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Legendary; Jirachi [Floater]


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Legendary; Jirachi [Floater] Empty Legendary; Jirachi [Floater]

Post by Jirachi Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:44 pm

Legendary; Jirachi [Floater] Bqoh8a8

Text Color #EEB422, Goldenrod 2
Item Silk Scarf + Shell Bell
Gender Genderless; referred to as Female
Age Unknown; estimated thousands of years
Species #385, Jirachi. The Wish Pokemon
Height 1'00" / 0.3m
Weight 2.4lbs / 1.1kg
Pokédex Entry It is said to have the ability to grant any wish for just one week every thousand years.
Generations have believed that any wish written on a note on its head will come true when it awakens.
Level Unknown
Ability Serene Grace
Nature Modest
Characteristic Thoroughly Cunning
Moves Draco Meteor [Event]
Doom Desire
Future Sight
History A bit off-north from Lavaridge, Hoenn was the Wishmaker's home, Forina. The numerous canyons and intersecting caverns were her barrier, the Pokemon that lived among the flora, her friends. The psychic was still in the middle of her restful sleep, waiting for the next four hundred years to pass by before she awoke. However, one day the little Jirachi's respite had been disturbed. The cave which she lived within was shaking, the ceiling falling away and the faint smell of smoke trickling inside.

Panicked and alarmed, the Wishmaker made her way to Forina's wilderness only to see a sight she never believed she would wake up to. Trees and cliffs toppled over, large amounts of debris scattered everywhere along with... skeletons and remains of the Pokemon who used to call this land home. No longer were there any fauna left in her home, only disfigured monstrosities that chased Jirachi in futile attempts to kill her. This was definitely not what the psychic pixie wanted to wake up to.

Terrified, the Wishmaker managed to hide long enough to figure out her next course of action. She couldn't stay here, in her home so ruined and tainted, and soon came to a conclusion. This Epidemic was enough of a disturbance to awake her in the middle of her thousand-year slumber, and realized that this would have caught other legend's attention as well. Determined, Jirachi flew far from her home in search of other legendaries.

She was going to help.
Appearance Once a normal, smiling Jirachi, this wishmaker is not broken and scarred. Small specks of dried blood still remain on her hands, and over her third eyes there are long gashes that are still healing. The psychic-type does try her best to keep herself clean, however, not wanting anyone to believe she is one of the infected. The pixie also keeps a lovely Silk Scarf with a Shell Bell attached to it around her neck, unable to tolerate the colder temperatures, unlike her tropical Hoenn.
Personality Jirachi has a very conflicting personality. The pixie wants to give everything up, scream, shout, throw tantrums, and just go on to die, but she also wants to do everything she can to help and somehow find the cure for this disease. Being an alien to this world, the Wishmaker has a hard time sometimes understanding customs and traditions, learning only so much during the weeks she is awake, and also has a heavily faltering belief of Arceus. The psychic also doesn't take losing very well, and will do anything to get on to the 'winning' side, even considering joining Honchkrow. She tends to be sensitive about unable to grant wishes, and feels a very heavy burden on her shoulders due to the fact that if she had awoken during her 7 days every thousand years, she may have had the power to wish this curse away.
User Notes
  • Much more feminine than masculine, and thus referred to as a female.
  • Her thousand-year sleep was disrupted, and thus, she cannot grant any major wishes. She can, however, still wish for her allies to be healed in battle.
  • She gave up her search for the wishing stones, deciding it was not worth all the risks.
  • She's actually rather friendly with most undead, and finds it enjoyable to learn how they think. However, this only applies for semi-sentient and sentient undead, and those who still have enough will left in them to talk. Other undead will often be purged with her Doom Desire.

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Legendary; Jirachi [Floater] Empty Re: Legendary; Jirachi [Floater]

Post by Suicune Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:09 pm

Welcome sister.

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Legendary; Jirachi [Floater] Empty Re: Legendary; Jirachi [Floater]

Post by Suicune Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:32 pm

Also, your image is broken...you'll need to fix.

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Legendary; Jirachi [Floater] Empty Re: Legendary; Jirachi [Floater]

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