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    Aislin the Houndoom (Johto, Mountain Team)


    Aislin the Houndoom (Johto, Mountain Team) Empty Aislin the Houndoom (Johto, Mountain Team)

    Post by Guest Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:56 pm

    Aislin the Houndoom (Johto, Mountain Team) Trrdl

    Monster, how should I feel?

    Creatures lie here

    Looking through the windows

    I will hear their voices

    Text Color #bf5f5f
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age 40
    Species #229, Houndoom, The Dark Pokemon
    Height 4’04”
    Weight 77 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Upon hearing its eerie howls, other Pokémon get the shivers and head straight back to their nests.
    Level 47
    Ability Flash fire- Powers up if hit by fire.
    Nature Brave
    Characteristic Likes to Fight
    Moves - Fire Fang
    - Thunder Fang
    - Incinerate (TM)
    - Protect (TM)
    History Aislin hatched from her egg in a Kanto forest, alone. Not really knowing what to do, she began to pad through the forest when out of nowhere, a man showed up and before she knew it, she was inside of a poke ball that was then thrown into a cage. Aislin was more than frightened, she was terrified, and she closed her eyes, refusing to open them. Soon she heard a rumbling and her cage jerked around in the back of the van she was in. Huddling in the back of the cage, Aislin attempted to sleep until they arrived to where they were going and soon enough they did.

    Aislin woke to loud sounds outside of her cage and jumped up, readying an ember for her assailant as the vans back door swung open. As soon as she saw the man in a black outfit, she tried to hit him with her attack but the cage deflected it for some reason and she shrunk back as her own attack hit her. Laughing, the man swung out her cage and walked into a large building. Opening a door, he threw her into a room with other cages full of fire type Pokemon. Some of them were rather large and this in itself frightened Aislin when she saw just how hostile many of them were. She was the only young fire type in the room and plus, the only houndour which made her begin to shake. Slumping down in her cage, Aislin closed her eyes and fell into a fitful sleep. She awoke in a dimly lit room covered in darkness on the other side. Staring around in panic, Aislin watched as red eyes began to glow in front of her and a large male Umbreon stepped near to her. He had huge claws that were stained in blood and he towered over Aislin. With a smirk, he began to slash her open with his claws and she cried out in pain, snapping herself out of the dream she was in. Still in her cage, Aislin barely had time to try to sleep again before her cage was picked up and thrown into another room. This room was dark on the other side and she stared around in horror as her cage was opened and she was prodded out with a sharp object. Tucking in her tail, Aislin looked to the dark side of the room where red eyes moved and padded out to reveal the large Umbreon from her dream. Aislin froze in shock as it came toward her.

    Closing her eyes, Aislin was tossed aside as the slash from the Umbreon sunk into her left leg making deep gashes. Standing up, the Umbreon came closer to her as she limped to the side of the arena. Across from her the Umbreon readied a pounce and as it soared over her, she reached up and used bite in the middle of its stomach, ripping off skin as she tore her head to the side. The Umbreon stared at her in horror and began stalking towards her but the arena opened and he was pushed into a cage. The people had seen what they wanted to see. Pitting her against an impossible opponent was a test to see how well she would do and she passed with flying colors. For many, many more years, Aislin was stuck in this battle arena and occasionally before a battle, she would dream about what would happen and had the upper hand but other nights, she would have regular dreams but still win in her fighting. Finally, she evolved and was the star of the arena. After all her time spent at the arena, Aislin began enjoying the fighting she was put through. She taught herself many strategies like using her tail to whip around and gouge her enemies and she was even taught a TM move by the arena people. Although she had a good time fighting, she still wanted freedom. She didn’t like hating others like all the other Pokemon did and she longed to actually make a friend in the world and one day, her wish was granted by a strange force that teleported her out of the arena and into the Unova region.

    For many days, Aislin traveled alone trying to find others. She had no idea the Epidemic had been going on for so long since the arena had never been attacked so she was terrified the first time and Undead attacked her. It was a large once white bird she had never seen before and as it tried to peck out her eyes, Aislin reacted on instinct and used Incinerate to turn it to ashes. After that, she vowed to kill any infected she came across. Finally finding Lostlorn Forest, Aislin ventured inside of the forest, enjoying how homey it felt to her. Finding other living like herself was her main goal and she began doing all she could to find them. Soon she found a Leafeon nestled in the grass and the two became quick friends. The Leafeon led her to a group of others and Aislin joined due to her friends eagerness but still she was weary especially since their was another like her in their midst. Keeping to herself and her friend, Aislin followed Etai out into the forest one day where they were both attacked and the Leafeon whisked away by the Undead. Aislin did all she could to find her friend but finally returned to the group alone and kept to herself. Upon trying to return to the group she found herself whisked away to an unknown region, an undead psychic type in front of her which she swiftly killed.
    Appearance Aislin is a normal colored Houndoom with just a few exceptions. Her eyes are red with blue and are a bit lighter than usual while she has scars on her left front leg from a battle she was entered in. From the fight she was recently in, she suffered a scratch on her nose although the undead was past the point of contamination. Her claws are still bloody from the fight because she has yet to clean them.
    Personality Once sweet, she has become hollow inside, her heart closing and turning into a frozen thing that makes her bitter and angry.
    User Notes
    - She sometimes has visions, hence her name, but they only happen when she is dreaming and aren’t too significant unless something bad is to happen.
    - She found her other TM hidden in Lostlorn forest before she met the team and used it on herself. She only knew how to because she watched the people in the arena teach the younger Pokemon and she memorized how to use TM's in case she one day needed the information.

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    Aislin the Houndoom (Johto, Mountain Team) Empty Re: Aislin the Houndoom (Johto, Mountain Team)

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