEADER)

Post by Kaze Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:46 pm

Visiyn the lone Cacturne (Outskirt, Orre LEADER) Visiyn10

Text Color #397D02 Green Pepper color
Item A Red Scarf.
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species #332, Cacturne, Scarecrow Pokémon
Height 4’03”
Weight 170.6 lbs.
Pokédex Entry If a traveller is going through a desert in the thick of night, Cacturne will follow in a ragtag group. The Pokémon are biding their time, waiting for the traveller to tire and become incapable of moving.- Pokémon Sapphire
Level 45
Ability Sand Veil- Sand Veil increases the evasion of a Pokémon by 25% in a sandstorm and if on a Pokémon whose type does not already, grants immunity to damage taken from sandstorms.
Nature Naughty
Characteristic Mischievous
Moves - Ingrain (level)
- Sandstorm (TM)
- Pin Missile (level)
- Sucker Punch (level)
History Born and the desert and raised in the desert sand flowed through his veins. The young Cacturne lived his entire life in the hostile environment where the harsh dry wind abraded the skin and the great eye of the sun sucked the water, the life, from everything it touched. Saftey and peace came from the sanctity of night.
As a child he was raised in a conservative way, taught to conserve the precious water that was life, even from the dead. Wasting water was a crime, stealing it worthy of banishment to wander alone in the desert with no water from the stores in the Cacti.
His life was lived in the cool darkness of night, the round orb of the clear moon shone down a pure light blue light onto the still sands. Night was safe and cool, the day hot and punishing.
Sunrise was a time of terror, only a fool travelled during the day.
He was dozing in the shade of a rock outcropping when the sweet scent of his golden flower attracted unwanted attention in the form of the sharp claws of a desert Braivary eager to suck the moisture from his flesh.
Flailing his thorns in an attempt to spike the scaly flesh of the bird’s legs the Cacnea found himself pulled up into the evening sky until the world swirled around him and with one lucky blow he drove his thorns into the Flying Type’s legs.
Immediately the bird dropped him and the green cactus Pokémon fell like a stone towards the earth. Tightly he closed his eyes, expecting death but instead a curiously musical chiming reached his ears and he found the winds bending around him and slowing his fall.
The Cacnea fell and landed close to the Flygon whose mastery over the sands had saved him and the Flygon’s master who took a few assured steps forwards.
Leather gloved hands gripped him tightly, the little Cacnea flailing his thorny arms as he was lifted up to face two round black eyes.
The human was a desert nomad, seeking some of the round body cacti that were one of the only sources of water in the desert and picking up a Pokémon instead. A hired guide to lead curious tourists through the desert he opened his metallic canteen and gave the little cactus Pokémon a drink of the luke-warm water inside, securing the eternal loyalty of the fellow desert dweller.
He came to be named Visiyn for what he would evolve into and was engaged in a variety of small fights in the Outskirt Stand where his trainer would often pause for drinks. It was during one of these battles that the desert guide won for him the TM Sandstorm and Visiyn first learnt how to manipulate the sands around him into a choking fog that obscured him from view.
The pair travelled across the desert, from one end of the great expanse of sand to the other through the cool of blessed night, guiding strings of foolish water-fat tourists through the cool night for profit.
Visiyn grew strong and mischievous, though he owed a water debt to his precious human trainer he was disdainful of other Pokémon who knew nothing of the desert ways. Training himself to his peak condition he became strong and eventually evolved into a Cacturne.
Now the sun was even more of a terror to him, freezing him in place with its heat and light. He moved only at night but he enjoyed it as it gave him more time to intimidate others with his freakish grin and humanoid appearance. Only his trainer was never afraid of his sudden appearances and thought the young Cacturne’s antics amusing.

Then the epidemic came and the human could no longer stay. Things had gotten too dangerous for such luxuries as desert tours and the nomad gifted his companion the red scarf from around his neck before bidding the Cacturne farewell and walking off into the setting sun.
Visiyn returned to his home, using his powerful new form to secure water for his tribe. The scarf soon tore tattered on his thorns and blew out behind him like some sort of omen.
His mastery over the sands made him powerful and arrogant. There were no more human travellers to be robbed of their water, in fact the death waters were all that remained pure, yet the taint in the waters had caused a great need of a powerful leader. He could be that leader.
Any stray Pokémon unfortunate enough to wander the deserts after dark sooner or later met Visiyn’s waiting thorns. A Cacturne of endurance he would follow his prey as far as they ran to drain the water from their bodies. The lion’s share he kept for himself, stored within his plant like cells to promote the healthy growth of his long sharp spines. The rest he gave to those he guarded from the infection to ensure their survival and loyalty.
The dark-eyed Cacturne grew to hate those with tainted waters that tainted those that drank from them, the monsters that even in death served no purpose. Left staked out by long cactus thorns and left to the glaring eye of the sun Visiyn gained a reputation as a hero, a vigilante who defended the desert and in his malicious glee he loved the praise and fed off it.

When at the setting of the sun he and a group of his followers were disturbed by four trying to steal the waters of his cactus grove the Cacturne stayed behind to combat the intruders and take their water, stirring up a great sandstorm around him while he fought. A cheerful smile spreading across his face he shot long thorns at them and rooted himself into the ground to repair his wounds from the water hidden deep in the desert itself.
An Absol, determined to do him damage, managed to penetrate the veil of sand and her sharp horn gashed through his left eye.
The tattered scarf of red snapped behind him as he leapt forwards to attack.
He would claim the water of these arrogant intruders!
Appearance Cacturne is a Pokémon that is primarily green in coloration and possesses a humanoid appearance, resembling a scarecrow made of cacti. They have menacing features such as yellow eyes and its mouth being composed of holes on its face. Cacturne has numerous spikes dotted along the length of its arms, legs, and neck. A pattern of green rhombuses extends down from the front of its body. Cacturne possesses a triangular, spiky-tipped feature on their head that is a darker shade of green than most of Cacturne’s body and resembles some sort of hat.-Bulbapedia

Visiyn is a tall male Cacturne with long pointed thorns. He is in his prime with the green pattern along his stomach developed into full extra thorns whenever he is about to use his needle based attacks. He wears a red scarf around his neck tattered by his spines where he has tied it around his neck. He often pulls his spiked ‘cap’ low to cover his eyes and give him a more menacing expression and hide his eyes. He is usually seen wreathed in sand which he exhales from the many small holes of his mouth and manipulates with his breath to form a Sandstorm. His ability means that when he is surrounded by the sands he is harder to and nearly impossible to hit, something he takes advantage of my rooting himself to the ground with Ingrain and healing himself while attacks miss him. His right eyes has been gashed deeply by a Foul Play attack and is blind though the gash is healing.
Like all Cacturne his movements are more vigorous when it is dark. The sun or any other source of a lot of heat causes him to freeze up. He enjoys toying with his prey, stalking them across the desert and pausing to pose as a regular cactus when they turn around. The thorns on the points of his ‘cap’ have a distinctive curl to them. There is a faint scar on the back of his neck from battling. He absorbs water from his prey by putting a foot or hand on them and using Ingrain to grow into their bodies.
The short length of his tattered scarf blows behind him in the wind.
Personality Visiyn has a mean sense of humour. Nothing entertains him more than messing with whatever travellers enter his desert at night, stalking them tirelessly until they run out of energy and draining their water. He comes off as rather arrogant, never backing down from a fight or apologizing. A loner by nature he will try to kill any living for their ‘pure water’ rather that aid them against the undead with the exception of his own kind who view him as guardian of the desert. His desert upbringing has left him with the belief that water is the greatest wealth one can possess in the desert and he tends and guards isolated cactus patches that harvest the small amount of water hidden under the sands for him to drink. He enjoys battling and his smile grows all the wider when he can fight. A favourite tactic of his is to alternate rooting himself and recovering water and sneaking up on opponents under the protection of an obscuring Sandstorm. When using Sandstorm his voice has an ethereal wind-like quality mingled with a hiss. He can move swiftly through the desert without tiring but prefers a casual menacing stroll for the fear it causes. Before the Epidemic his jokes were more innocent but after the Epidemic has struck and he was appointed as protector of the Cacnea line his humour has grown much darker.
His only real fear is the sun which is a foul omen to him, sunrise being a thing of terror as it freezes him completely against his will. As the heat of the day causes him to enter a type of hibernation death to his is “The Final Sunrise”. He has a respect for a powerful opponent and if a Pokémon fights well enough he may chose not to harvest their water but still refuses to share his supplies. He is honour bound by a “Water Debt” to help anyone that saves his life, rare though this is.
Visiyn hates undead for their water taint and leaves them staked out to dry in the sun to prevent their tainted water from corrupting his water supplies. He has lived with the Epidemic for long enough to believe that the undead coming out is just something that happens and thinks nothing of it beyond defending himself. This complete selfishness is what has allowed him to survive.
User Notes -Name is Spanish for Scarecrow, fantasy, sight and/or Vision.
-Him spitting at another is a sign of utmost respect as he is giving his water to them.
-Based vaguely on the Fremen of the Dune series in regard to his beliefs.
-Refers to himself as a Child of the Blessed Mother Moon for his nocturnal nature.
-To replace Regale the Kabutops (who has been deactivated for his ticket) as Leader of Outskirt, has already appeared on the team as an NPC explaining his injury from Crescent.

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Post by Mewtwo Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:18 pm

All moves must be labeled as to how they were learned, even natural ones.

That is my only note.


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Post by Kaze Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:22 pm

Whoops, must have missed that ^^; Edited.

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Visiyn the lone Cacturne (Outskirt, Orre LEADER) 3Br5nS6

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