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DeAngelo the Staraptor [GATEON, ORRE]


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DeAngelo the Staraptor [GATEON, ORRE] Empty DeAngelo the Staraptor [GATEON, ORRE]

Post by Jay Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:22 pm

DeAngelo the Staraptor [GATEON, ORRE] 200px-398Staraptor

Text Color-

Item- None

Gender- Male

Age- Adult

Species- #398, Staraptor, Predator Pokémon
Height- 3'11"

Weight- 54.9lbs

Pokédex Entry- “It has a savage nature. It will courageously challenge foes that are much larger.”

Level- 42

Ability- Intimidate

Nature- Brave

Characteristic- Proud of its power

- Agility
- Aerial Ace
- Wing Attack
- Double Team


DeAngelo, hatched in a small town off of Gateon Port, Orre, was a happy little Starly. He was with a small group of others, living with a breeder. The breeder, Ken, was a wonderful person, always caring for the group and making sure they were okay. He never left their side.
When DeAngelo was just a couple weeks from being hatched, one of his companions was attacked by a vicious wild pokemon as Ken’s back was turn. DeAngelo watched the whole thing, helpless. This fired his heart. He decided to become a stronger Pokemon, just to help others. Ken, after the situation with the wild pokemon, took all of the group and moved to a different location.

A bit change for DeAngelo, for as soon as the move was completed the others started contantly complaining and fighting over space. This lasted for a while, fighting for territory on their new home. DeAngelo simply watched, sitting next to Ken. About a year later, the Starly was indeed ready for his training. At first, he didn’t want to, but now, he was ready.
So, Ken went to a gym. Not an actual gym to get a badge, but a simple training gym/arena. The Starly trained for years, yet, couldn't get the hang of fighting. Why am I so weak? He often asked himself, but the answer always was, Because I'm not putting my full effort, I'm not trying! I need to work harder! And so he did.

Soon, Ken helped him evolved into a Staravia. The newly evolved Staravia began beating almost everyone he faced. All because I'm trying! So, sooner than expected, the Staravia evolved into a Staraptor. DeAngelo, now bigger and stronger, could fight for his own. This aided him soon enough, as a few years later the epidemic hit.

They weren't effected at first. DeAngelo, Ken, and the others first heard the news and immediately went into their basement and closed the doors. A couple days afterwards, they heard banging on the door that lead to the basement. Startled, the began to freak out, all but DeAngelo. What if it's a pokemon trying to get help?
But then, the worst happened. The door breaks open, letting in three infected pokemon. The Pokemon and Ken ran in all directions, soon stopped by walls and objects in the basement. In fright, DeAngelo saw the infecteds were distracted and flew out the door, to freedom. He flew into the skies, almost tempted to go back.

I can't, I can't go back, I abandoned them in fright...

He flew to Gateon Port, the closest area. Seeking a place to call his new home, he quickly settles on the top of the lighthouse, his new home.

Appearance- A Normal Staraptor.

Personality- Peppy || Brave || Strong || Ready to fight || Always there for companions || Willing to help

He is a kind soul, often taking time for others. DeAngelo is a great friend once you get to know him, but can be kind of intimidating at first.

User Notes-
- Not based off of anything.
- Originally an NPC from a post in Gateon, Orre.

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DeAngelo the Staraptor [GATEON, ORRE] Empty Re: DeAngelo the Staraptor [GATEON, ORRE]

Post by Mewtwo Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:37 am



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