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    Smith the Aggron (Stark Team, Sinnoh)


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    Smith the Aggron (Stark Team, Sinnoh) Empty Smith the Aggron (Stark Team, Sinnoh)

    Post by Nightfall Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:12 pm

    Smith the Aggron (Stark Team, Sinnoh) 306

    Item None at present
    Gender Male
    Age Aging adult (early 60s)
    Species #306 Aggron, the Iron Armour Pokemon
    Height 6'11"
    Weight 793.7lbs
    Pokédex Entry "While seeking iron for food, it digs tunnels by breaking through bedrock with its steel horns."
    Level 64
    Ability Sturdy (it cannot be knocked out in one hit)
    Nature Brave (+Attack, -Speed)
    Characteristic Somewhat of a clown (+Speed)
    Moves Iron Tail
    Stone Edge (TM)
    Superpower (egg move)
    Dragon Claw (TM)
    History The little Aron was born unbeknownst to the life of arduous training and hard battles that lay ahead. The humans in strange spacemen-like suits all around him treated the small Steel-type like he was a killing machine right from the moment he could walk. They forced him to learn TM moves that were far stronger than his capabilities and threw him into battle against far stronger and bigger opponents. It wasn't until Smith was a little bit older that he realised that the humans around him were actually part of a group called Team Galactic, and that his training was mandatory for the plan they were concocting.

    However, he remained ignorant of what they were planning and simply tried to live out his life the way that it had turned out. For the first few years of his life he lived only to battle and to impress Darren, his personal trainer. He had to admit that he loved this life, and as he evolved and got stronger he found that he could use his powerful moves more to his advantage. The battles seemed to get easier with every one. Smith was sure that he would be happy to "kick the shit out of things" for his whole life ... that is, until he met Faralda.

    They brought in the timid Garchomp one day, bound by chains. Smith had just finished off the Tyranitar he was battling when he caught her eye; it was full of fear, and wet tears flowed from them. Smith was confused why she was acting like that, and later managed to sneak off from training to go and see her. She was chained up inside a cage that was too small for her large frame. She introduced himself to him as Falalda and told him that she had been dragged forcibly from her home in Victory Road after watching the Galactic goons kill several members of her family. Shocked that the humans he'd been working for all these years would do such a thing, Smith decided that he wouldn't be their pawn any longer and decided to try and come up with an escape plan for them both. He didn't want to end up committing any atrocities like that...

    It was several weeks before Smith found an opportunity for them both to escape. Many of the grunts had gone out on a mission somewhere and the HQ was only protected by a few guards. After smashing open Faralda's cage, the two of them managed to get out without causing too much mayhem. Once in the city, they fled towards the forest before they attracted too much attention from any locals. Being undercover of the moonlight worked to their advantage.

    Once they were free, Smith decided that he would stay with Faralda and the two of them became very close. After living together in Mt.Coronet for a while, Faralda one day announced that she would soon lay an egg. Delighted at the news, Smith decided that he liked this life a lot more. Although he still liked to challenge anything that came along to "a quick thrashing", he loved Faralda and eagerly awaited the birth of their child.

    But the peace was not to last. One day, enormous number of Team Galactic members showed up at Mt.Coronet, and launched  a massive attack on them as soon as they were spotted. Smith immediately told Faralda to take the egg and leave, saying that he would catch up with them later. At first she hesitated, but her faith in her mate soon allowed her to leave. Smith fought with every ounce of his power to stop the Grunts from following her, even going so far as to pummel them over the head with rocks and kill them. Once he was satisfied that he'd defeated enough of them (including their Pokemon), Smith left Mt.Coronet and tried to find Faralda and his child, but he never did. Little did he know, they had made it all the way to Johto.

    Smith continued to roam all over Sinnoh for many years. When the infection arrived, he fought alongside the survivors but was quickly overwhelmed. He fled to the furthest reaches of the region and now resides in Stark Mountain, continuing to just 'live for the day' and hoping to one day be reunited with his mate and son.  
    Appearance An ordinary Aggron. Very large and bulky.
    Personality Smith is very loud-mouthed, over-confident and strident. When in the company of others he likes to make his presence well known, speaking loudly with the occasional curse for extra impact. He tends to have a soft spot for females and young Pokemon, and tries to calm his rather in-your-face attitude when he is around them. Smith also possesses a sense of humour and often views situations, even dangerous ones, as something to laugh at and make fun of. His views of the epidemic are that it's just "another day in the arena" and sees it as a permanent challenge to his skills.

    When things don't go his way, however, Smith can get very irritable and sometimes aggressive. Like most of his kind, he does not like intruders to his territory and will attempt to fend them off using his superior size. He is very headstrong and stubborn, and is difficult to convince otherwise when his mind is made up. He tries to live his life in the best way he can, despite the circumstances, and often encourages others to do the same.
    User Notes --Father of Rocket.
    --His own father was a Druddigon (now deceased).
    --He knows nothing of the fate of Faralda (who was killed by a horde of undead) and his son Rocket.
    --He was bred and raised purely for power, hence his highly offensive moveset.
    --Swears ... a lot.

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    Smith the Aggron (Stark Team, Sinnoh) Empty Re: Smith the Aggron (Stark Team, Sinnoh)

    Post by Nightfall Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:50 pm

    Smith is ready for approval!

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