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    Harley the Manectric


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    Harley the Manectric Empty Harley the Manectric

    Post by Snitch Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:25 pm

    Harley the Manectric Harley

    Level 45
    Bite, Spark, Thunderbolt (TM), Protect (TM)
    Somewhat Stubborn, A Little Quick Tempered
    National Dex No./Species;
    #310 Manectric / The Discharge Pokémon
    Pokédex Entry;
    Manectric is constantly discharging electricity from its mane. The sparks sometimes ignite forest fires. When it enters a battle, this pokémon creates thunderclouds.
    Harley was born in the Hoenn region and made her home on a route often frequented by travelling trainers, Route 110. Due to the presence of humans, her mother fled to find a more secluded area in the region and her father was soon captured by a passer-by, leaving her alone only a few days after she’d hatched. Harley barely had chance to get to know her parents and became extremely independent from a young age, determined not to become some human’s slave whilst remaining at the place where she was born. Of course, she frequently came into contact with trainers, but hours of battling other wild pokémon in the area meant she grew strong enough to hold her ground. Her ever-growing strength combined with her maturity and intelligence, meant that she lasted a good couple of months in the wild before she met Lance, a trainee police officer living in Mauville City.

    Lance had been requested to possess at least one canine pokémon and had spent the afternoon on Route 110 trying to capture one of the many elecktrike in the area. Fortunately, he wasn’t the most skilled trainer and soon found that he was out of his depth, so took time to rest with the pokémon he borrowed from his father, a relatively low-levelled linoone. Harley stumbled across the resting trainer and prepared to launch an attack, but something seemed different about him. He smiled at her, and chucked her a few berries, apparently giving up in his attempts to capture an elecktrike. Harley hesitantly accepted the food and soon found that the man didn’t have any ulterior motives, so sat with him for awhile. She wasn’t sure why, but something about Lance intrigued her and by the end of the day, she’d decided to stay with him. From then on, the pair grew incredibly close. Harley was Lance’s only pokémon and he had the kindness and patience to let her train at her own pace – if she wanted to fight, he’d let her fight; if not, they’d simply flee from any wild pokémon, grinning at one another as they sprinted away from whatever they’d managed to provoke. By the time Harley evolved into a Manectric, the two were inseparable. Not only were they the closest of friends, Harley and Lance were also work colleagues. She started training as a police pokémon a few months after she’d met the trainer, and now the two had just been accepted into the ranks. News of the epidemic was everywhere in the first weeks Lance and Harley spent working, but their duties came first as protectors of Hoenn’s citizens. They got several calls out to protect civilians from the infected pokémon, but things soon started to grow out of control. Lance realized the seriousness of the situation when the police received more and more calls about the monsters attacking, and now killing humans and pokémon alike. He wanted to complete his duties, as did Harley, but things were getting ridiculous. Deciding that after one final call, they would accept the offer to visit the region presumed safest, they set off on their last job. Little did they know, this job would be a lot more than they bargained for...

    When the pair arrived at the scene, they were met with the remains of a young couple plastered across the floor of what once was a family home. The door had been ripped from the hinges, furniture had been upturned, and blood was splattered across photos hanging on the walls. However, the true horror was realized when Lance took a closer look at the pictures – a young baby was cradled in the woman’s arms. Harley leapt into action at the realization the child may still be alive and raced up the damaged stairs, as a low, throaty growl echoed through the building. Skidding into the hallway, the form of an infected aggron came into Harley’s focus, slowly trudging towards one of the upstairs rooms. Wasting no time, the manectric launched a series of brutal attacks at the monster, as Lance made desperate calls for back-up, scaling the stairs and eager to discover whether the house held any survivors. The battle was particularly drawn out, the aggron being significantly stronger than Harley, but the sudden crying of a baby drove her on to try and murder this beast. She managed to crack the armour-like shell of the aggron and tear off its horns, but the infected retaliated, hard. As Lance slipped into the room where the screaming echoed from, a pained howl swamped the human’s noise. Harley’s right front leg had been torn clean off. Lance soon emerged from the room, panicked by the dreadful noise, but held in his arms was a perfectly safe, but terrified baby. Although searing agony enveloped Harley, she threw herself in front of her beloved trainer and the child, creating a powerful protect as the aggron attempted to penetrate the force field – Harley’s blood having sent it into a frenzy.

    When police back-up finally arrived, the aggron was ruthlessly attacked by the pokémon of the others, yet still, the creature didn’t fall. Instead, it eventually fled the building, finally allowing the survivors to be tended to. Harley had lost a large amount of blood and was fading in and out of consciousness. She was rushed to the nearest pokémon centre and sedated so that the wound could be sealed, but before the operation commenced, doubts about saving her had been raised. Many believed that the infection was passed on through being bitten by an infected, and doctors were at first reluctant to save the life of something that would shortly become a monster. But Lance was savage in his argument. He would do anything to save the pokémon and eventually, the wound was stitched up and Harley avoided an untimely death. When Harley came to, she was alerted that the government had made the choice to separate pokémon from the humans, and Lance told her honestly, why she was being sent to the Johto region. She was suspected of being infected with the virus. Harley was heartbroken, but understood that it was necessary. She couldn’t stand the idea of hurting Lance, and if she was infected, she would rather die. With a final, sad goodbye, she was sent to Johto through the computer system.

    Harley emerged at an abandoned pokémon center along with several other, scared, but mainly alive pokémon. She wasn’t sure whether they were in the same situation as her, but either way, she decided she wanted to be alone. It took a few days for her to get used to life with only three legs, and she already knew that she was vulnerable in this new world. By the end of the week, she’d managed the art of walking and was always practicing running – there was no telling when she was going to need it. Despite her disability, Harley was determined to survive. But the constant thought that she was infected had adverse affects on her already fragile mind. She became paranoid of getting too close to pokémon, infected or alive, and thus became increasingly lonely. It’s only been two weeks since she was released into the Johto region, but already, she’s travelled miles into the foreign land, fled from the infected, killed weak survivors to satisfy a hunger she blames on the virus and never stopped thinking about Lance’s safety.

    User Note
    - Harley is terrified that she has been infected with the virus, and as a result, makes an effort to avoid any living pokémon she may cross paths with. Although she realizes that it has been two weeks since the supposed infection, she is under the influence that electric types may take a greater amount of time to feel the effects.

    - Harley isn’t infected at all, but her paranoia that she is, has produced some similar qualities. Her mental state has driven her to kill and eat small, living pokémon, and she believes that it’s the virus gradually beginning to kick in. Her missing leg often intimidates other pokémon and many are led to believe she is infected on first glance, often fleeing on sight – this has only strengthened her false ideas.

    - If Harley discovers she isn’t infected, she vows to find Lance again. When a definite answer arises in her mind, she will begin the long journey back to the Hoenn region; however until then, she believes she must be treated as a monster.

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    Harley the Manectric Empty Re: Harley the Manectric

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